Team Highlights

Mesa AZ: I absolutely love the Superstition Mall Buckle in Mesa. I am always greeted. I feel so special at this Buckle. They take the time to make me feel like I am friend rather than a customer, which I love. The help I get here is honest and genuine. The staff is always wonderful!

Clarkesville TN: Thank you for making stylish clothes that I feel good in. I had my senior pictures today and everything I wore – from the accessories, to the clothes, to the shoes – came from Buckle. I got so many compliments and the pictures turned out great. I love all the looks I can make with Buckle clothing. It's my favorite store to shop at for school clothes and special occasions.

Natick MA: This was my first experience in a Buckle store and I would have to say that the young women who helped me were absolutely amazing. Not only did they help me decide what new style worked best for me, they also enjoyed dressing my kids up in crazy outfits to keep them entertained. They both were professional and fun. They were energetic and authentic. I have been to many different stores and never have I received this much one–on–one help and guidance, even when I ask for it. I was greeted almost immediately, asked perfect qualifying questions and did not feel pushed into anything I did not like. The best part about this experience is that I was originally there just to try on new styles, cuts and colors for my wardrobe makeover. I ended up trying on several pairs of jeans and left with the best ones everyone agreed upon, a new shirt and underwear, all on my new Buckle Card. I will be shopping the Buckle store in Natick for years to come. Your Natick team provided a wonderful beginning to my wardrobe makeover

Overland Park KS: Approximately a month ago I was at a conference in Kansas City. I went shopping at your store located at the Oak Park Mall. I was in a rush as I was shopping with a very long list of items I wanted prior to returning to Italy the next day. I was fortunate to be helped by two amazing sales associates: Melissa and Lexi. They both tag–teamed me and brought numerous jeans to try. They were so helpful and so low key about the great customer service I received that I had to ask them their names. Sure, it has taken me well over a month to write; but here I am. I would very much appreciate if you could thank them for me. They were fantastic, down to earth and very accommodating. I have worked in sales for over 20 years. It would be my best aspiration that my associates behaved so kindly to my customers. Kudos to them and your well–stocked, clean and organized facility. Grazie tanto.

Lexington KY: I am in my mid 40's, very hard to fit. I stopped by to purchase a pair of Miss Me jeans. Greeted promptly by sales associate Levi. He asked if he could help, told him my size, he then asked if I liked certain pairs. Had me try straight leg along with my original boot cut. He noticed some shirts I had picked up and discussed boots I was wearing. Placed a few additional things, not too many, in the fitting room. As I tried on, he helped with the look, was honest about what things were not becoming. He turned my jeans shopping into a $1,300 sale. From this point I will call Levi before I arrive and have him choose clothes for me. He was better at picking attractive clothes for me then I was. Please let him know that I had one of the best experiences shopping and love everything I purchased. He special ordered a few things for me as well. Look forward to picking up my clothes order.

Greenville SC: I walked into the Greenville Buckle and was greeted by Lindsay. She provided outstanding customer service. Lindsay asked what I was looking for, I replied I was just browsing. She then asked if I had ever tried Buckle jeans. When I said I had not, Lindsay showed me different styles and sizes. She is an outstanding associate. Please pass on my appreciation.

Flint MI: Marissa, the sales associate who helped my daughter and me, was a top–notch, extremely valuable employee. After just a few moments, she understood exactly what my daughter wanted for an unusual wedding celebration. Marissa figured out my daughter's tastes and what would look good on her. She was never once impatient or anything less than kind, helpful and professional. Marissa called later to let us know my daughter left her sunglasses in the store. She deserves recognition and I hope you'll get this message to her manager.

Eugene OR: I'm writing with regards to your location in the Valley River Center. I shop at VRC too often for my budget; but I have to admit that Buckle is my favorite store. I have shopped at Buckle in several other locations, both on the West and East Coast. Your Eugene location has the most amazing staff. I've often walked in just to take a look and walked out with a little something or I've spent $500 plus. The staff every time has greeted me as soon as I walked through the door and assisted me throughout each of my visits. This includes the times I've walked out with purchasing nothing. They make you feel that you matter. Most importantly, they acknowledge you as you're leaving, wishing you a great day. As a former business owner of a successful restaurant in Eugene, I wish I could have had an amazing staff like you have. Feel blessed to have them because I've never been treated so well while shopping. I have two daughters and we shop a lot. I know something good when I see it.

