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We salute our military and to show our appreciation for their service, Buckle offers a military discount. Active Duty and Veteran members of the United States Armed Forces, including National Guard and Reserves, their spouses and dependents, may receive a 10% discount at To qualify for this discount, complete the one–time verification process by selecting the "Military Discount" link on the shopping bag page. Some exclusions may apply.


Why do I have to go through a verification process?
You are submitting a request to a program reserved specially for the men and women in our United States Military. For quality control purposes, and to ensure only those people who fall under the required conditions are able to obtain this special offer, we have a very short qualification process we ask you to participate in. All information collected is strictly controlled and is never shared outside the context of this particular verification request.

Who is SheerID?
SheerID is a third–party verification service that works on behalf of retailers to check and verify military credentials. For information on our services, visit us at

If a user isn't immediately approved, what kind of proof do you require to verify service?
We accept a wide variety of readily available and approved forms of documentation. We are looking for official documentation that clearly shows your first and last name, a date of birth or discharge/retire date, and a clear affiliation with the military. We strongly suggest any documentation sent to us have sensitive information blacked out before is uploaded to our system. Uploading documentations to us is optional, but without something to verify your credentials, we will be unable to successfully complete your request.

I don't want to do this online, how can I talk to a real person?
Currently, this offer is only being verified via our online verification service. Our safe and secure process is the fastest way to complete your verification and successfully access your offer. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact us via our Contact Form.

How do I know you won't sell or share my ID and information?
This is something we take incredibly seriously. We will only use your information to confirm your identity for this one event. We do not store your information. We do not sell your information. Once we have verified your military status, the information gathered from you via form, email, or contact form, is purged from our database. Completely and totally.
Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.

I have questions that aren't covered here. Can you help me?
Yes, you can contact us through our Information Form. Someone from the SheerID office will be in contact with you within 24 business hours.

What happens if I can't prove I'm in the military?
This rarely happens. All military service men and women are given some kind of official document that we'll accept, but on the occasion you are unable provide us any acceptable proof of validation, we will not be able to allow you to continue to the offer.
But to be clear, if you are currently in the military, have served previously in the military or are an immediate family member, you have a document we can verify.

Team Highlights

Bloomington IL: Hubby and I shopped the Bloomington Buckle and we cannot say enough about our sales help! Katie helped me and Josh helped the hubby. Both were wonderful! Both kept bringing us accessories and different clothing to try on, and were so friendly and helpful. Everyone we met at the store was amazing! What friendly associates. We each had a card filled out so that we know our sizes and favorite brands, and we will ABSOLUTELY be back! Thank you Katie, Josh and everyone else who helped us! What a fun shopping experience.

Lombard IL: I walked into the store with my 17-year-old child who was just devastated after trying on some clothing from another store in Yorktown for a fitting for a fashion show. My daughter left the other store with nothing to wear for the fashion show. We walked into the Buckle and immediately the ladies in the Buckle picked up that my daughter was crying and very upset. I told them she needed clothing to wear for the fashion show. They kicked into gear and had one outfit after another from head to toe picked out. They had my daughter smiling from ear to ear and we walked out with multiple outfits. We have been shopping in your store as long as it has been in Lombard and are always treated very well. The Buckle is the definition of great customer service and good quality clothing.

North Little Rock AR: I went to this store on Thanksgiving night and had the most pleasant experience ever shopping for clothes and gifts. These people go above and beyond to make your shopping great! Rebecca helped me, but everyone there was outstanding. I want to commend you for hiring the right people for the right job! I will definitely be going back.

Lombard IL: I wanted to share with you my exceptional experience with Emily and Andrea today at your Lombard location. I came in to your store unsure if I was going to purchase. I've never shopped in a Buckle store before. I met Emily, who made me feel welcome and comfortable. She instantly engaged me and got me into the fitting room to try on jeans. Andrea also stopped by my fitting room and offered me additional selections of tops. I recently found out I have a serious health issue and have been very uneasy about shopping for clothes. I was impressed with the knowledgeable, caring, attentive staff. I found a great pair of jeans and two tops. Today's Buckle experience changed my self-image and I look forward to shopping at this location again! Thank you for exceptional customer service!

