Team Highlights

St. Paul MN: I came in today to look for Silver jeans and was helped by Brooke. She was awesome. Brooke showed me some other styles that fit similar to Silvers and got me a fitting room. While in the fitting room, she brought me other styles and brands I might like, as well as new sweatshirts. I was only looking for Silvers; but bought a different style, which they are hemming them for me. I will be back because of Brooke's service!

Kennesaw GA: I recently visited your store at Town Center Mall. For the past 10 years I have bought my jeans from this store and your sales people are always helpful. On my most recent visit, Nicole was the most helpful and knowledgeable associate I have ever encountered. She did an excellent job of picking out jeans to meet my needs and helped me find two pairs. I was pleased with how well she listened to what I needed and also helped me better understand the fits. I had to make a return a few days later and again I had the pleasure of working with Nicole. She was just as helpful and friendly during this visit and helped me find an exchange to perfectly meet my needs. The service provided has helped to ensure that I will continue to be a customer at the Buckle for years to come.

Green Bay WI: I want to commend the two employees at the Bay Park Square location. I dreaded having to go jean shopping; but they are so friendly and so helpful. They could tell just by looking at me what size I was and brought me a dressing room full of options. I bought two pairs and left your store a very happy customer! Thanks.

Mays landing NJ: I am writing to share the wonderful experience I had in your Mays Landing location. I had issues with buttons continuously falling off my jeans, and I completely expected to be told there was nothing that could be done. Instead, Brielle and her management team not only apologized for the inconvenience, but also quickly found an in-store replacement. This level of customer service and commitment is scarce. Please pass on my highest regards to the entire management staff at the Mays Landing Buckle location.

Lima OH: I recently had a baby and have not felt comfortable in anything other than leggings and super oversized shirts. My husband finally talked me in to going out and getting a new pair of jeans tonight. We stopped at a couple of stores and I had the worst luck. No sizes or the employees weren't too worried about helping. And I needed help! It's been almost two years since I've worn regular jeans! We decided to stop in at the Buckle to just look. Raegan came up to me to show me a super cute top. She was so sweet; we started talking and it came out that I wasn't having luck finding jeans. Raegan pointed me in the right direction with some Rocks! The heavy stitching and mid rise jeans were exactly what I needed. She shopped with me for probably an hour, boosted my self-esteem and made me feel comfortable enough to come out of the dressing room to show her the jeans. Raegan knew the styles and fits, she knew exactly what to pull - shoes, tops and jeans. I will definitely be going back there to shop with her. Thanks, Raegan!

Waco TX: Matthew at the Waco Buckle helped me. My handicapped son was attending his first Special Olympics dance. Matthew ran 100 miles per hour helping us get in and out of the store quickly. I told Matthew I could get my son into the dressing room; but would need help on sizing because my son would not be happy coming in and out of the dressing room. I want to let you know that Matthew went above and beyond to help us. Thank you very much. My son looked so nice this morning for the dance.

Madison WI: I always receive excellent service at the Buckle; but Wednesday's experience was exceptional! My son received Buckle jeans from grandma for Christmas. The fabric tore after being worn only a few times. Wednesday, I took the denim to the West Towne Buckle to see if there was anything that could be done. Claire was efficient and replaced the torn jeans. Then Claire pulled some Miss Me denim and suggested I try them on. I love the jeans and purchased $300 in denim for myself, all because I came to the store to discuss my son's torn jeans. Thank you, Claire!

Columbia MD: I have been meaning to write for some time now. I would like to comment in the great selection of merchandise in your Columbia Mall location. Not only that, the customer service there is excellent. A young woman by the name of Shaina was excellent. I've been to your store several times around Christmas time and thereafter and on each visit, the service was outstanding. It now seems as if I have a personal shopper because the level of customer care is really that attentive and genuine. Overall, I am really impressed with your store and the variety of merchandise that caters exactly to my style. Thank you for creating a positive and pleasant shopping environment as well as providing a great variety of quality merchandise.