Rancho Cucamonga CA: Just want to let you know how much we love shopping at the Rancho Cucamonga Buckle location. TJ and his staff are the best ever. Great service and ever so friendly. We are regulars in the store and they make each visit fun and special. Please let TJ and the staff know what a wonderful job they are doing and how much we appreciate them! We are total "Jean–aholics" and can't live without Buckle and TJ! Kudos from our family and an "Arf!" from Duke, our service dog. Duke loves the staff, too, and the staff loves him!

Beachwood OH: My wife and I were determined to find a specific shoe style a few nights ago, as a gift for a nephew who was out with us for the evening. One hour before closing, the power was out in about half of the stores at Beachwood Place Mall, making it difficult to shop. While the affected stores had axillary lighting, the registers were down, so many of the employees simply closed their gates and hid in the back, even though the mall was still technically open. The Buckle store employees were still at the front of the store, still engaging people as we walked by, so we told them what we were looking for. They helped us locate the exact shoe and let our nephew try it on for size. Even though I had to come back later to pick up and pay for our selection, we thought it great that your people greeted us and didn't just lock the gate and hide. The gentleman who assisted us identified himself as the store manager and set the shoes aside with a note so that we could come back and purchase them when the power was restored. This allowed our nephew to try them on for size while he was with us. Your employees are motivated and friendly. That's the best marketing any business can hope for. We will most certainly come back to that store in the future. Please extend our thanks to the manager. Please tell him that the two young ladies in the store when I picked up the shoes were also friendly, helpful and quick to greet me as I entered the store. Thanks again.

Grapevine TX: It was a pleasure visiting your Grapevine Mills location. Nicholas and Olivia were very helpful and did a great job helping me find a couple shirts and a pair of jeans. Trying to find the right jeans for me is always difficult. Olivia was very attentive and found just the right ones with such a great attitude. Nicholas combed the whole store to find a couple button down shirts for me all the while keeping a positive attitude. You could tell both like what they do. Both went above and beyond to make it a great experience.

Medford OR: This was my first purchase at the Buckle. I am 52-years–old and said, "I would never pay that much for a pair of jeans." After my experience at your store, especially with your wonderful employee Drew, I will eat my words. I was going to treat myself with a pair of Miss Me jeans from (another retail store); but I was unsure of the fit that I asked them to hold a pair. Then I walked over to Buckle. Drew was amazing – his knowledge of your product, his ability to read me and what I wanted. I learned so much about denim fits in the short time I was there. Wow! I would have purchased the wrong jeans from (the other retail store) and not been as happy. I bought Big Star jeans at the Buckle and just love the fit. I now plan on tossing most of the jeans that I have and restock my closet. Buckle is the store I will visit first. These jeans are great and I feel wonderful in them. Thank you, Drew.

Grandville MI: I just wanted to thank your staff for the service they provided. I was near the Rivertown Crossings mall to get fitted for a tux for a wedding. I decided to stop at the Buckle to buy a couple pair of jeans and shirts. The store staff helped me with options. As I checked out, I realized that I rode my motorcycle and had no way to carry home the bags. They were able to UPS my purchase to my home. It was such a relief and helpful gesture, even though it was completely my fault. I greatly appreciate them for being so helpful. Your staff went above and beyond to take care of a customer. Thank you!

Springfield MO: I usually have a great visit in the Springfield Buckle store. Bradley did an outstanding job helping me find what I needed and I have since been in to get his help. I also needed to exchange a pair of jeans. Bradley got the manager, Chris looked up my purchase and took great care of me. I really appreciate their help and love shopping at you store because of people like Bradley and Chris. Thank you!

