Team Highlights

Orem UT: I have been in this store many times and have left happy every single time. I am a big guy and they find clothes that fit me and look good every time. I had a problem with an article of clothing that I bought there and they had no problem exchanging it for me and helped me find a new solution. They are all so helpful there and the management is awesome.

Ocala Fl: I never thought I'd pay more than $20 for a pair of jeans; that is, until I walked into your store in Ocala. I asked my sales lady why their jeans were so expensive and she told it was the quality of the jeans. She took a lot of time with me and helped fit me with your denim. I now I see the difference between $20 dollar jeans and the Buckle's jeans. You really get what you pay for. I am now the proud owner of four pairs of Daytrip jeans and Buckle is now my favorite place to buy my jeans. Thank you so much. I didn't really know just how much my sales lady paid attention to my needs until I got home and opened my Buckle jean size card. She was fantastic!

Lake Jackson TX: I entered the store close to closing to buy some outfits for my son. The manager was warm and inviting and the other staff members were also helpful. They helped my son feel confident about his cloths and worked hard to get him an exact fit. I had no problem dropping almost $400 and plan to return tomorrow to buy more. I can't say enough about how great they are; they even looked up my son's dress code to help assist me. Another staff member helped with my baby so I could assist my son for a moment. It may be this great in all your stores; but these guys have to be tops. I am now a fan of the Buckle! Thank you!

Lexington KY: We went to Lexington for school clothes shopping and can't say enough about the service that Susannah delivered. She made the experience a whole lot less stressful. She took over and talked to our daughter, determining what her likes were. She also made us aware of the many services that Buckle offers and invited us to call the store on our next visit so she could set up a dressing room and have some things ready. WOW'

Bloomington MN: My son and I were at the Mall of America store last weekend to do our annual school clothes shopping. We went into the Buckle store on Friday night and met Tyler. Tyler was wonderful. He instantly recognized my son's style and started pulling clothes. We put some items on hold and came back to see Tyler on Saturday. Tyler had a dressing room full of outfits for my son to try on. My son felt special and liked everything Tyler picked out. Tyler was simply amazing. I told him he has set a super high bar for our clothes shopping experience from now on. Thank you.

Grapevine TX: This was our first experience at a Buckle store. Kelsey at your Grapevine Mills Buckle made our visit exceptional' She found us our style and helped with sizing! Without her assistance we could have never found all the unique clothing we purchased. Buckle has now become our favorite store to shop' Thanks again, Kelsey, for helping us complete my daughter's school shopping and also helping me pick up a few things, too.

Denton TX: I went to the Denton Buckle with my three children and had an amazing experience. We had never shopped at Buckle before. Taylor and Morgan deserve a pat on the back for managing my three boys and making them feel confident in their new school clothes. I even bought a pair of jeans for myself!

Gurnee IL: Just wanted to quickly write in to say how wonderful Anna was at your Gurnee Mills store. Jean shopping is very intimidating and she made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely be back and will ask for her. Such a great experience and she helped me find the PERFECT jeans. Anna's customer service was amazing. Thank you.

Joplin MO: On Saturday I sent a good friend into the store with her two daughters to get some school shopping done. My friend suffers social anxiety and a crowded department store is a complete nightmare for her. However school shopping isn't optional, so I contacted Jaci at the Joplin Buckle and asked her to lend a hand. I provided both girls sizes and basic style information along with everyone's names. I deliberately left the part out about the mother's anxiety condition so Jaci wasn't nervous. I then called my friend and told her she would be taken care of 100% at the Joplin Buckle. A few hours passed and my friend called in to say it was the best shopping experience she ever had. Jaci had made it stress-free, they had a great time and purchased everything they needed. I consider this an act of kindness. The store was packed and Jaci still was able to provide this type of service and help multiple other customers as well. I've contacted her manager and shared this with her; but I'm very passionate about this and felt it needed to be herd at a corporate level. The entire Buckle staff at the Joplin location is fantastic. Thank you.

Beavercreek OH: I came into the store thinking this was younger store and looking for a shirt for my 13-year-old daughter. Then I saw the huge variety of Miss Me jeans! I am 49 and the boutique shop in my hometown carries only a few styles of Miss Me denim. Because I had just bought a pair for myself, I did not plan to stay long in the store. But then I was greeted by Allison and Mary. These two girls know how to work the store! So attentive, getting me clothes and different sizes. They provided honest feedback and listened to the type of styles I was interested in. I am the type to walk out of the store if the racks are a mess and no one helps you. I am a working mother with very little time to shop. I was here in Ohio for my husband high school reunion and we had some time to ourselves. I was in the Beavercreek Buckle store for two hours because of the customer service. Please recognize their initiative to sell the product and make the customer happy.

