Team Highlights

Buckle in Hickory NC I have to brag on the AMAZING staff you have at the Hickory Buckle location. Today I went in just looking around, not really wanting to buy anything. Amanda greeted me at the door and asked if she could help me. I declined and started browsing. She then came up and started talking to me, helping me find sizes and understand on fits and brands. I spent probably close to an hour trying on all different sizes/brands and ended up buying a pair of jeans and two pairs of shorts. Amanda went above and beyond to help me find what fit right and worked for me. I did not have to pick up and search though a single stack of clothing. Amanda is the perfect example employee every store should be looking for and striving to have. She was very friendly and excellent at her job, but was not pushy to try and get you to buy something. I would not have made a purchase or even wanted to walk into another Buckle if it was not for her. Best customer service I have ever had, and I work in customer service also. Thank you Amanda and Buckle team in Hickory!

Buckle in Killeen TX I want to give a shout out to the Killeen store. Brandon, Tyler, Katie and Chelsey all are awesome! They are friendly, helpful, genuine, personable, trendy and fun to shop with when you need to get your Buckle fix. If you need to return/exchange an item, they are more than happy to help, and even talk about their experiences with the way different brands fit. I have shopped at many different Buckle stores in several different states, and this is definitely one of the best!

Buckle in Concord NC Yesterday my husband and I went into your Concord Mills store. Joshua was amazing. He helped us find the perfect pair of jeans for my husband and answered all of our questions. He was always available to us without us having to track him down. He even checked us out so we didn't wait. He did a great job we will be back. Thank you for a great shopping experience!

Buckle in Albany NY My 13-year-old needed a pair of shoes for her confirmation weekend. We drove and hour and a half to Albany, hoping to find shoes. The Buckle was the first store we went to. We were greeted by Taylor and another very pleasant associate. They were both very engaged in our search to find the perfect shoes for this important event. Taylor listened to our story, looked at a photo of the dress and helped us find the shoes. Taylor was upbeat and instantly made a connection with my teen daughter. Not only did we find beautiful sandals, but your associates asked my daughter if she wanted to try on some clothing. My daughter tried on jeans and was smiling ear to ear. We ended up purchasing sandals, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, jeans, two tops and undergarments. We had a wonderful experience at your store. Your staff was totally in tune with my teen, who is still growing, not sure what she likes, and is trying to like her changing body. Your Albany Buckle employees made our day. We will be back in August for school shopping - 9th grade, here she comes!

Buckle in Roanoke VA On Friday, my sister-in-law and I went to the Buckle store in Rochester. It wasn't a normal, happy visit looking for clothes. I was in town for my brother's funeral. He was an amazing, kind, caring man who touched many lives. Going to the mall was a chore we dreaded, but I had a return that needed taken care of. Walking in, we were greeted by a few employees asking if we needed help. I really just wanted to be invisible, look around and exchange the short I was bringing back. I was like a zombie, walking through the store. Then the nicest young lady began a conversation with me. She was genuine and kind; and the best part was she didn’t know me or my situation. Brooklyn made me feel comfortable and her kindness was very heart-warming. I ended up doing a special order for the shoes, which Brooked handled wonderfully as well. She made the comment that I was from Nebraska and she was headed to Nebraska for some Buckle training. We left the store and Brooklyn's kindness remained with me. In my darkest time, she provided a little happiness. She wasn't aware of the heartache and sorrow I was feeling; but after my brief interaction with her, I left the store feeling better. She is a perfect example of an outstanding employee. Please recognize her customer service.

Buckle in Concord NC I am impressed with the team at the Concord Mills location. I bought my first pair of jeans there a few weeks ago and completely fell in love with them. However, the customer service is really what sold me on this place. I've never seen such great customer care at a retail store before. I came back and bought two more pairs of jeans a few weeks later because I was so impressed by the service. Each time I went with recommendations that the team member suggested and felt like they really listened to what I wanted. Thank you for your help; you have a great team there!

Buckle in THE WOODLANDS TX Wanted to compliment the hard working employees at The Woodlands location. Everyone in the store was more than willing to help find the product and sizes I needed. The person that helped me made sure I knew the promotions offered, which made the prices great and my son-in-law loved his gift! Thanks for a wonderful shopping experience.