Cedar Hill and Fort Worth TX: I recently began shopping at the Buckle and have become a huge fan. I especially enjoy the friendly staff. I live in a rural community so I frequently place special orders for items that I find online. I ordered a pair of boots last Monday and today I realized the wrong pair got ordered. It was an honest mistake as there are two similar pairs exactly alike that are the same price, only one is dark and one is light. Anyway, today I went on the hunt to order the correct pair I originally wanted. I was not able to order them through the special orders department. I was extremely disappointed and called two different stores to double check. That's when I came across an employee named Rose at the Cedar Hill store. She went above and beyond to help me find these and even helped me call other stores. Rose also called the special orders department again and asked them to look throughout the U.S. at all the stores. It seemed to make a difference because Rose was able to find them. After saving up for over two months to buy these boots, it really meant a lot for her to do all of that. I hope she knows how much it meant to me. Update – Andrea at the Hulen Mall store was also involved in helping me track this boot down today. I caused some confusion because I was so panicked to find these boots, I contacted multiple people and had multiple people helping me. After Rose ordered them for me, Andrea called me back to say that she, too, had found the boots. Apparently I will be getting the very last pair of these popular boots! I cannot stress enough how helpful these two girls were today and how happy I am to hopefully have the right pair on its way to me soon! Thank you, again!

Orland Park IL: I am writing this email to inform you of the great service we received at the Orland Square Buckle. A day prior, a young girl was walking in the food court and my wife noticed her jeans. I asked the girl where she got them; she told me the Buckle, where she worked. She told me her name is Jazmyne, then gave us her number. The next day we took her up on her offer and went to the Buckle store. My wife's English is not very good and I usually have to translate. We were surprised to learn that Jazmyne was able to fluently speak Spanish and communicate with my wife. Feeling at ease with the situation, I then went to the guy's side of the store to self–shop. I was greeted by a young man who helped me pick out jeans and new shirts. We were very impressed with the service we received and will continue to shop the Orland Square Buckle. I forgot to get the guy's name who helped me; but I would like to thank everyone who helped us. My wife would like to thank Jazmyne for being so nice and patient with her.

Aberdeen SD: What a great staff you have in your Aberdeen Buckle. You have a wide range of people who work in the store and who shop in the store. The Aberdeen staff provides a consistent, positive experience each time I'm in the store. In particular, Meagan sets the tone for a great shopping experience. Whether it's shopping, making a return or a product issue, she is the first to look for a solution. Meagan also calls me when new merchandise comes in that she thinks I may like. Please pass on my appreciation.

Phoenix AZ: I would like to let corporate know what an extremely helpful staff you've employed at your Paradise Valley Mall store in Phoenix. I've spent a lot of money this past month via your online store and have had multiple exchanges to end up with the correct sizes. The employees have been patient, informative and made me feel like a valued customer. Please inform the store manager.

Sterling Heights MI: I recently visited the Buckle store in Sterling Heights, Michigan to purchase some clothing for an important software presentation that I have tomorrow. At 6'5" with a slim build, I rarely am able to shop in the traditional sense, and usually get fed up within the first few minutes of shopping for clothing. Although I am just outside of the threshold for shoes in your stores – I wear a size 14, and there were only two options for me to pick from – I was able to locate a few items and piece together a couple of outfits that were suitable for the presentation, thanks to one of your employees. The reason why I am writing this letter is because of the great customer service that was provided by Jennifer. As I moseyed in with my typical oft–putting presence, I was greeted with a smile and positive attitude. She introduced herself and tried to get into my head to figure out why I was there and how she could help me. I am an anti–fashion person; but was very pleased with her assistance as she picked up on the things that I paused over and zoomed around the store trying to find items that would be suitable for my presentation and matched my personality, while also ensuring the clothes would fit my profile. She deserves the positive praise and I wish I would have told her before I left that she is very good at what does. Please ensure that she is rewarded properly. Thank you.

South Jordan UT: A huge shout out to Preston at the South Jordan Buckle store. He was amazing. We are from Green River, Wyoming and travel to Utah just to go to Buckle. My girls and I love, love, love the clothes. We always have a positive experience with the Buckle employees. Yesterday, Preston at the District at South Jordan Buckle was polite and very personable. When my 11–year–old daughter says Preston was the best salesperson she knows, that is big! Most sales clerks ignore children and just go for the person with the wallet. But Preston made my girls feel like customers. He took care of each of us. Please pass on our thanks to Preston.