Bakersfield CA: Thank you to Colt, the manager at the Valley Plaza Buckle. My son has two brain tumors, causing diabetes and other complications which make him large for his age. Colt and the Buckle gals made my son feel so special, they treated him like he was the only customer in the store. For a mother who has seen her child cry over not being able to find clothing or stores not willing to help, I thank you so very much. You are priceless assets to your company!

Idaho Falls ID: My compliments to the staff at the Idaho Falls Buckle. I shop the Idaho Falls store and also online. My recent order was sent to someone else, and their order was sent to me. Kim completely took care of the problem. She was so professional and courteous. Please pass on my compliment to Kim and the Idaho Falls Buckle store. Thank you.

Fort Gratiot: My daughter got a special surprise for her 21st birthday when I scheduled a fitting for her at Buckle at Birchwood Mall. When I spoke to the staff about this particular service, I didn't realize just how outstanding it would be. Not only was the staff exceptionally prepared to pamper her; but our personal shopping helper went out of her way to make Amelia feel gorgeous! Everyone in the store got in the spirit of the occasion and we all had a great time! I was so impressed with the team dynamic and how much pride each person expressed in the company and the in store. It was truly the best shopping experience of Amelia's life! Thank you again for helping to make the birthday awesome and for making my daughter feel so special!

Concord VA: A couple walked into our store and did the infamous split. I approached the gentleman and asked him what he was looking for. He told me they were out shopping for an event here in Charlotte. They have four children, had not been out on a date in 10 years nor had they been shopping in 10 years. He asked me to help his wife first, she needed at least an XL inseam. I replied we were going to have a great time and make her beautiful for the evening. We loaded her fitting room up with jeans, tops, shoes and accessories. She fell in love with every outfit option and asked could I bring more! After getting her started, we focused on her husband. I gave him a variety of jeans, shirts and shoes. They both applied for a Buckle card and I got both of them on Guest Loyalty. Between the two of them, they spent more than $2,000. The wife told me we brought her back to life and she never felt so beautiful. She said she would come back the next day to purchase active wear so she can feel just as good in P.E. teacher attire. We scheduled a time for them to come in the next day and she spent another $450. They showed me pictures of the Buckle outfits they wore from head to toe. I topped it off by sending them a thank you card and giving them my personal phone number. I am sure we will see them again! Like Kari said in her message, "It's the little things that matter."

Garland TX: I had a wonderful experience that happened in your store with your wonderful manager Carlos. Two years ago, my daughter tried jeans in your store. She was very large and could not easily fit any clothes in the store. My daughter said Buckle is her favorite store and that she was determined to one day fit your clothes. While in the store two years ago - two weeks before the start of school - we (mother and 15-year-old daughter) cried by the dressing room. The staff and manager felt so bad; we had the whole store sad and crying that day. They watched me give a long speech to my daughter to help her loose the weight and fit the clothes in her favorite store. And with hard work and dedication, my now 17-year-old daughter went into your store last weekend. Two years since we all cried for an overweight young lady; the day my daughter she dedicated herself to lose weight and be a Buckle girl. We celebrated Sunday when she bought her first pair of jeans from the Buckle. Your Garland Buckle staff rejoiced and we cried again. This time happy tears. Thank you to the Buckle for hiring people who have compassion and dedication to serve the world we live in. As a mother, I will never forget the moment two years ago and the start of a healthier life for my daughter. Who would have thought that a designer pair of Buckle jeans would motivate my daughter to live healthy, work hard and be patient to achieve a teenager's dream? The dream fit into a pair of Buckle jeans. Thank you!

Kokomo IN: I had an online purchase that needed to be exchanged. I went to the Markland Mall store, was approached when I entered, and was promptly taken care of. No questions asked and no issues, my purchase was easily exchanged. Lance, the store manager, also assisted and was beyond expectations helpful. I cannot say enough about the staff at this store. Always helpful, always pleasant and always fun! Thank you, Buckle.

