Team Highlights

Huntsville AL: I was at the mall with my 12-year-old daughter. Our sole purpose was to find her at least one pair of Miss Me jeans. She certainly needed more things than just a pair of jeans; but clothes shopping with her has never been very easy. Most likely because I’m her dad, and I’m “old” and I’m very un-hip (which she says I prove by using the word ‘hip’). Saturday we entered the Huntsville Buckle and began looking at your selection of Miss Me jeans. We were discussing which designs she liked when we were approached by one of your associates. Robin asked if there was anything she could do to help us. Knowing that my daughter is shy and does not like talking to strangers, I politely thanked Robin for her offer; but told her we were just browsing. Robin kindly gave us space to shop on our own. After a few minutes, it became obvious to me that we weren’t going to find anything that my daughter liked in her size. Robin properly sensed that it was again time to offer assistance, so she did. She was warm and inviting, and not overly aggressive. She truly came across as someone who wanted to help in any way that she could. I could go on and on with the details of our visit to your store; but the short version is that my daughter took an instant liking to Robin. My daughter came out of her shell and engaged Robin in conversation. Robin helped us to realize that my daughter needed different sizes than what we were looking at. After settling on some jeans, Robin asked my daughter if she wanted to look at tops, too, after asking me privately if I was okay with that. Fast forward 60 minutes – and my daughter is having the shopping experience of a lifetime. She tried on more tops in that visit to Buckle than she had in our last 10 shopping outings combined. Robin made my daughter feel like she was the only person in that store. I walked out of your store that day having spent over $1,000 on three pairs of jeans, 20+ tops and a pair of sandals, when my original intent was to purchase a single pair of jeans. I know it sounds strange to say, but I couldn’t have been happier. Robin made the shopping experience with my daughter an absolute joy.

Columbus OH: I want to comment on Brandi, my salesperson today. The store was slammed and she had a few other customers she was helping; but she made sure to ask me if I needed help. I am not the easiest person when it comes to shopping for jeans and Brandi helped me find two pairs by the end of my shopping trip. I felt like I was her only customer. Brandi even offered to have pants ordered and shipped to me. I am excitedly waiting for my new jeans to arrive next week. Huge shout out to Brandi at the Easton Buckle for being patient and extremely helpful. This was one of the very few shopping trips where I didn't leave a store feeling defeated and empty-handed. I will be returning to this Buckle soon!

Bloomington MN: I want to compliment one of your employees, Jake, at the Buckle store in the Mall of America. My husband and I were visiting our son and he wanted to go to the Buckle to get a pair of jeans. Jake's customer service was above and beyond! After finding out what style our son preferred, Jake brought different pairs of jeans, a couple styles of shoes, sweatshirts and shirts. Very helpful! Instead of just one pair of jeans, we bought three pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes. Our son will go back to the store for a couple of the shirts he tried on. We will definitely be shopping at the store again - great merchandise, great selection, and the customer service was icing on the cake! Thank you!

Jacksonville FL: Andrew at the Jacksonville Buckle provided exceptional help. He assisted me with denim fits and sizes. I came in to purchase a pair of jeans. I left the store with two pairs of jeans and a dress because of his customer service. Please pass on my thanks.

Lake Jackson TX: I appreciate the help, cooperation and awesome attitude of store manager Mallary at the new Lake Jackson Buckle store. I visited the store initially on behalf of our high school graduation fashion show. It was the first day the store was open for business and every staff member was so courteous and friendly. Although the store was very busy, I was greeted immediately. I explained what I needed and was then directed to Mallary. Mallary was so excited about the opportunity to help and be involved in the community she agreed to have the Buckle participate.  Over the next two weeks, three boys and eight girls from the high school visited your Lake Jackson store and Mallary helped them to choose outfits that they would wear in the show. Mallary took the time with each student to make sure the outfits suited their personalities and that they looked amazing. All of the Buckle models for the style show looked like they just stepped off the page of a magazine! Andrew at the Jacksonville Buckle provided exceptional help. He assisted me with denim fits and sizes. I came in to purchase a pair of jeans. I left the store with two pairs of jeans and a dress because of his customer service. Please pass on my thanks. Without the participation of local businesses, Project Graduation fundraisers would not be possible. So I want to send a special thank you to your company to express how grateful we were to have the opportunity to meet Mallary and have her help so much in this event!