Cheyene WY: I have visited this store several times and each time I get the best service. I am not a skinny girl; but the gals in this store always make me feel beautiful, help me find clothes that flatter and are sincere about it. They all have great fashion sense and love their job. I visited the store yesterday and Carrie assisted me. She helped me find three pairs of flattering jeans and was incredibly helpful. Her sense of style and customer service was outstanding. She provided information about the jeans, why each fit is different and how each fit would flatter me. She even helped me find skinny jeans (what?) and a pair of boots to wear over them which I never thought my body shape could do. It's totally cute. I'm never nervous to shop at the Buckle. My husband was with me and even remarked how helpful everyone was, like personal shopping assistants.

Jefferson City MO: I would like to recognize Brittany at the Jefferson City Buckle for her above and beyond excellent service. I had trouble with a pair of boots that I purchased some time ago from this location. I called first to see if there was anything that could be done. Brittany was very courteous and told me to come on in and she would take care of it. It was several days before I made it to the store. As soon as I walked in and began to describe my situation, Brittany remembered our entire conversation and was ready to solve my problem immediately. Without question, Brittany took the boots I was having trouble with and offered an exchange. She did not have what I was needing in the store so she offered to order them and have them shipped to my home so I didn't have to make a second trip. A few days after this I realized I ordered the wrong size and called Brittany again. She again took my problem right in stride and reordered the correct size for me. Brittany went above and beyond for me and I was a customer who wasn't even spending any money that day. I will definitely be returning to this store to do business. I hope that Brittany's professionalism does not go unnoticed. I have worked in sales management for a number of years now and I would hire Brittany and other young professionals like her in a heartbeat. Just thought you should know

Syracuse NY: Our second shopping experience at the Syracuse store was an awesome experience! My girlfriend and I were walking through the mall and passed the store. The sales clerk inside the store recognized us from our last visit and spoke to us. We stopped and had a long conversation about the last items we bought and some of the new items the store had received. We finished our conversation by confirming our return before the Christmas holiday. As we continued to walk the mall and make the shopping stops we came for we decided to return to the Buckle. We ended up purchasing several items we had not planned; but wanted to purchase. We we felt comfortable and welcome as people, not just customers or another sale. The young lady that helped us is Mallory. She was not only knowledgeable with all the merchandise; but she remembered us from a prior visit and was friendly and helpful.

Orland Park IL: Chelsie and Michelle at the Orland Square Buckle are very good! I went in and Chelsie helped me so much with my jeans. She didn't tell me things looked good when they didn't. I had such a good experience I went back a week later and Michelle helped me and she was just as fantastic! Both of them were very professional, knew the products very well and were customer focused. I highly recommend the Orland Park Buckle store.

Hutchinson KS: This weekend my family and I shopped at the Hutchinson Mall Buckle. That particular store is our favorite to go to. No matter how busy the sales associates are, they are always kind, courteous, and helpful and make the shopping experience pleasurable. The manager, Sarah, is fabulous. She offers suggestions without being pushy, always pleased to assist customers, and has a bubbly and delightful personality. In addition, she requires this of her staff as well. The Hutchinson Buckle deserves to be recognized for its outstanding customer service.

Deer Park IL: I just had to let you know now impressed I was with the Buckle's customer service. Although I wasn't purchasing anything, I was with my friend who was shopping. She walked into your store wanting to purchase a gift card for her grandson because she had no idea what to purchase for him. Your staff was welcoming and offered to assist in finding the perfect gift without being pushy. With the information you have in your data base, since her grandson had purchased there before, your staff was able to assist my friend in helping find the perfect gift for her grandson. We returned about 30 minutes later with another friend who purchase an outfit for her daughter. I wish every retail store had the same customer service you offer. I will be back to shop at your store because of the service you offer.