Tempe and Scottsdale AZ: I've been a loyal Buckle customer since 2010 and have never been disappointed in the service and products. I purchased a pair of Salvage jeans in October 2013 and have worn them practically to the moon and back. In March, they began to show rips and tears in the seat and eventually tore into an enormous, noticeable hole that made them unwearable. I was swiftly taken care of by the Tempe Marketplace location as they were able to stitch and patch it to the point that I was able to wear them to work again. I understood that the patch would be rough and somewhat obvious as the manager described and I was absolutely alright with that. The jeans were returned to me in less than three days and were in better shape than I had hoped for considering the rough job they had described. Kudos to the seamstress/repairs person at the Tempe store. Just this week, the jeans began to tear again. These jeans are a go–to pair and very rarely see a few days off. I dropped into the Scottsdale Fashion Square store to beg for a repair. I was immediately taken care of by Brandon. He clearly understood how deep my love for the jeans went and went above and beyond to resolve the problem. He told me he was unable to patch the new holes; but in this situation he would order me, just this once, a new pair of the same jeans as a replacement. For him to go to such a length was beyond a surprise. As a thank you, I immediately bought another pair while waiting for him to order the replacements through the Buckle system. This type of service, accommodation and quality is hard to find in the retail world these days and people like Brandon and Tempe's alteration staff are unique and refreshing. I'd like to thank them for taking care of me through and through.

Anchorage AK: I first started shopping at Buckle a few weeks ago. I am in love with the store! Buckle at the 5th Avenue Anchorage Mall is hands down one of the best run stores I've been to. They make me feel very welcome every time I've shopped there and are very helpful. The store is always clean. Good job, Anchorage!

Fond du Lac WI: I took my son shopping for an outfit for senior pictures. I am 55–years-old and not a shopper, so what I had originally picked out at (another store) was a total fail. He was not happy. We ended up at the Buckle: never shopped there before. I was totally lost; then Brianne greeted us and totally took over. My son was thrilled with the outfit Brianne picked out. She gave me a lot of good advice and now we will shop there on a regular basis. Thank you so much!

Medford OR: I just wanted to drop a few comments regarding Rachel and Drew's help when I was in the store last night for new jeans. I'm always impressed by the level of investment in customer satisfaction the Buckle employees have. Rachel and Drew really went above and beyond last night. I'm traveling and Drew spent a considerable amount of time phoning two different stores in the Seattle area to see if they had the correct size of Miss Me jeans and working with the staff to get them to hold them for me, as I have a very small window of opportunity before I'm flying out of the country. Rachel was honest, listened to and respected my preferences. She got me into a great pair of jeans that I love, but would not have picked out on my own. It's nice to be able to rely on a salesperson to have the integrity to place the customer's long–term satisfaction over the value of the immediate sale. This is one reason I continue to return to the Buckle.

Aberdeen SD: I had been dreading going in to get new jeans for a variety of reasons. I took a deep breath and walked into the Aberdeen Buckle. Aleshea greeted me and asked what I was looking for. I told her the brand and type of jeans I wore in the past that I really liked. I told her approximately what size I thought I was. Aleshea quickly grabbed two pairs a size smaller than I told her I was to see how I liked them. They fit perfectly. I ended up only having to try on four pairs and bought two of them. She did a great job of picking a range of prices and brands for me to try. She made the experience I was dreading pleasant and happy. Thank you, Aleshea!

Orlando FL: I want to thank this store, along with Alexis and Kaitlyn, for their excellent service and attitude. I was introduced recently to your jeans through a friend. I called ahead to make sure this store had some variety in my size and they set some jeans out for me to try on when I came in. It made my two hour round trip well worth it; I will be a returning customer. It truthfully was one the most pleasant and awesome shopping experiences I've ever had! Great fit, great product and great service. What more could I ask for? Since my last email I have another experience to share. Last weekend, while I was at the Millenia store, they called over to the Waterford Lakes Buckle check for some items in my size. Well I couldn't make it across town before the store closed so I dropped in tonight and met Lacey. She was phenomenal! I don't know where you find your employees, but keep them coming. The specific shirts I wanted they had already sold; but she was able to set it up for special order and most definitely went above and beyond. Everyone in the Waterford Lakes store had a smile on their face and a great sense of humor. It's not often I can find jeans in ogre size and shirts in knuckle dragger length. With my sense of humor it's not hard to have a good time when shopping. The Waterford Buckle was just as awesome as the Millenia Buckle! I will be a lifetime customer. I wonder now why I ever shopped anywhere else. Both of these stores are over an hour from me and both times it has been time and money well spent. Ten thousand thank you's. I bow to Buckle's level of awesome.