Albuquerque NM: Kolby assisted my sister, my daughter and me today to find the perfect jeans for each of us. The service was outstanding and the quality of the merchandise exceeded expectations. The store was clean and well organized; the displays were creative and showed the clothes to advantage. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful time. What a treat! Will definitely return.

Pullyaup WA: I want to tell you about a great experience I had in your store today. As a retail store manager, I notice everything from cleanliness to customer service. My husband and I were visiting from New York and took a short visit to this mall. But after visiting six other stores, and not even being greeted, I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly, courteous people you have working for you in the Puyallup Buckle. Unfortunately, I did not get their names; but it was not just one person, but the entire crew. Please commend the Puyallup Buckle crew on a job well done. You are lucky to have such great people working for you and I cannot wait to revisit your stores again in the future.

Lawrence KS: I want to recognize several outstanding employees at your Lawrence Buckle store. Alex, Tyler and Parker were all professional and helpful in my search for jeans. Alex was patient, courteous and displayed a positive attitude the entire time he assisted me. Please pass on my compliments and appreciation. Thank you.

Buford GA: A shout out to Zachary at your Mall of Georgia Buckle store. A button came off my recently purchased jeans. I went back to the Mall of Georgia Buckle to see what could be done. Zachary said he could take care of the problem - and he did! Zachary ordered a replacement pair of jeans and shipped them to my home at no extra charge. The jeans arrived promptly and I am happy with the fit of this new pair. I hope they last me 10 years! Zachary was really cool, thanked me for shopping the Buckle and provided outstanding customer service. Thank you, Zachary!

Lima OH: Best Buckle store around - staff is friendly and treats you like family! Very attentive and willing to help in any way.

Austin TX: I am a recruiter for a grocery retailer and was at a job fair at Texas A&M where I met a couple of managers from your store in College Station. I was talking to them about how I hate shopping and how I have zero fashion sense. They told me how great your company was with helping people like me who are fashion-challenged and what great services the Buckle offers. I had never shopped at the Buckle before, but told them maybe I would check it out. I finally went to the Domain Buckle store in Austin and I am so glad I did. I explained to Rebecca what I was looking for and she was all over it. I went in just to get a couple pair of jeans and walked out with three pairs of jeans, a couple shirts, two pairs of shoes and a watch. The Domain Buckle staff was incredible. Though they were also busy with other customers, I still felt like I was the only one in the store. It was an amazing experience, especially for someone like me who hates shopping and trying on clothes. It was my first time in a Buckle store; but it definitely won't be my last. You have an awesome team at that store. Great job and I look forward to my next Buckle shopping experience.

Gainesville FL: This correspondence comes with highest praise to the ladies working at the Oaks Mall Buckle yesterday. My teenage son and I frequent the store, shopping only for him. Yesterday's trip to the mall was no exception. While waiting on him to pick out clothes, Misty brought me two pair of jeans and suggested that I try them on. I laughed at the thought; but she ushered me to the dressing room. Taylor quickly stepped in when Misty had to attend to other customers. She brought me several pair of jeans and countless shirts. She put together the perfect outfit and for someone who's extremely conscious of my size and never thought that I could shop there. Taylor totally made my day! She was attentive, complementary, helpful and beyond courteous. She made my first personal shopping experience at Buckle one I will not soon forget. The time that Misty and Taylor took with me, piecing together outfits and pulling correct sizes, all the while tending to other customers and always making sure that new customers were promptly and warmly greeted, made a huge impression. These ladies make your time in the store all about you. Having previously worked in the public arena, I believe that a job well done deserves attention. These ladies deserve recognition for the great job they did.