Bismarck ND: I was at your Bismarck store and was impressed with the salespeople there. Especially Thomas, the young man who helped me. I travel for work and I shop a lot. The sales staff that day is the best I've ever encountered. Great store. Exceptional staff. I bought a pair of Miss Me jeans and will definitely be going back for more before I leave town.

Richmond VA:  My wife and I found your store on accident, but we are so glad we did. We will definitely be shopping there again. Manager Stefan is a true professional in all phases of your business. We had originally went to buy me a pair of Affliction jeans for me. Stefan introduced my wife and me to a lot of different styles and brands that we ended up buying including some boots and jeans for my wife. This level of commitment to customer service is not common in retail anymore; but I truly believe this is the only way to separate your business from others.

Tigard OR: I love the store so I shopped online for a few items. I also bought some new spring items in the store and had great customer service. I spoke with Whitney, the manager, and she helped me over the phone to get a few items by mail. I love your store, people and products and I am taking a friend soon so she can check it out! I used my Buckle card and I am pleased. Thank you!

Alpharetta GA: As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted with smiles by not just one of the employees, but every one that I passed on the floor. They were all very helpful and genuinely friendly. In my 15 minutes in the store, I was able to capture the names of Mandy, Tyler, Clint and Rachel, all because they were extremely friendly and outgoing. The Alpharetta Buckle team works very well together creating a very positive atmosphere for both the employees and the customers. I walked in the store with the intention of purchasing one item, and I left with a receipt for four. I was impressed with the knowledge of everyone on the floor. From one very happy customer, please be sure to reward those in charge of that location. That was by far the best managed store I've had the pleasure of shopping. Thank you.

Ogden UT: I shopped at Buckle for the very first time yesterday and it was the absolute best shopping experience of my life! Buckle is my girlfriend's favorite store. I went to the store at the Newgate Mall Buckle and Emili helped me for almost an hour to pick out an entire outfit from top to bottom, including shoes and earrings. This was all based upon my girlfriend's prior purchases at the store in Memphis, Tennessee where she lives. Amazing customer service! It was an awesome shopping experience! I knew my girlfriend’s favorite colors and her shoe size; but I had no idea what pants or shirt size. But with Emili's help I absolutely nailed it! I am so excited for my girlfriend to get these items in the mail in a few days. The Ogden Buckle has awesome employees.

Springfield IL: As an older women, I wasn't sure what the Buckle had for someone of my age. I generally shop at more traditional stores. Bobette and Kenley made several suggestions and I love the styles. Now I do a majority of my shopping at the Buckle. They show me the newest items that come in that I might like and they are right on target for me. Sam and Ashley provide great feedback. With their attention and suggestions, they have me hooked on the Buckle. I even do gift shopping for my husband and son there now. Thanks to Bobette and Kenley, I found my fountain of youth!

Arlington TX: I would like to commend you on your choice of employees. I take my granddaughter shopping at the Parks at Arlington Buckle store when she is in town. Kaylee provided us with amazing service. She was there helping me and my granddaughter make selections. She was on the spot for my granddaughter’s every whim and questions concerning styles. Since I am a grandmother and certainly not up to date in the latest fashions, I needed all the help I could get. I did not even have to ask. Your manager Tommy runs a great Buckle store. He has a top-notch sales staff. We have always had excellent service and you have won me over.

Longview TX: I want to compliment one of your employees at the Longview Buckle store. Earnest is always extremely helpful he goes above and beyond to help my son and me when we shop at Buckle. I contacted him today about buying an Oakley hat. When I got there Earnest had just gone to lunch. He returned to the store to get the hat from the back and went back to his lunch. He could have easily let someone else do this; but chose to help a customer. I believe extremely good or bad service should be brought to attention. Earnest is the definition of extremely good customer service!