Bowling Green KY: The service I received was excellent. Greg and Zack were very helpful. My daughter\'s school has a strict dress code. They went above and beyond helping us. They found everything that would meet dress code in her size and brought it to us. I will definitely be back and will recommend to others. The best customer service I have received in a very long time.

Lafayette LA: Want you to know the great customer service we received from Derek in your Acadian Mall location. My daughter hates to try on clothes; but Derek made it so easy by waiting on us hand and foot. He was so helpful, made us laugh and have a great time. I would have bought more because of his services if I could have gotten my daughter to stay longer and try on more clothes. In this day and age you do not receive great customer service in the mall. Derek changed my opinion.

Mesa AZ: I am writing this letter in appreciation of a job well done and hopeful that it find its way to someone who may in turn acknowledge an employee for doing a wonderful, top-notch, customer service job. Recently, my 13–year–old daughter and I were shopping in the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa. We were having an extremely bad day shopping for pants and had visited four other stores in the mall. My daughter had tried on at least 25 pairs of pants while shopping those retailers. While walking out of the mall we come upon your storefront and decided to go in. We were instantly greeted by two employees. Danielle became our salesperson. She had my daughter try on a couple of different styles and cuts to see which one she liked more. Low–rise was the choice. Numerous brands and lengths followed. Danielle checked in on every single pair of pants my daughter tried on. We ended up with four pairs. Prior to shopping at Buckle, my daughter was feeling dejected, wondering why we couldn't find anything of today's fashion to fit her right. Leaving Buckle, her confidence and happiness had been restored. Danielle made this one of greatest shopping experiences I've ever had as a parent. She was very knowledgeable of her products, had a refreshing attitude and seemed to genuinely care for what my daughter was trying to find! The Mesa Buckle provided a wonderful experience. My daughter and I will be back. Please acknowledge the store and Danielle. Thank you.

Annapolis MD: I want to compliment Colleen at your Annapolis Buckle store. I went in Saturday and purchased some tops, which Colleen helped me pick out. I told Colleen my mother and niece would be coming in Tuesday to shop. I described my niece's interests and activities to Colleen, also including that she is on a limited budget and what my mother could afford. Colleen assured me she would take good care of them. I just wanted to her to feel special. Colleen came through with 4 gold stars! My niece called me as soon as they left and said she loved the store. Colleen helped her with a whole outfit – top to bottom – and stayed within the price range. My mother said you couldn't wipe the smile off of my niece's face. Thanks again.

Naples FL: While in Florida on vacation, my daughter and I shopped the Coastland Center Buckle. Later, at a restaurant, I realized my wallet was missing. I called the Coastland Buckle &# just as the store and mall were closing – and spoke with Raegan. She handled my concerns with a professional attitude. Raegan coordinated with mall security for someone to be waiting at the mall doors when I arrived to pick up my wallet. Thank you, Raegan!

Raleigh NC Over the past few weeks I have shopped at the Crabtree Valley Mall Buckle in Raleigh. The customer service was superb and beyond my expectations. I recently lost a lot of weight and wasn't sure what sizes to shop for. Chelsea helped me find jeans in my size, and in a style and rise that I liked. I am happy with my purchases. If it wasn't for Chelsea's help I probably would have left your store empty–handed. Thank you for your help, Chelsea!

Lafayette IN My first shopping experience at Buckle was absolutely outstanding! I was helped by several ladies, treated with respect and patiently waited upon as I needed to find the perfect fitting jeans. The ladies never failed to have a smile on their faces, no matter how difficult I was. I also appreciated that they referred to me as a "guest" and not so much just another customer. They made me feel very welcome and very comfortable. Very impressed!