Bowling Green KY: I had my first Buckle experience yesterday at Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green. I confess, most of my shopping is done online because customer service is a memory of days gone by. Zack at the Bowling Green Buckle has brought back my faith in retail. On the hunt for jeans and, not knowing my size and fit in the Miss Me and ultimately the Rock Revival line, he guided me, made suggestions and gave am honest opinion. I tried on close to 20 pairs and he never once made me feel like I was an indecisive inconvenience. Kudos to the Buckle for making sure you put the right people in front of your customers. You nailed it with Zack. Thank you! I'm a very satisfied customer.

Salem OR: What a wonderful experience I had at your store. I recently lost a significant amount of weight and have never shopped in a mall store for clothing. I truly expected mediocre service or feeling lost and overwhelmed with my new clothing size. When I walked into the Salem Center Buckle location, I was immediately greeted by Lucas. He was charismatic and inviting. I shared my situation and he actively listened, immediately directing me to what I was looking for. I came into the Buckle to try to figure out what size I was in the Miss Me and Rock Revival jeans. He also introduced me to BKE brand. When something didn't work, he asked what I liked and didn't like, quickly solving the problem by bringing me other options. Then, when I thought my experience couldn't get any better, he wrote it all down so that when I return I know exactly what I want! As we finished up, my husband walked into the store. Lucas greeted him with a handshake and let him know that the Buckle has merchandise for him, too. We were blown away with our experience and I plan to do all my future shopping for the brands I love at this location. Lucas is a genuine asset to your company and deserves kudos.

Manhattan KS I had the BEST experience in your Manhattan store today. I spent three hours in the mall trying to find clothes to no avail. I go into Buckle thinking I won't find anything and Whitney helped me. She made me feel good about myself. Thank you.

Naples FL The staff at your Coastland Center Buckle is FABULOUS! The store manager Courtney really knows her product and how to fit your customers. I am 48-years-old and thought I was too old for your products. How wrong I was! I spent way more money than I planned; but I am so pleased with my purchases. I was totally impressed with the free hemming service. BEAUTIFUL! And layaway?: IMPRESSIVE! Buckle is my go-to shop from now on. Thanks again.

Whitehall PA I recently visited the Whitehall Buckle. I phoned the store before I arrived and asked if they could check for an item I saw online. Not only did Sam check the store inventory; but she also offered to pull merchandise and set up a dressing room for me. Everything was ready when I got there. I selected an in-stock pair of jeans, but I still wanted to order the online cargo pants. When Sam checked online the size was sold out! She went out of her way to call and locate the size I needed and even had it shipped to my home! It is because of exceptional customer service and great associates like Sam that I will continue to shop at your Whitehall Buckle location. Thank you.

Cedar Falls IA This is a great store with wonderful people who work there! Anytime I go to this store everyone is friendly and helpful. They know me by name and know my style.

Mesa AZ The Superstition Springs Buckle provides outstanding customer service. I have had several positive experiences and since then, brought in more family members to shop the Buckle. Each time, the Buckle staff exceeds our expectations. The Buckle's merchandise quality is excellent and your staff is top-notch.

Madison WI The entire staff at this store is incredibly well trained and very personable. Claire, Liz, Josh, Kaitlin, KB, James and everyone else know my style and my size! How is that for fantastic service? When I come into the store I'm greeted like Norm from Cheers. Everyone is that friendly. Each associate goes out of their way to help me find the perfect outfits, making sure that I don't miss a thing. They are so fantastic; it really is just like shopping with friends! They show interest in my family; what other store shows that kind of care? The Buckle emphasizes relationship building, not just selling, and that strategy creates customers for life. Please extend my gratitude to EVERY associate at this store for being totally outstanding.

Sioux Falls SD Buckle people are just the best. I have never been dissatisfied with any of your merchandise. I usually shop the Buckle store in Sioux Falls and manager Nikki is just awesome. Cannot say enough good stuff about Nikki and her staff. Keep up the good merchandise and service.