Richmond VA: I walked into Buckle looking for clothes for my 18-year-old son who is about to leave for college. My son isn't thrilled that Mom is shopping for him; but he hates to do it himself. I met with Andrew who put multiple outfits together after my description of my son's likes and dislikes. Andrew was amazing. He was so helpful and really listened to my needs. Best part, my son LOVED everything that Andrew picked out and everything fit perfect. What a great experience. You are very fortunate to have him on your team. Thank you Andrew!

LaCrosse Wi My daughter and I were greeted by Kaleena. She went above and beyond to make our first experience shopping at the Buckle awesome. My daughter is a little harder to fit. She told Kaleena what size she would normally fit, and Kaleena was spot on with sizes for Daytrip, Rock Revival and Miss Me. There wasn't a pant or top that my daughter couldn't fit in. It was awesome for my daughter and myself. We will be back to that store for sure.

Chico CA I would like to recognize a phenomenal employee you have working in your Chico store. My girlfriend sent me a picture of a top she saw in the store. She told me there was only one. To surprise her, I went to buy this top. Now I have worked in sales most of my 49 years and was more then impressed. First off, I am not a Buckle customer. Just not my style; but my girlfriend loves your store. So I enter the Chico store. Within 20 seconds I am greeted by Chad. He has a great no-business opening line, then moved into a great greeting and introduced himself. I am obviously lost but on a mission and showed him the picture. He tore the store apart looking for this top. He even kept looking when told its not there. Chad did stop to help other customers; but never let me feel neglected. He ended up finding the top my girlfriend loved. He also found a similar bracelet to the one she described and even offered earrings to match which, of course, I purchased. I inquired about some shoes and will come back to order them next week. Chad is an asset to this store location and to the company. I was given such a great customer experience that I will come back to buy a few things for myself and definitely for my girlfriend, and hopefully will find Chad again to help me.

Syracuse NY I went to your Destiny USA store in Syracuse NY on Saturday. I have never shopped at a Buckle before; but saw a shirt on the mannequin in the window that I liked. I went in and was greeted by Lauren who was eager to help. Lauren got the shirt off the mannequin for me since it was the only one in my size and set me up with some jeans to try on after telling her I never find jeans that fit. I tried the first pair she gave me, they fit perfect! I love them! Lauren was so helpful and friendly. There was another young lady and a gentlemen working that day also who were helping other customers who were also friendly and attentive. Love the feeling I got when I went in this store! Could not have been treated better, great customer service!

Fresno CA The Fresno Buckle provided my best shopping experience ever! The Buckle was the last store my daughter and I stopped in after a long day of shopping. Kole and Christina provided outstanding service. My daughter and I went home refreshed and smiling. I worked retail for many years. Kole and Christina did retail right! Please pass on my thanks.

Madison WI My husband and I stopped by the Buckle on an impromptu visit. We had our two small children with us and it was close to dinner time. Basically, time was of the essence! My husband was looking for clothes for our upcoming trip to Florida. I had recently purchased a couple pairs of hybrid shorts at our La Crosse Buckle and wanted help finding more. Josh was so helpful! He had my husband in the dressing room trying on full outfits. He moved quickly and efficiently. Josh was so kind and patient with us and our kids. He listened to my husband's likes and dislikes and used them to refine his options. We left the store with exactly what we needed! If I lived closer, I would go back to West Towne Mall to shop with Josh. I left with his card and would even feel comfortable calling him to have him shop for my husband again. What a great representative of your company! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

St. Cloud MN Thank you to one of your sales representatives who helped me yesterday with excellent service. Harley helped my four children pick out jeans, shirts, and a belt. He was the best sales representative I have seen in a long time. If the jeans did not fit just right he assured us it could be hemmed and mailed to our home address. He was excellent at add on sales, always looking for something. When my son found a belt he liked, Harley offered to add another punch to the belt to make it work just right for him. He offered socks and cologne in a way that wasn't pushy and even followed up with a credit card offer. A good sales representative like Harley really makes the Buckle look good. We will be return customers after such a positive experience. Thank you.