Tempe AZ I am writing you about a positive store experience we had yesterday at your Tempe Marketplace location. We made a large purchase in your store about three months ago, which included a pair of shoes. The strap on the shoes recently broke. We had lost the receipt, so when we arrived at your store Dan informed us at first that he wasn't going to be able to offer a solution. By coincidence, my wife was wearing the jeans and a top which were purchased with the shoes, and Dan recognized the outfit. Being a little bit of pain and a part of the retail industry for years, I asked Dan to research your inventory across the breadth of your business to see if he could find the shoes, determine a price in and around the time we purchased the product and offer up something such as a sale price with a return or even a store credit due to the fact that the shoes breaking had nothing to do with us. I explained to Dan that we'd give him some time, go eat dinner and that we'd be back in a couple of hours. To his credit, he did exactly as I had suggested. Upon my wife's return to the store, Dan had the requested information and invited her to shop at her leisure and use the refund, or take a store credit and return later at her convenience. She took the credit because our 7–year–old grandson was in a huge rush to see Guardians of the Galaxy. And of course, as you probably know, that trumps everything else, even grandma's shoes. Retail is hard and it takes a village effort to deliver the perfect customer service experience. Oftentimes our team members are stretched and asked to do things that places their lives and their families' lives on the back shelf. I can't convey strongly enough how refreshing it is to have a young man like Dan running the front line for your organization. You should be proud. His treatment of us and this situation will be the reason we return for repeat business. He and your other Buckle team members are keepers that sustain the business and keep people like us coming back. Just a real joy.

Palm Desert CA Buckle is my favorite jeans store. I'm 6'5" and it is one of the few places I can get jeans that fit me!

St. Cloud MN Yesterday I went to the St. Cloud Buckle store with my 13–year–old daughter. We have shopped the Buckle in the past; but this time we set up a personal shopping appointment with Jen, the store manager. She suggested a fit appointment when we were in the store a few weeks ago. The experience was amazing! Jen had about 20 outfits preselected in my daughter's size waiting in a dressing room. She took into account my daughter's style and favorite colors. I cannot say enough positive things about this experience. We walked out of there with seven complete outfits that are both cute and trendy. Jen really helped my daughter find her sense of style. When we returned home, my 10–year–old was so in love with all of the clothes that we scheduled an appointment today with Jen. Once again, upon arriving at the store, Jen had a complete dressing room loaded with outfits in my daughter's size. Once again, we walked out with many outfits, accessories and even a new pair of boots! My daughters are ready for school. In the amount of time it would've taken me to find one outfit for each daughter school clothes shopping on our own, Jen fully outfitted them in super cute and trendy outfits that they feel self–confident in and look adorable in. Jen was amazing to work with. She encouraged them to try things they weren't sure about many times. In most cases after getting it on and accessorizing, they were sold. She was complimentary, but honest. It was clear within the first few minutes that this was not about simply making a sale. Jen is an amazing asset to the Buckle brand. We are sold and will likely do the majority of our clothes from Buckle from now on. I've also encouraged several of my girlfriends and to bring their preteen and teen daughters to the Buckle for a personal shopping experience. To have such a variety of clothing to choose from that is tastefully put together and keeps in mind their age was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Mesquite TX I was school shopping with my daughter today. While entering the dressing room with hundreds of dollars of clothes in my arms, I was informed by (another clothing store) employee that parents are not allowed in the dressing room. Needless to say, this parent and her money left the store. I am sure my daughter looked great in her (another clothing store) clothes; but only she and mirror will ever know. Not sure where to go next, we wandered into the Buckle for the first time. I was very pleasantly surprised with the merchandise; but the biggest shock was when we checked out. My salesperson, Ashley, gave me her name and number and told me that I could call in advance and she would assist with shopping and the dressing room. Ashley rocks! We will definitely be back to Buckle. (Another clothing store) could learn a thing or two about customer service from the Buckle!

Longview TX We had the absolute best customer service at your Longview Buckle store. My daughter has an impossible time fitting into jeans. We had gone to many, many stores that day without success. She was so upset she still had no jeans for school. The Buckle lady listened to the problem and got right to work pulling several different styles that would work for my daughter's body type. Brittany very kind and so very helpful. She went above and beyond her job to help my daughter. I am so grateful.