Tucson AZ Thank you for the superb service we receive every time we visit the Park Place Buckle. And thank you to Nikki for avoiding the superfluous sales jargon. She always helps us get what we want in a very efficient manner. I am pleased with your gal's jeans. Every time I put on my Miss Me jeans, I feel excellent and know the jeans look outstanding.

Mandeville LA What an awesome store. I travel a lot, I have been all over, and I must say this store tops them all. The service is amazing. From the friendly helpful staff, to the alerts of new arrivals, the management obviously has things together. The clothing fits great; but the services have really sold me. I buy here often and look forward to my next purchase at this store.

Bellevue WA I had the most fantastic service provided by Chelsea and Mckaney in the Bellevue Buckle. In the past I walked by a Buckle store and occasionally would go in; but would often leave because of some of the prices. Well I did the same this time; but was greeted by Chelsea, who is one of the friendliest and helpful people I have ever met in the retail industry. She went above and beyond for me, especially after I explained that I was unfamiliar with the store and the jeans the Buckle carries. When Chelsea got busy, Mckaney took over and also went above and beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Because of these two, I applied for and was approved for a Buckle credit card and purchased nearly $500 in merchandise. I live in a different part of the state, but visit the Seattle area at least once a year. I hope to come see them every time I am in the area.

Fredericksburg VA Not only did Tiffany answer the phone right away when I called to find the location of the store, she greeted me the moment I walked in. I was in luck that she was talking to another associate right at the front. I said "I need jeans" and 15 minutes later I walked out with a pair of jeans and will come back in a few days to pick up my freshly hemmed pair. It was the most flawless shopping experience I've ever had which is pretty amazing considering how much women hate to buy jeans. Tiffany made eye contact with me, checked on me at the dressing room, asked about my personal life and even stepped out from behind the counter to hand me my bag. I train dental practices on how to create an amazing patient experience and Tiffany is the perfect example of how to treat a person. Especially someone who is shopping. I'm not sure if everyone that works for Buckle is like that because today was my first Buckle visit. Kudos for great training! Tiffany set the bar very high today. I probably won't buy jeans anywhere else.

Ocala FL I would like to pass on a compliment for Jolene at the Ocala Buckle location. She is so talented with what she does - she knows the inventory, shows lots of options and has a well-trained team available to help out.

Pueblo CO I was visiting family for Easter weekend and visited the store in Pueblo, Colorado. I have shopped at many Buckle stores throughout the country and the guest service I received from the Pueblo store was the best I have ever received. Kayla went above and beyond to help my find the items I was looking for. Her kind disposition made me feel welcome. Next time I visit I will be sure to shop again at the Pueblo Buckle. I live in New York City and customer service Kayla demonstrated is not easily found. Thanks for making shopping a little bit easier.

Richmond VA I visited the Richmond Buckle store last night. I was greeted with such a warm welcome before I had even introduced myself. The store was, in my description to manager Andrew,"a visual explosion!" It looked so great! Stock is plentiful with the season's fashions. So, after getting a really exciting welcome and introduction with Andrew, I spent a couple of hours getting some rather special attention and spent lots of money. I loved the girls from the Mall of America store; they were in the Richmond Buckle doing such a fantastic job on the visual merchandising. Even though they were busy at work on merchandising of the store, they paid lots of attention to me, putting together outfits that I would never conceive myself. The store looks fantastic; the designs on the new Gimmicks line are incredible. I absolutely love the combination of textiles and the eclectic patterns. I really think the Gimmicks line will do well here in Richmond.I love the Buckle's commitment to customer satisfaction. It's just incomparable to any other store in town, any other high quality fashion store I know actually. I've been a dedicated customer since the early Buckle days here in Richmond and I remember my first shopping experience with Buckle in Lawton, Oklahoma over 20 years ago. I have high hopes for Andrew and the Richmond Buckle staff. Keep up the great work! THANK YOU!