Murray UT: I want to compliment Mandy on her fantastic customer service skills! I purchased a sweater for my stepson in early September and, due to the warmer than normal weather, he didn't try it on until about two weeks ago. I read the back of the receipt and saw the 60 day return policy and was hoping for at least store credit. When I walked in the store, Mandy was at the counter, saw me, dropped what she was doing and came over to help. I was okay to wait a few minutes, but she was ready to help me immediately. Wow! I explained the situation and I knew it was past the 60 days and was hoping for at least store credit. She looked over the sweater and advised that since it was in perfect condition, she would credit my card. Huh? I was prepared to beg and grovel (really, I have no shame), but she left me speechless by her offer. I was so surprised! I work in customer service and would love to hire her because she turned an experience I was dreading into a fantastic experience! My stepson is on a major growth spurt and needs new jeans about every 3 months and I will return to the Buckle for that purchase every time because of Mandy’s great service. Thank you for having such a fantastic associate who understands how to provide great customer service!

Lubbock TX: My husband and I were so impressed with our salesman, Noah, we wanted to let you know! We went to the Buckle last night, and Noah did a WONDERFUL job! My husband wanted board shorts for an upcoming trip. We had such difficulty finding them at other stores! When we went to the Buckle, Noah said they had board shorts; but they were not put out on the floor yet. He spent 30 minutes bringing out shorts (from the stock room), picking out styles my husband would like, and bringing out different sizes. Noah put a lot of energy and time into helping us and he was very personable and helpful! He is an asset to your store! We had not been into the Buckle store before, but we will be back given such a positive and helpful experience!

Springfield IL: I was in the Buckle store for the first time ever and received great service. I recently achieved my weight loss goal of 100 pounds and was finally able to shop at the Buckle. I was still nervous to walk into the store; some days I still feel like the 300-pound person I used to be. The Springfield associates make me feel comfortable and Mary Alice was so helpful. This was a big deal for me and she made it so easy! I told my husband, friends and co-workers about my great Buckle experience. I am a very satisfied Buckle customer!

Evansville IN: I had never shopped at a Buckle store before today. My friend and I had done an immense amount of shopping for families in need. Charlie at the Evansville Buckle provided more assistance than we have received in a long time. He showed us denim that would fit the people on our list. Charlie provided a card with the styles and sizes for the jeans. We will return to the Evansville for future purchases. Please pass on our thanks.

Tigard OR: Thank you for letting me try on outfits and help me explore new styles. Your team absolutely added a lot of value to me yesterday and brought out the best in me. Having a wounded self-image from a bad break-up, you helped me restore the confidence and smile I lost a week ago. I had such a great time and a lot of fun trying on a lot of cool stuff. The Washington Square Buckle team are Rock Stars!

Aurora IL: First time in Buckle, I was shopping for my nephew. Was greeted by Anastasia, she asked who I was shopping for, what style I was looking for, directed me to a few tables and let me shop. She then later would lay out shirts that would work for me, and just continue what she was doing (straightening and stocking the store), allowing me to continue looking on my own. She's a keeper, take care of her. Your store looks nice and neat. I will be back to shop at Buckle.

Natick MA: There is an incredible saleswoman at the Natick Mall location. Michelle has been a part of your team for some time now and I thoroughly enjoy my experience at Buckle every time I walk across the threshold due to this young woman. It is the ideal shopping experience with service and personal attention that I would expect at high end stores. Upon walking into the store, she remembers me and is genuinely happy to see me. I always hand her several finds and by the time I make my way to the fitting room, she has turned each individual item I selected into a full outfit hanging in the fitting room. And she nails it just about every time and I buy it all! As a former retailer, and now a corporate retailer, I know the business well. Michelle is outstanding. She deserves credit for the customer experience she creates in your Natick store.