Concord CA: Andy provided outstanding service on our visit to the Concord Buckle. He helped my husband and me with our shopping, while he also assisted other customers. We never once felt neglected. Please commend Andy for a job well done.

North Wales PA: Le Chean at the Montgomery Mall store went out of her way to help me obtain a shirt in my size not available in the store. She was extremely helpful and a true professional. She even remembered me when I came back to browse in the store a couple weeks later - that really made my day! I'm very impressed with your staff at Buckle, especially Le Chean.

Kansas City KS: I would like to express my sincere gratitude and recognition to one of your employees who works at The Legends Buckle store. Last week, I visited Kansas City, Missouri for a federal training. My friend and I went shopping at The Legends shopping area. We found ourselves stranded in Kansas City, Kansas. We were in the Buckle store and mentioned that we weren’t sure how we were going to get back to our hotel. We asked the sales associate if there was any public transportation back to Kansas City, Missouri where we were staying. Jessica came to our rescue by not only providing excellent customer service while we were visiting the store, but went above and beyond to assist us in locating taxi service back to our hotel. Throughout my many travels I have never experienced customer service of such magnitude. Her empathy for our situation – at 9:30 p.m. – was amazing. I am now a Buckle's customer and would recommend shopping there to anyone. Her services were very much appreciated.

Bellingham WA: I just want to comment on the outstanding service I received at the Bellis Fair Buckle store on Tuesday. There were six staff working and every single one greeted me, thanked me and said goodbye. They also asked my name at the beginning and continued to use it. They asked what I was looking for, gave me exactly that, along with many comparable options. I walked out with exactly what I was looking for, and more! I come down from Canada to purchase your BKE Stella jeans – I’m a huge fan! Thank you for employing such an amazing team!

Muskegon MI: I just moved to Michigan and this was my first visit to the Muskegon Buckle store. From “hello” to “thank you and come again,” Marla provided the best shopping experience.

Gilbert AZ:  I want to comment on the amazing customer experience I had at your San Tan Buckle. Manager Chris first helped me and he was awesome. I then returned for more shopping and Bobbi helped me. She was so patient and helped me get several more outfits, and even offered to order the things I liked but that the store didn't have in the right size. She also suggested the Buckle credit card to save me 10% on everything since I was buying so many things. Which I did sign up for. Bobbi was amazing. I was very happy with the entire experience, and with all the clothes that I purchased. I later had my jeans hemmed and Garret (who had not previously been involved on any of the sales), was super friendly and remembered my name from my coming in before. He was very helpful in that portion of the process.   I want to pass the compliments on to your corporate office to recognize how great the Santan Buckle employees are. Thank you for such a great experience from a guy that normally dreads shopping!

Ogden UT: I cannot say enough good things about Deanna and her incredible, amazing, wonderful staff at the Buckle in the Newgate Mall. Their willingness to help me find items for my girlfriend is completely off the charts. Every employee goes out of their way to help me find something special. When I don't really have any idea of what I am looking for, Deanna and her entire staff finds things for me that they think my girlfriend would love and they have yet to be wrong on anything. The staff at Buckle truly understand what customer service is all about!

Tempe AZ: I was in Buckle at Tempe Marketplace Saturday evening. I was in an emergency situation and in an extreme hurry. I was greeted by Carly, who introduced herself and asked me what I was looking for. She was awesome! She went to town looking for something close to the pair of Rock Revival jeans I was already wearing, sent me in a fitting room and kept bringing me jeans until I was satisfied. From the time I walked in the store I tried six pairs of jeans and was out the door in less than 10 minutes. This girl ROCKED IT! She deserves a pat on the back for her prompt, friendly and outstanding customer service skills as well as her close attention to detail. Thank you.

Prescott AZ: The staff always remembers me when I walk in the door. That is so unusual, what a great experience. I just love going there just to see the new items, try on a few things and always end up with something.