Green Bay WI Her name was Michelle. She was so bubbly and enthusiastic. I was shopping with my mother who doesn't feel she belongs in Buckle because she is "old". Michelle made us feel like we were the only ones in the store. She kept bringing different things in the dressing room for my mother to try on. Things my mother would have never selected herself; but she loved all of them. Michelle knew my mother better than she knew herself! My mother spent well more than she planned and just called me to say she's keeping everything! Please tell Michelle KUDOS. She is awesome!

Louisville KY I went into the Buckle store today looking for something specific and left with exactly what I wanted. The associate that waited on me was extremely helpful and very nice. I was not familiar with the sizes of your jeans and she helped me pick out the perfect size and fit for me. She told me about the free hemming and was able to get my jeans in for alterations right then. My jeans were done in 30 minutes! When they were hemmed they looked great and were exactly what I was looking for. Because of this associate, I had a great shopping experience and will definitely be back to the Louisville Buckle location. She was so nice, it was almost like I was shopping with a friend! Anyway, the associates name was Allison. So kudos to Allison!

Annapolis MD A friend and I visited Buckle for the first time yesterday and we was promptly greeted by the two sales associates. In all seriousness, they were enthusiastic to help me shop for jeans - a task I hate to do. During the course of events, my friend suffered from a grand seizure. It was a scary turn of events and I could not have gotten through it without the two Buckle associates (one male, one female). The male helped grab my friend to ensure she didn't hit her head on the ground, was trying to calm the situation, and counted the duration of the seizure. The female associate called 911 and mall security, staying on the line with them and relaying directions. I left with my friend in the ambulance so I didn't have time to thank them enough. I'm serious when I say I will tell everyone of this experience because I am so impressed with how it was handled. I will be back in the store - hopefully, this time, able to make a purchase! I cannot show my appreciation enough. I am so grateful for their help and don't know how I could ever repay them! I'm sure they were shaken up; but they kept their calm and got us through the situation.

Champaign IL Billy and Jadrien bring something very important to your store in Champaign. I drive 40 minutes to shop in the store rather than shopping online. When you don't have a friend with you, they make you feel like they are there to really help you pick out something that looks great on you. Thank you for a great store in Champaign!

Towson MD Visited the Buckle store in Towson and had a great experience, thanks to Lee. It was my first time in the store and he gave me a great overview of the store and merchandise. As I was from out of town, I did not make a purchase; but Lee even knew the locations of stores close to me in Columbus, Ohio. He is a great brand ambassador for you! I will be shopping at the stores near me. Keep up the good work.

Buckle Military Discount I am writing this to convey my most sincere thanks for your appreciation of the military. I have shopped at the Buckle for probably the last 15 to 16 years. I have always loved your clothing, shoes and accessories, although I am not the best at putting outfits together. I usually have to go into the stores to have someone put together outfits for me. The military takes us many places, some less desirable than others. Currently we are in one of those less desirable locations. My husband and I both received gift cards to the Buckle for Christmas, and upon doing some research, I was dismayed to find that the closest store was over two hours away. I honestly figured that those gift cards would sit untouched until we went back home for Christmas this coming December. Today I decided to look online for some jeans and shorts for my husband because of his approaching birthday. When I went to check out and saw the military discount, I was almost in disbelief. Then I tried it, and it worked! I actually started crying. The excitement even made me browse the women's clothing and accessories, which I purchased, without someone else picking them out or telling me if they matched. Today, the Buckle made my residency in the middle of nowhere a little more tolerable and perhaps, yes, even brighter. For that, I want to thank you.

Garland TX Just wanted to take a minute to tell you about a wonderful first experience in a Buckle store. My son and I went in for the first time Saturday and Carlos, the manager, helped us. Carlos provided my son a comfortable shopping experience. My son is very short for a teenager. The store is a little expensive; but we purchased a pair of jeans. They are the first age-appropriate jeans that actually fit my son. Thank you, Carlos.