For Dodge IA: I admit, I rarely shop at the Buckle. I was not finding what I wanted at my usual shopping places so I stopped in your store! In all my years of Christmas shopping I don't think I have ever had the care and attention from a salesperson as I did in your store. Kenzie was unbelievable! She provided me with different ideas for my daughter and daughter-in-law and I truly am so excited to give these two gifts. You can say all you want about online shopping; but with salespeople as mine that day, I will go back to this store! Also, the complimentary gift boxes are wonderful! So, kudos to your Fort Dodge store! Your service sold me and congratulations to Kenzie on a job well done!

Deer Park IL: Samantha at the Deer Park Buckle provided a high level of customer service last night. This was my first Buckle store experience. Sam was really terrific and knows her brands. It's very rare to receive this level of customer service. I applaud the Buckle. Other stores need to follow the example the Buckle has set.

Lone Tree CO: I had the best experience at this store! I am in Denver for Christmas and the airlines lost my luggage. So my mom took me out to shop for a few outfits to get me through Christmas. I am 6-feet tall so we immediately went to the Buckle. We walked in and explained my dilemma. Chase, Taylor and manager Emily immediately began pulling every single pair of jeans they had in my size. I bet I tried on 20 pairs of jeans. While I was trying on jeans they put together like 30 top sets for me to try on. All of this just for me on the day before Christmas when the store was crazy busy. It's been a very hard week having none of my familiar clothes; but your Park Meadows staff created a bright moment. My mother and I appreciated the top-notch service. Chase even helped my mom open a credit card so we could get 10% off. Now that it's been 5 days and I still have no luggage, we will be returning to the Park Meadows Buckle store to purchase more clothing. Hats off to you all! Best service we have received in a long time!

Fort Wayne IN: I wanted to bring to your attention that you have a wonderful staff member who always helps me when I shop your store. This fall she helped my autistic son to pick out his wardrobe. He has very limited speech; but she took extra time to help him pick his wardrobe for school. She was kind and patient. She made my son feel good about himself and treated him not as broken or strange; but as just another shopper. I don't shop anywhere else for him for school clothes. Thank you!

Lancaster OH: I went to the Buckle store in Park City Mall and was helped by Ryan. I was looking for Christmas gifts for my wife who frequently shops in your store. Ryan approached me and ask if he could help. He was fantastic. #1 - He asked for my wife's name, found her on the tablet and viewed previous purchases so he could help me get the right sizes. #2 - He then amazed me by using her previous purchases to suggest items that she would probably like based on her history. My wife loved the items Ryan helped me select. This was over and above terrific customer service. Thank you, Ryan. You were terrific help and one of the reasons I will continue to come back to the Buckle.

Sioux Falls SD & Columbus NE: A positive note! I received customer service that I enjoyed so much; besides my most favorite store in Columbus, Nebraska. I entered and was instantly greeted by Logan. She came up asked what I was doing and looking for. I showed her two pictures I had on my phone from She instantly found them items! I was impressed. Please tell Logan from the Empire Mall Buckle location job well done. I'll be back for sure!

Charlottesville VA: Stopped in the store the other day to buy my first pair of Rock Revival jeans. They are super nice and I am pleased with the purchase and overall experience. But I am writing about the above and beyond employee representation. Jules discovered that I had dropped my wallet in the store changing room. Once I had realized I no longer had it, I turned around to head back to the store. Jules was already out front with my wallet looking through the large crowds in a rush to find me. I was really impressed with his customer concern. I want to commend the staff of Buckle. I will definitely buy from here again without hesitation.

Lincoln NE: I grew up in Nebraska and now live in Virginia. Over Christmas I was back in Nebraska and stopped in the Lincoln Gateway Buckle. What a breath of fresh air to be back in the Lincoln Buckle store! Clair provided wonderful service. Thank you!