Altamonte Springs FL: I recently visited your store for the first time. I saw a dress in the display window. The sales associates were stellar. Samantha has such a great personality - bubbly and friendly - very helpful and professional. I purchased a dress and the girls helped choose a matching belt. I am in the hospitality industry and work with the public daily. I like to recognize quality customer care. I will shop at Buckle again due to the experience I had that day! There are so many places that I can choose to spend my money – Samantha valued me as a customer. Great job!

Greenville NC: I had an incredible shopping experience at your Greenville store and want to give full credit to Danielle. She knows her products and knows how to put customer service first. Danielle spent almost an hour finding the PERFECT jeans for me; but when she went to special order them, the system showed that they were not available. Well Danielle didn't take no for an answer. She took my phone number and committed to do whatever she could to find these jeans for me. She made no unrealistic promises; but committed to go above and beyond. I was thrilled to get her follow up call to tell me to come get my jeans! So happy! I bought four additional items I had not planned on purchasing. This young lady's professionalism and commitment to customer service literally quadrupled my expenditure at this store. Danielle provided quality service.

Muskegon MI: I’ve shopped the Muskegon Buckle for several years. Marla has gotten to know me and always provides a great store experience. She knows what I want, brings me lots to try on and is always very polite. I stopped in the store today and was helped by Laurie. Laurie is helping manage the store and couldn’t have been nicer to work with. Also, the Muskegon Buckle store looks good. Everything was clean and displayed well. Please pass on my appreciation.

Joliet IL: I shop at this store for my son, daughter, and recently for my husband. I would like to commend the entire staff at this location for their exemplary customer service. Every time I shop here I am greeted with a smile and asked if I need assistance. I am always shown a variety of options, without a pushy upsell. I really appreciate this. At Christmas, I was looking for a handbag for my daughter. The staff went above and beyond, showing me options that were not available online or in the Joliet location. I ordered the bag and my daughter absolutely loves it! I choose to shop at the Buckle because of the outstanding and consistent service I know I can count on. Keep up the good work!

Little Rock AR: I called the Buckle store located in the Park Plaza Mall and spoke with Stuart. He was extremely kind and took time to talk to me over the phone. I have always received great customer service with every Buckle location that I shop; but the experience OVER THE PHONE was really above and beyond. I live an hour away in Hot Springs and Stuart took the time to explain different fits of jeans helped me the best that he could without even seeing my face. He really "wowed" me with his patience and willingness to help. Please acknowledge his excellence in providing amazing customer service.

Kearney NE: My daughter purchased a pair of shorts for her birthday. She had the shorts two days and the jewels fell off. I took the jeans to the Hilltop Mall Buckle and the clerk couldn't find another jeans in my daughter’s size; but told us she could have the jeans fixed.   I returned to the store Wednesday evening and your employee Johanna helped me. She went back to get the shorts and when she returned she stated she was very sorry they could not fix them. Johanna told us if I would give her my daughter’s address, she would order a new pair and have the new jeans shipped to my daughter. Johanna is a valuable asset to your store. All of the employees in the Kearney store are wonderful. I want to acknowledge the effort Johanna took to help my daughter get her birthday present sent to her new address!

BKE Denim: I want to give my appreciation to this company and brand. Last week, my house and everything in it were destroyed by the tornados that ran through Winston County Mississippi. There were absolutely no valuables left from the house (and it was a rather large and upscale home as were the contents inside). While I was in the hospital, my family was at my home, trying to salvage what they could. Amazingly, one after another, they pulled pair after pair of my BKE jeans from the debris. The jeans were completely unharmed and withstood the destruction. Out of the countless pairs I owned, they found about 15 pairs in perfect condition. Completely amazing to say the least. Again, thank you.

Florence KY: My 17-year-old daughter, who is a quadruplet, is recovering from an eating disorder that began when she was 12. Yesterday, we were in the Florence Mall and my daughter asked to stop in the Buckle. Lexi, who had no knowledge of my daughter’s struggles, treated my daughter like a princess. Yesterday was the first time my daughter left a shopping experience happy. Lexi earned my business for life!