Annapolis MD I went into your Annapolis store on Tuesday and ordered a pair of boots to be shipped overnight for a wedding I have this weekend. Got home today excited to find the boots were here only to open them up and find that they were not the boots I ordered. I was completely devastated. I called the store and spoke with Tyler; she remembered me and the reason I had ordered the boots. I explained the situation and that I had no time to go shopping to find another pair of boots because the wedding is out of town and I would be leaving tomorrow. She told me she would speak with her manager, call the store they boots were shipped from, then call me back to tell me where the mix up happened and what she could do to help fix the problem. She called me back 20 minutes after I placed the original call and told me that unfortunately she could not have my boots overnighted to me since it was so late in the day and they wouldn't get here in time for me. I began to cry because I didn't know what I was going to do. She explained to me that she still had the boots I tried on in the store that were a little too tight; but if I wanted them I could have them. She offered to refund me the money I had paid for the overnight shipping plus a 10% discount if I decided to take the shoes in the store, or a full refund if I didn't want them. I decided to take the ones in the store since I had no other option and Tyler offered to drive them all the way to my house tonight because she felt so horrible that this had happened. She apologized over and over again and I told her it was not her fault it was the fault of the store who shipped the wrong boots. I just want to let you know you have some truly amazing employees that work in you Annapolis store. Because of my experience tonight with both Tyler and Kelly, I will continue to shop at your store! Thank you.

Anchorage AK I shopped your store for school clothing for my daughter, who has a difficult time fitting jeans. Aubrie immediately greeted us upon entering the store and offered to help. After explaining what we needed she went into action. We were able to find jeans that fit perfectly! One pair had to be hemmed so Aubrie explained your free hemming service. She said it usually takes a week for them to be altered. To my surprise, I received a call just three days later that the jeans were ready for pick up. I once again headed into the store today and Aubrie was working again! This time I thought I'd purchase something for myself. I told Aubrie what style I was looking for and she hooked me right up! I purchased an awesome outfit with her help. She was very kind and knew the store brands superbly. I will not hesitate to go back to this location for future purchases and I'm hoping Aubrie will be there to help me out! Thank you!

Fairview TX What an amazing shopping experience! My oldest son and I visited the Fairview store a couple of weeks ago and were so impressed with product as well as customer service. Justin, Ryan and Jarrod were all so helpful. They were incredibly knowledgeable in selecting the appropriate jean styles and fit; but their attention to detail and personable attitudes made us feel like family. Since that day, I have been back once myself and took my youngest son in on another day. Every visit, we have made a purchase. That is unheard of for me. I am known to shop for days and weeks on end only to come home empty-handed. We have told all our friends and family. This Buckle store exceeds all expectations! Quality product with luxury customer service.

Alexandria LA I want to let your company know what happened to us today. Your employees have always been very nice but this had nothing to do with a sale. We went shopping in the Alexandria store for my 13-year-old son who has cancer. No one asked any questions about his conditions while we were there. We checked out and continued shopping in the mall. About 15 minutes later, two of your associates came looking for us. They wanted to give my son a necklace. It might not seem like a big deal; but as a parent of a sick child, it meant everything for someone out of the blue to do such a wonderful act. The necklace says "UN STOP PA BLE!. I would just like to say thank you for having such great employees.

Greenwood IN Lindsey at the Greenwood store was awesome. I came into the store looking for jeans with a longer inseam than 32 inches. I had been shopping all morning and wasn't able to find what I wanted. What would have taken me over an hour to find on my own, she found in minutes. Lindsey was able to gather a dozen or so pairs of jeans in different sizes for me to try on and I ended up buying three pairs that I love. She ran back and forth with sizes and made the experience go smoothly and quickly. I hadn't been to the Buckle for years; but will now definitely visit the Buckle first when I need jeans.

Las Vegas NV While attending Magic earlier this month, my husband and I had the opportunity to walk into your store at Fashion Show Mall. The store look great; but what caught our attention even more were two of your employees. Immediately upon entering the store we were greeted by Lisa. She was pleasant and gave the impression that she really enjoyed what she did. After a brief introduction I told her that we were a vendor and wanted to see how the store looked. She ask us questions about our business and current market conditions. She was extremely informative, showed us a ton of ladies product and then showed us how you were bringing kids into the mix. I was not there to purchase anything; but she was so good, I walked out spending ?600 on items for my daughter. She introduced us to the Store Manager Parker who portrayed very similar assets. In todays' retail world many employees are just there to collect a paycheck. In the case of Lisa and Parker that did not seem the case. They made us feel they loved what they did. They may be just two random employees who love fashion; but I believe a big part is the culture Buckle is passing on and instilling in them. I commend you and your organization for the environment that was very noticeable in your store.