Bridgeport WV: I received a great customer experience at the Buckle in Bridgeport. I had never bought jeans from your company before and wasn't sure about the sizes and styles. Julia explained how the sizes were labeled and helped me find jeans in my size. It was the most helpful employee I have dealt with at a retail store. She should be commended on doing a good job.

Janesville WI: I was in your Janesville store to return an item and the employee who assisted me was unbelievably kind. I have had a few returns to do after this holiday and this was by far the easiest. I wish I knew the lady's name; but the staff there in general has always been very nice. I just had a really nice experience at this store today and I thought someone should pat these girls on the back for their kind service and friendly attitudes!

Pittsburgh PA & Greensburg PA: I would like to report a great shopping experience in one of your stores this past weekend. I was shopping in the Greensburg store and Joni was amazing. She was very helpful with making sure I got the exact style and fit I wanted. While I was trying jeans on she was helping my wife do the same. She was knowledgeable about the product and very friendly. I came into the store wearing the only other pair of Buckle jeans I own which are too long. I end up turning them up at the hem. Joni pinned them up and kept them while I wore my new pair home. She will have them altered at no charge. I have shopped in the Greensburg store and Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh and both my experiences were great. Honestly, I can find more affordable jeans elsewhere; but it is your great service that brings me back. I told Joni what a great job she did, but could you please let her know that you know. Thank you very much.

Orland Park IL & Chesterfield MO: I would like to compliment Buckle for the outstanding service I have received in the Orland Park store. Michelle helped me select properly fitting jeans by giving me many choices in different brands. She was very attentive to both my daughter and myself. I have also had a great experience at Buckle at the Chesterfield, Missouri location in October. This is why I return to the Buckle. The merchandise selection is great with many unique pieces. It is rare that a teenage daughter and her mom can both find appropriately fitting and stylish clothing in the same store! Thank you, Buckle.

Charlotte NC: I purchased a coat at the Northlake location today and received awesome service from Megan. I am a store manager for a retailer in Southpark Mall. I try not to be overly critical when I do not have good shopping experience, but when service is great I let someone know. I asked for coats and Megan showed me few on sale. I asked about the one on the front table mannequin. She was so willing to take it off for me and even held it open so I could slip in my arms. She made conversation and seemed to care about me and my husband as individuals. I put the coat on hold to go one more place for selection. I came back in shortly after to make the purchase. Several Buckle employees noticed our return and voiced it, happy to see us. I came to the mall only to find a coat. Buckle was the only place we went that was upbeat and energetic. I could hear great service going on all around. I had been in before, but this was my first purchase. I will definitely be back for more shopping in the future.

Novi MI: My shopping experience at the Twelve Oaks store was great! The young lady that waited on me was helpful, knowledgeable and fun to work with. I was buying clothes for my grandchildren so a young person's help was invaluable. Every one of my purchase was loved by the recipients! My online order was handled quickly. Very pleased with all contacts with Buckle.

Enid OK I want to express my thanks to the manager at the Buckle in Enid. Lincoln was so extremely helpful to me when my overnight order of a pair of shoes did not come when it was supposed to. Then, when it did, there was only one shoe. He went to Tulsa to get my shoes for me so I could have them for an event the next day. He went above and beyond, even though none of the issues were his fault. Lincoln earned a customer for life.

Roanoke VA I just wanted to take a minute to tell you of the delightful experience we had at your store in Valley View Mall Friday night. Garvis assisted us. My wife and I went in trying to find jeans that would fit me. Garvis spent the better part of an hour with us, while assisting other customers, bringing us different styles and sizes of jeans. We did find out that the size I was trying to wear was a little bigger then what I needed. He looked at the jeans on me and then was on a mission to find something that fit better. Everyone there was very positive, friendly, and helpful. Even at the end of the shift and the mall was closing up we weren't rushed by any associate to hurry up or make our final selections. When it came time to check out he was even helpful in recommending the credit to us to save 10% on the purchase. Thank you for this wonderful experience. We will be back to shop again.

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Get Fitted

Looking for your next favorite pair of jeans?