Jacksonville FL: I went into Buckle this afternoon with a friend who was looking for a purse. I've never shopped at Buckle for myself before today. An employee greeted us when we came in and showed us some jeans. That employee began helping my friend find jeans so the store manager stepped in to help me. When I explained what was wrong with the fit on the first two pairs he picked for me, he found a third pair that was perfect! He was incredibly helpful and friendly. The in-store hemming is awesome for me since I'm only 5 feet tall. Buckle will be my new go-to for jeans. Thanks!

Chico CA: I like the Buckle! Something in the store caught my eye, so I stepped into the Buckle for the first time a few weeks ago. Store manager Amy provided great service during my short visit. Last Saturday, I returned to the store. Matt was incredible. I’m a curvy gal and felt a bit out of place. Before I knew it, Matt has six things in the dressing room waiting for me. I left the Buckle with new pants. I’m not much of a shopper, but I will return to the Chico Buckle because of the people in your store.

Maple Grove MN: I first want to apologize for the delay in sending this email. We are frequent shoppers at the Buckle in Maple Grove and during the holiday shopping season we received some very outstanding service from the store manager, Charlie. I have worked in the retail business and I know how important it is to recognize individuals who provide excellent customer service, so I wanted to take the time and tell you the story of what he did for us. My daughter’s best friend, Luke, passed away from cancer. He always wore the True Religion cologne. Luke’s mother gave my daughter a bottle of True Religion, after Luke died, for her to spray in her room to remember Luke. This past Christmas we were shopping and my daughter wanted to pick up a bottle; but the store was out of it. I shared the story with Charlie and he did not even hesitate; he called the Rosedale store and put a bottle on hold telling them he would pick it up tomorrow on my way into work. I did not expect that he would do this on his personal time, but he did. I want to make sure you understand what an outstanding employee Charlie is. This is not the first time I have worked with Charlie. He is always so kind, outgoing and welcoming to everyone who comes into your store. Your Maple Grove location has many outstanding employees, but I wanted to share this special story as it meant so much to my daughter and me. Please take the time to recognize Charlie and his outstanding customer service. He is an asset to your company.

Medford OR: Sierra at the Rogue Valley Buckle helped me spend $800 on a recent visit. I was in town for a sports tournament and had an opportunity to shop at the Buckle. Sierra has a great fashion sense. She brought me options and items I would not have selected on my own. What we couldn’t find, Sierra offered to special order and ship to my home. I left the store with three large shopping bags and met my group at the mall food court. Somehow, Sierra tracked me down. I dropped some money in the store and Sierra return it to me. It was an awesome experience! Thank you, Sierra.

Omaha NE: My daughter and I were at the Westroads location on Sunday and wanted to tell you about the great experience we had. While I was trying on clothes my daughter was outside the dressing room waiting for me. Chelsea, who was helping me, offered my daughter a few things to try on while she waited. My daughter loved it, Chelsea treated her like her a Barbie doll. When I saw my daughter she looked as if she could have been on one of the Buckle Kids advertisements, she had the layer, and accessories including headband. My daughter loved every minute of it. We did end up getting the outfit, minus the accessories. My daughter said, "I will pass of the fringe jacket and headband; they would not last at summer camp.” I just wanted to let you know what great teammates you have working for the Buckle.

El Cajon CA: I recently special ordered jeans for my girlfriend from the store in El Cajon. The jeans never showed up and my girlfriend lost the receipt. Katie went above and beyond to help me track down the information and place the order again. And she did it all with a smile and a genuine desire to help a customer. If she is indicative of the type people Buckle hires, then you can expect me to be a lifelong customer.