Colorado Springs CO I had a rather nice experience in your Citadel Buckle store today. I had special ordered some jeans. They arrived within two business days (SWEET), they fit perfectly (SWEETER) and the salesperson, Andrea, was way cool (SWEETEST). Andrea was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. It was nice to have a stress–free retail experience. Thanks! Love the jeans!

Lombard and Joliet IL I would like to share my Buckle story. I first visited the Lombard Buckle in the spring to find new jeans. When I came in the store I was very overwhelmed by the amount of clothing selection the store had to offer. Jamie, now the manager of the Joliet store, was the first to come up and help me. She picked out various styles of jeans for me to try on. That's when I shared with her that I was a nurse working downtown Chicago. As a nurse, I only wear scrubs. I was new to living downtown so I had no idea what kind of clothes one should wear. It sounds silly, but being fresh out of college I knew I needed a new wardrobe to fit my downtown lifestyle. Jamie put together tons of outfits for me to try on. Some of these things I would have never picked out on my own; but loved the clothes when I tried them on. I felt comfortable telling Jamie what I liked and what I didn't. She gave me great feedback on what looked and fit well and what did not. I bought many different outfits that day, have worn them all, and have received compliments as well. Before leaving the first time, Jamie gave me her number and told me to let her know the next time I want to come into Buckle. She said if she was working she would help me shop, and if she wasn't, she would let one of her fellow co–workers know to help me as well. Most recently, when I was home in the suburbs, I figured I would stop by the store and see what new styles were in. I texted Jamie to see if she was working, and sure enough she was. I found out then that she was now the manager of the Buckle located in Joliet. She asked if I could make the drive out to Joliet and, of course, I did. I had such an awesome experience shopping with her the first time I couldn't pass it up. I met Jamie at her new Joliet location and shopped for some end of the summer and new fall clothes. Again I was more that pleased with my experience! I really felt taken care of and received the help I needed. When I felt that certain clothing items were out of my comfort zone, Jamie and her staff reassured me that I could definitely pull it off. My confidence has increased tremendously from this experience. I feel beautiful in these clothes and enjoy wearing them. I will continue to shop at Buckle! I do shop online; but nothing beats how well the staff members take care of you in the stores. I tell all of my friends about Buckle and how great the clothes and staff are!

Sioux Falls SD A huge thank you to the Empire Mall Buckle team! We came in yesterday and they had all these outfits ready to go for us. Courtney and two other girls did a fantastic job with helping us. They make shopping the most fun ever. My girls and I appreciate all the little things they do. Sioux Falls definitely has the BEST Buckle team out there. It is always a pleasure to come into the store. The staff is super helpful, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile.

Clarksville TN I went into the Clarksville store for my first Buckle store experience. I was looking for some jeans. A little overwhelmed by the styles and choices, I asked for help. Scott helped me, and brought along Jessica, who was a new employee. Scott picked out a size, style (to my liking), and sent me to the dressing room. PERFECT FIT the first time around! Jessica then helped me from there on out. I did''t like the boot–cut style, wanted a little more flare. Jessica found two pairs for me! There is no store that I've ever been to that made me feel more important than this one. Scott and Jessica did an AMAZING job! There was another employee in there, didn't get his name, but very nice and chatted with me about the Buckle card! These employees were simply amazing!

Pittsburgh PA My boyfriend and I came into the Robinson store last Friday night close to 9:30 p.m. We were approached by Jen, who was friendly, helpful and attentive to my boyfriend's request. I apologized for the time, and said that we should leave to not hold them back from closing the store. Jen said no problem at all; we have to be here late anyway. Jen asked Janna to help me, while Jen helped my boyfriend. We felt very special and I felt like a rock star with all of the attention I received. We both ended up getting a pair of jeans and will be back to the Robinson Buckle store. I wanted to make sure that these gals were recognized for their stellar service. Thank you!

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Comenity Bank
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The Buckle, Inc.
2407 W. 24th Street
Kearney, NE 68845
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Screenprinting Service:
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