With an assortment of fits from slim to eased, it can be difficult to know which fit is best for you. This is where Buckle's denim specialists come in. With hundreds of choices from leading denim brands such as BKE, Big Star, Rock Revival, Silver, and Miss Me, we're confident we can help you find your next favorite pair of jeans.

Treat yourself to a personal jean fitting with a Buckle Denim Specialist. Contact your nearest Buckle store to schedule an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

Top 5 Reasons to Make an Appointment Today

  1. Convenience: We'll fit your schedule; Monday through Friday plus Saturday mornings.
  2. Focus: Our denim specialists will find your favorite fits.
  3. Expertise: You'll get expert one–on–one fashion advice.
  4. Personalized Service: Outfits are personally prepared before you arrive.
  5. Access: You'll be eligible for our loyalty program and get additional services

Jeans that fit you just right, with all the details and styling you expect from a premium denim retailer – that's Buckle denim.

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To find the Buckle store nearest you, click on the "Store Locations" link at the bottom right-hand side of any page. You may search by city and state or by zip code and click "Find". You'll be guided to the stores nearest you, complete with addresses, managers' names, store phone numbers, store events and directions.

Store hours vary by location. Please contact the Buckle store near you for their hours.

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Investor Information

Headquartered in Kearney, Nebraska, The Buckle, Inc. (Buckle) is a retailer of casual apparel, footwear and accessories for young men and women. Buckle currently operates more than 450 retail stores in 44 states. The Buckle, Inc. is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol BKE. Additional information including a financial summary, SEC filings, stock quote, press releases and narratives, and annual reports are available on

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Buckle Screenprinting Service

Buckle Screenprinting is a full–service solution offering a broad selection of promotional merchandise to outside athletic teams, organizations, clubs and individuals.

Capabilities: Design and Artwork
  • Experienced printing consultants will follow your project through completion
  • Graphic designers available to create ideas from scratch or reproduce your existing artwork
  • State of the art computer design and printing equipment
  • Current Screenprinting and Embroidery techniques
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast turn–around

  • T–shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jerseys
  • Jackets
  • Blankets
  • Hats
  • Beanies
  • Towels
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To receive more information and to request a quote, contact us:
Jo Sear
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2900 W. 24th Street
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It is more critical than ever for our supply-chain to be efficient as possible to satisfy our guest and meet their needs. Smooth operations between our Vendors and Buckle, Inc. are absolutely critical for our mutual success. The goal in our Distribution Center is to take advantage of all available technology to enhance our efficiencies and improve upon our management of the supply chain. The guidelines outlined in the following Compliance Manual make it possible for Buckle, Inc. to get your product out to our stores quicker and more effectively. This in turn saves both of us time and money. In order to keep our costs low it is critical we take advantage of every cost saving opportunity presented whether it is the cost of shipping or product passing quickly through our Distribution Center.

For an updated copy of our Buckle Routing Guide/Vendor Compliance Manual or for questions concerning routing, vendor compliance or EDI please Email for more information.

Any exceptions to policies contained in our compliance manual must be approved by Vendor Compliance writing prior to shipping (

Our new Compliance Manual is effective April 2014 and supersedes any previous Buckle Routing Guides.

Buckle Outlet Stores

Currently, Buckle does not own or operate an Outlet Store or Factory Store. However, you will find great deals on women's discounted jeans, men's discounted jeans, fashion clothing including Factory Seconds and deep discounts on current fashion by visiting the Buckle Online Sale. There are no Buckle promotional codes or Buckle online coupon codes necessary. You may also visit our retail stores in the United States for periodic sales on jeans, tops, footwear, and outerwear for men and women.

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At Buckle, we pride ourselves in creating the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests. To that end, we promise to always do our best to ensure our guests are protected from scams and/or fraudulent activities.

