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Cookies & Interest-Based Ads Notice

Buckle collects personal information about you over time when you visit our website or mobile app and through your devices when you interact with us online. Third parties also collect personal information this way on our website. To do this, we use several common tracking tools, such as cookies, pixels and similar non cookie-based tracking technologies, (collectively, "cookies") as do our third party vendors and partners.

More specifically, Buckle uses cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

  • Assisting you in navigation;
  • Assisting in login and your ability to provide feedback;
  • Keeping track of items stored in your shopping cart;
  • Preventing fraudulent activity;
  • Improving security;
  • Analyzing your use of our products, services or applications; and
  • Assisting with our promotional and marketing efforts, including interest-based advertising.


A cookie is a small piece of data (normally stored in a text file) that a website asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember information about you. Buckle uses session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only exist while your browser is open and are used for website functionality, such as managing items added to your shopping cart. Persistent cookies are not removed when you exit your browser, and do things like enable an easier log-in process, provide a personalized shopping experience, help you navigate more efficiently and show you items that you have previously viewed.

Buckle also uses third party cookies, which are cookies from a domain different from, for our advertising and marketing efforts. These third party cookies may be placed by search engines, providers of measurement and analytics services, social media networks and advertising companies. Third party cookies are placed to deliver content, including ads relevant to your interests, to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to perform services on behalf of Buckle.

Cookie Preferences

Most browsers and devices accept cookies by default. If you would prefer not to accept cookies, most browsers will allow you to: (i) change your device browser settings to notify you when your device receives a cookie, which lets you choose whether to accept it; or (ii) set your device browser to automatically reject any cookie. Managing cookie preferences differs from browser to browser, so please refer to your browser settings for more information. Buckle does not respond to "do-not-track" settings in your web browser.

Please be aware that if you disable or reject cookies, pixels, and similar technology, some features and services on or our mobile app may not work properly, because we and our service providers and select partners may not be able to recognize you. Please note, even if you choose to restrict or modify your settings, you may still see or receive Buckle advertisements on, our mobile app or other sites, but such advertisements will not be personalized based upon your browsing history.

Removing or rejecting browser cookies does not necessarily affect third party flash cookies used in connection with or our mobile app.


Buckle and our partners may display interest-based advertising using information gathered about you over time across multiple websites, devices or other platforms. Interest-based advertising or "targeted advertising" includes serving ads to you after you leave a website that encourage you to return. These ads may be served by Buckle after you leave or by other parties after you leave those parties' websites. They may include ads Buckle and our partners think are relevant based on your browsing habits or online activities.

What sort of information do we use to show interest-based ads?

To decide what is relevant to you, Buckle and our partners use information you make available, such as your purchases or browsing behaviors, when you interact with us, our service providers and select partners. We do not use information which on its own identifies you, such as name or e-mail address, to serve interest-based ads.

This information is gathered using cookies, which enable us to understand the effectiveness of the interest-based ads we show you by measuring what ads are clicked or viewed, and to provide you with more useful and relevant ads. For example, if we know what ads are shown to your browser we can be careful not to show the same ads repeatedly.

See Buckle's Privacy Policy for more information about the types of information that we gather.

How do we work with third parties to show you interest-based ads?

We work with third parties, such as advertisers, publishers, social media networks, search engines, ad serving companies, and advertising companies working on their behalf, to improve the relevance of ads we serve. In providing you interest-based ads we do not associate your interactions on unaffiliated sites with information which on its own identifies you, such as name or email address, and we do not provide any such information to advertisers or to third-party sites that display our interest-based ads. Advertisers and other third parties may assume that users who interact with or click on an interest-based ad or content are part of the group that the ad or content is directed towards (for example, users in a particular geographical area or users who purchased or browsed for men's denim). Some third parties may provide us pseudonymized information about you (such as demographic information) from offline and online sources that we may use to provide you more relevant and useful advertising.

Third party advertisers or advertising companies working on their behalf sometimes use cookies in the process of delivering content, including ads, directly to your browser or device, and they may automatically receive an IP address when this happens. They may also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of their ads, show you more relevant advertising content, and perform services on behalf of Buckle.

See the information on Cookies above for information on how to control and delete cookies (including third party cookies).

Advertising Preferences

You have options on how Buckle and its partners use cookies to advertise to you. First, you can clear and define cookies by managing your cookie preferences through your browser or device settings, as discussed above. Second, you can also generally opt-out of receiving personalized ads from third party advertisers and ad networks who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or who follow the Digital Advertising Alliance's Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising by visiting the opt-out pages on the NAI website and DAA website or through the ads themselves.

Note that Buckle uses cookies to manage your choice not to receive interest-based ads. If you delete these cookies or use a different browser, you will have to choose not to receive interest-based ads again.

Effective Date: July 18, 2022

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