Kansas City MO: I recently purchased a pair of Jeans at your Overland Park Kansas store and loved the style of jeans that the salesperson helped me with. But regrettably, after I took them home, they were uncomfortable enough to where I had no desire to wear them. I was at the Buckle location at the Independence Mall and talked to a sales person about my dilemma. He encouraged me to take the denim back to a Buckle store. I had forgotten about them and a little time had passed and I finally decided that I needed to bring them back in, not sure I would be able to exchange them. I just moved to the north and went to your Zona Rosa Location. Wow! Your store manager, Kim, was extremely pleasant and sales person Jamie helped me pick out your Aaron fit. Never in my life have I tried on a pair of jeans and had they fit so well. I will definitely be doing a lot more shopping at your stores, especially at your Zona Rosa location.

Destin FL: I had such a fantastic experience at your Destin Commons Florida location that I just had to write. We had been out shopping most of the day and, just by chance, we went into Buckle. We had only intended to shop for a t shirt, as we were exhausted from being out all day. What had been a boring experience going in and out of shops in Destin suddenly turned into a totally exciting and fun experience. We were greeted by a friendly group of young ladies that offered us assistance, but left just the right amount of freedom for us to feel comfortable looking around. We found two really cool Hurley t-shirts and inquired about another shirt with an amazing guy named Jimmy. Jimmy was beyond awesome! He helped us order two shirts in a larger size not available in the store. We both could have easily just walked away from the shirts as the size was not in stock, but he shared how simple it was to order the shirts and have them delivered to our address. Jimmy quickly began to show us the new jean fashions. Before we knew it, what was going to be a t-shirt purchase turned into four shirts and two pairs of jeans. We also opened up a Buckle card as he informed us we would save 10 percent. We simply would not have purchased this amount of clothing if it had not been for Jimmy and the young ladies also on staff.  We returned to the Buckle the next morning to see Jimmy and buy more merchandise. Unfortunately, Jimmy was not working, but we purchased four more pair of jeans and a bracelet. It really goes to show what a great salesperson can do! The service and atmosphere at the Buckle simply blew away the other clothing shops in Destin Commons. We are thankful Jimmy took the time to show us more of your amazing clothes. Best jeans ever, by the way!

Lewisville TX: I just wanted to write and say how excellent my experience was at your Lewisville store. Maggie went through most of the jeans in the store with me trying to find the perfect pair. I have surgically altered knees and am a bit picky so it took us awhile. Maggie was endlessly helpful, which I truly appreciated. We did find the perfect pair in the end, allowing me to go home a happy camper.

Bend OR: I was greeted by very detail-oriented Ariel. She is an amazing associate with a great eye for fashion and knows how to dress. Being a man in my thirties, I typically wear rugged clothing. I'm a stout guy with broad shoulders. Ariel made me feel right at home and selected an outfit the fit me. Because of her warm demeanor and attention to detail, along with Buckle’s quality merchandise, I will definitely be back. Outstanding experience!

Okemos MI: What a fantastic experience I had during my last shopping trip. I was greeted immediately upon entering the store and pointed in the right direction. I was assisted by the manager, Jayme, and she was great! She was able to suggest styles I would like and did not pressure me whatsoever. When one of my sandals broke in the store, she found me two new pairs and I was able to leave the store in a brand new pair of comfortable flip-flops. One pair of jeans was not in stock in my size; but she was able to order them for me and send them directly to my home. Everyone I encountered in the store was attentive, polite and extremely pleasant. I am typically an online shopper; but thank you for a store I enjoy visiting!

Anchorage AK: I rarely write comment cards about stores or employees; but really thought the experience I had today deserved a comment. I visited the Anchorage Buckle store today. Autumn helped me find the right sized jeans for me. She set me up in a dressing room and brought me a whole bunch of different styles and sizes that I may not have tried if it weren't for her. She was so pleasant and made the whole experience fantastic. My normal experience in stores would be to walk around not knowing what is right for me, maybe try on a pair or two of jeans then get frustrated and walk out. It is very hard for me to shop as I am not the normal girly style woman. I ended up spending $400 in your store for four jeans. It was totally worth it because of the customer service I received. Thank you so much!






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