Phishing scams occur when a website asks you to fill out your personal information in return for an incentive. Similar to this are text message offers. At Buckle, we want to assure you that we will never collect your personal information in exchange for something in return (like a free Buckle Gift Card, coupon, etc.). Any scams or fraudulent "giveaways" offered to our guests are not in any way associated with Buckle. Buckle Gift Cards can only be purchased in-store or online at

Contrary to what other sites may claim to offer for Buckle coupons or coupon codes, these do not exist. However, Buckle does offer great deals on men's and women's sale clothing, discounted merchandise, free alterations, a free layaway and Get Fitted program, as well as our Primo Card and Buckle Credit Card. All of these sales and promotions can only be found in our stores and on

If you feel that you have been defrauded, you may want to contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at or at 1.877.FTC.HELP, or the Consumer Fraud Division of your state's Attorney General Office.

For more information about fraud, the FTC has provided the following information:–text–message–prize–offers–phishing

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To truly experience Buckle, shop at one of our locations or visit us online at To ensure you are purchasing high quality Buckle merchandise, it is important to make your purchases at Buckle. We cannot guarantee quality or offer returns or exchanges on any product that was not purchased directly from us.

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The only place to find the best deals, sales, and promotions is on And, while we don't publish coupons, we do have great benefits just for you.

Buckle does have a lot of great men's sale clothing and women's sale clothing, discounted merchandise, and other services that make shopping with us, well, worth it!

In addition to our primo card, Buckle offers free alterations, a free layaway program, Get Fitted program, and a Buckle Credit Card where the rewards you can earn are endless!

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The Buckle, Inc. (NYSE: BKE) is a leading retailer of medium-to-better-priced casual apparel, footwear and accessories for fashion-conscious young men and women. Buckle currently operates more than 450 stores in 44 states, under the names Buckle and The Buckle.

Buckle markets a wide selection of brand names and private label casual apparel, including denims, other casual bottoms, tops, activewear, outerwear, accessories, footwear and more. Buckle emphasizes personalized attention to its guests (customers) and provides individual customer services such as free alterations, free gift-packaging, layaways and a guest loyalty program. In addition to its retail locations and, Buckle Screenprinting is a full-service solution offering a broad selection of promotional merchandise to outside athletic teams, organizations, clubs and individuals.

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Earn commissions on sales while offering your guests the latest styles from their favorite brands on Buckle is a part of the LinkShare Affiliate Network, which is home to thousands of affiliates and merchants. Anyone can join. Just register as an affiliate, search for through the database and request to be added as our affiliate. Whenever your visitors make a purchase on from your site, you earn a commission on the sale.

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What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program allows you to make money by referring your customers to our website through placement of banner and text ads. Every time a customer (referred by your site) makes a purchase, you earn a commission on that sale.

How do I get started?
Join Buckle' affiliate network through our partner, LinkShare. When you qualify as an affiliate, use the banners and text links we provide to advertise on your website.

Why become a Buckle affiliate?

  • Our Brand:
    We are a specialty retailer with more than 450 stores in 44 states and growing. Our brand has a proven track record of success. Our company has been in business for over 30 years. We specialize in denim and carry a wide variety of fashion brands online. We also carry our own private label for men and women, BKE. Our guests are able to build their own look with our variety of quality brands and styles.
  • Our Service:
    We provide valuable services online including $7 standard shipping, easy browsing, advanced denim search, gift guides, wish list service, and more!

How will I know that a visitor from my site purchased something on
Our partner, LinkShare, will offer you a password protected membership on the LinkShare site where you may access reports that confirm any referrals from your site to

How are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid monthly to you through LinkShare. Commissions are paid on net sales and do not include returns, sales tax, or shipping costs.

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Music/Celebrity Sponsorship Requests

Buckle partners with artists, bands and celebrities for product sponsorships, as well as national and regional promotions. If you would like to be considered, please send a detailed proposal including a bio, photos, and samples of your work via email to Cody Kevan at An electronic press kit, social media URL or FTP site should be included.

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