Roanoke VA I shopped at Buckle for the first time the day before my 53rd birthday. My friend and her granddaughter, who shares a birthday with as me, wanted to go shopping for our birthdays. We were walking around in the mall and the granddaughter asked to look in Buckle. I was reluctant because I don't usually shop at the mall because of my meager income. To my surprise, what a wonderful experience! We were approached by Beth, who offered to help with our shopping. I told Beth I was just with my friend as she and her granddaughter were doing the shopping. Beth encouraged me to try some things on; it can't hurt to try just for fun. She didn't ask my size, she only asked what colors I liked. Beth brought several things and kept checking to me to see if they fit or if I needed another size. The jeans she brought me fit like a glove. I ended up purchasing three shirts and a pair of jeans all because of the great customer service. I have been telling everyone about my experience. I can't say enough good things about your store. Because I am on a tight budget - I am a teacher's aide, I told Beth I don't have tons of money. She told me about the Buckle's layaway program. I was thrilled that I could purchase nicer clothes than I am accustomed to buying and I won't go in debt doing it. I will be back! Thanks so much for making my birthday shopping so special.

Rancho Cucamonga CA I recently shopped at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga with my sister. Shopping causes anxiety for my sister; but she knew she needed some new things, so we stopped at Buckle. This was my sister's first Buckle experience. She wears XL and has a hard time finding cute things. The Buckle had almost everything in her size! We were helped by Rayven, who was so kind and made my sister comfortable in the store. Thank you, Rayven and the Victoria Gardens Buckle store, for making this a positive experience! We will be shopping with Rayven again.

Sterling Heights MI I just completed a large transaction at The Buckle. I was shopping for my girlfriend. Did not know at all how to shop for her, then two of the most professional women I ever encountered helped me. Words cannot describe how awesome Kayla and Amanda were. I will never shop anywhere else again for clothing. I am telling all my department heads about my experience. I was so impressed I had to take time to send this message.

Toledo OH Over the past year I have become a devoted Buckle customer. I was skeptical because of the cost; but now that I am addicted, I can see every aspect of the company is well worth the money! No matter what the issue, I have received nothing but good customer service. It's nice to see some companies still care about customer service because you don't see it often anymore. I visit the store in the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo and have told them several times that no matter who's working on any given day every employee there is always so pleasant and helpful. I am constantly raving on social media about how great this company is. So this is just a thank you email for being a great company. Keep up the great work!

LaCrosse WI The Buckle manager at the LaCrosse store went above and beyond. I was in the store with my daughter, who was purchasing jeans for a special occasion. They did not have her size, so they special ordered the jeans to be delivered to our home. The day before my daughter's event, the jeans had not arrived. I called the store and spoke to several staff who were very helpful. It turned out the jeans were never ordered. This is where the customer service really kicked in. The manager did everything he could to get the jeans from another store in Iowa and personally delivered them 30 minutes prior to my daughter needing them. The Buckle made an error and went above and beyond to find a solution. This was by far the best customer service I have ever received from a clothing store. We will shop the LaCrosse Buckle again because of their great service.

Fredericksburg VA Pass on my compliment to the Fredericksburg Buckle store. I'm a plus-size customer and sometimes feel judged when I shop. That never happens at the Fredericksburg Buckle store. The people who work there are very nice. I like the Buckle merchandise; but it's the Buckle people who keep me coming back!

Pleasanton CA I just wanted to make you aware of the superior service I received at this location last weekend. I bought a shirt in March and didn't have a reason to wear it until a few weeks ago. Long story short, it was defective, one side was an inch longer than the other and the buttons didn't even come close to matching up. I should have noticed this when I purchased it; but didn't. My wife and I took it back to the store anyway. I didn't even have the receipt. The store manager went the extra mile and found the purchase online. They didn't have that particular shirt so he ordered it online for me and it is getting shipped to my house. In a time of deplorable customer service, it was great that you folks at Buckle still foster great service as a staple of your business. I have told the story quite a few times since this happened and I hope that maybe a few more sales have come your way. When I purchase anything from now on, I will drive the extra miles to patronize this store location. Please let the employees know that their great service has led to a very satisfied and loyal customer. Thanks.

Waco TX Please pass on my compliments to the Waco Buckle. They make me feel welcome every time I walk into the store. Today Jeremy helped me. I'm not an itty bitty girl, and sometimes have reservations walking into a clothing store. Jeremy welcomed me the second I came in, identified my style right away and offered sizes and options. Thank you!

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