Farmington UT You have an amazing staff at this location. I was assisted by Derian. The entire staff was very knowledgeable about every designer/brand of clothing in the store, and they knew my size and color preferences before I told them. They also waited on my friend and I like personal stylists bringing different color and sizes. We didn't have to leave the dressing rooms for anything. These Buckle women knew the value this kind of personal service lends to a clothing store and the appeal it has to customers. They were fast and professional. They put some of my friend's clothing on layaway (love that you have layaway), and they ordered some shoes for me in my size. Additionally, the store was also impeccably clean and the merchandise was arranged nicely. I look forward to shopping at this location again and will recommend the store to everyone.

Bossier City LA Every time I come in to shop all the girls know who I am and they are so sweet to me. They know my style and show me items that just came in if they know I will like it. People always ask me why I shop at Buckle and it's because they're all so friendly. I can let them know when I'm coming and they will prepare a dressing room for me. I also love that I can put stuff on layaway because it makes it easy for me to get the nice jeans that I like to wear. I tell everyone I know to shop at the Bossier Buckle. They rock.

Anchorage AK Had the best experience at the Buckle store in Anchorage. Kat is awesome. I walked out of the store with a smile on my face!

Douglasville GA Shelby and Katie are amazing! They went well above to help find pants for a skinny young man. My daughter and I have a difference of opinion, too. They managed to find something right in the middle. Terrific and fun store. Thanks, love shopping with them!

Austin TX We have shopped at this store for over 15 years. We adore the staff and especially the manager, Romina. This past weekend she wowed us even more. We set up a surprise shopping spree for our daughter!s birthday. I contacted Romina ahead of time with my daughter!s sizes and a time we would be at the store. Romina knocked it out of the park! She had a decorated dressing room full of clothing to try on and a Happy Birthday sign for our daughter. I was so appreciative of all of Romina's hard work. She made sure we had everything we needed while still handling a busy weekend crowd. She is just AMAZING! Thank you for always having such a helpful staff. We love this store!

Meridian ID My boyfriend and I went into the Village at Meridian, location and were helped by Nick and Billy. They were extremely helpful and really catered to us. My boyfriend is very tall and can never find shorts that are long enough. Nick and Billy made it their mission to make sure we left with the best shorts. Unfortunately, the shorts were not in the store; but they introduced us to, which we ordered from. My boyfriend and I are very happy with the fantastic help we were given while in the store. Nick and Billy are the reason we will be back to the Buckle!

Raleigh NC & Durham SC I want to write about a couple of employees who have been so helpful with my buying boots and have gone out of their way with hospitality. Ruzin saw me walking by the outside of the Raleigh Buckle. I was looking at your boots on display. Because of Ruzin's personality and knowledge of the brands, she lured me into the store and I ended up buying a pair of boots. I wish every store you walked into cared that much about their customers. Store manager Ansley was working another day when I returned the boots because they were too small. Ansley helped me order another pair. She was very polite and helpful. Ansley took her time to help me and make me feel appreciated. I also made a trip to the Durham Buckle location and manager Tiffany helped me. Once again the second pair of boots I bought online - a different style - were too big. Once again, the customer service was amazing. I ordered the cutest little boots, which arrived at my house, and they were perfect. I love wearing them and receive lots of compliments. I tell my friends about the Buckle and their customer service! Please let these women know how much they are appreciated.

Terre Haute IN Need to praise two employees at your Honey Creek Buckle location. Andrew has helped me the past two days. I was selecting outfits for my extremely picky husband for a graduation and family pictures. They were so patient and helpful each time we were in the store. Damian also helped us today. Buckle is the only place my husband will shop and these two shopping experiences have been the BEST customer service experiences!

Lufkin TX Alysia and the Lufkin Buckle employees are a great team. Alysia has gone above and beyond several times to help me order items. Carly, Ivy and Lexi are a delight to work with. They are attentive and genuine. Please pass on my appreciation.

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