Buckle in PORTAGE MI I ran into the Buckle in The Crossroads in a mad dash to grab some jeans. I own a restaurant and have two small children. I have about six minutes on any given Monday (the restaurant is closed on Mondays) to get anything done. Abby greeted me when I walked in the door. She is a guest at my restaurant, so she recognized me. I have shopped with her, literally, once before. Abby asked what I was looking for, I told her I needed new jeans for work. Clean, not too distressed. She said "Big Star's again?" I was amazed that she remembered, from my one shopping experience with her, that I bought Big Star last time. I said "sure." She said "27's?" I said, "Mmmm... I think I'm a 28". She looked at me, narrowed her eyes and said, "I think you're a 27. I'll grab you a 27 and if they're too small, we'll get 28's." She grabbed two pairs, boot cut, asking, "Do you want to try skinny? Summer's coming." I said I would try them. While I was in the fitting room, she threw another pair of 27's over the door saying, "I know you like the Big Star's, but try these." Except for the skinny leg (just not my jam) EVERY PAIR fit like a glove. I bought three pairs of denim. I was in and out of there, $325 later, in 20 minutes. You need to clone that girl. She is everything I look for in a team member and never find as a customer. Thanks for a great experience!

Buckle in Buford GA I recently came into a Buckle store for the first time. Travis provided my friend and me with an, impeccable level of ULTIMATE customer service. The entire team was hands-on, courteous, professional and contagious in spirit. A week later, I receive a thank you HANDWRITTEN post card from Travis. You've earned a customer thanks to your amazing team at the Mall of Georgia.

Buckle in Bloomington MN Mall of America is out of the way for me; but this is the best staffed and best looking Buckle store. Although I am significantly older than the typical cliental, the staff always make me feel welcome. Maggie has become my go-to-girl and always keeps me looking good. This store is the best for jeans and cute tops, and it's worth the drive and the hassle of parking to come in and see them.

Buckle in Fort Worth TX You have two wonderful ladies in the Fort Worth Buckle. I purchased jeans for my upcoming wedding in June. The jeans were pinned and left in the store for alterations. When I stopped in the store, the jeans could not be located. Acting manager Andrea did an extraordinary job taking charge of the situation. She and Viktoria spent 10-15 minutes looking for my jeans. After making a call to another teammate, they learned the jeans had been sent to the Hurst Buckle store. Andrea made sure I was taken care of. Over the phone, she guided the Hurst Buckle through packaging the jeans and having them shipped to my home. It would have been easy to offer an apology and send me to the Hurst location. Instead, Andrea and Viktoria did everything possible to make sure I was taken care of. Thank you, Andrea and Viktoria!

Buckle in San Antonio TX I was here at a conference in San Antonio TX and convinced my friend to go shopping with me. We went in the Buckle. This is the first time I've gone shopping for myself in a long time; I have two small children. We went in and we met Kenne. He was absolutely wonderful. He knew my size by looking at me, he helped me find some jeans. I came in looking for jeans and ended up buying more and I’m happy with all the choices. Kenne went around and picked out shirts for me, brought them to the dressing room to show me the whole outfit. You have a great sales associate; I believe he told me he was an assistant manager at a different store. (Store 351) Thumbs up to Kenne. Thanks also to manager Krayton, he was showing me sandals. Kenne and Krayton were a joy. Thank you.

Buckle in Denton TX Tristan at the Denton Buckle location is the epitome of customer service! He's so happy to see me when I walk into the store, sends me texts of new products and even gets back to me on his days off! He goes above and beyond. Having worked for the Buckle 20 years ago, even though I'm sure things have changed, but hiring valuable employees that know what they're doing while bringing a smile to customers' faces is priceless! Keep up the great work Tristan!

Buckle in Naples FL What a superior experience my daughter and I had in your store today. I have admired your jeans from afar, always waiting until I lost enough weight to come in and try a pair on. My daughter bought me a Buckle gift card in December, and we finally made it in your store today. We were greeted by everyone, but we worked with Mandy and Luke. We learned that Mandy is an area manager from Utah and Luke is new to the management team. Both were excellent! Mandy is a manager for a reason. How she leads your store is nothing short of excellent! Between Luke and Mandy - and everyone, really - we received such personal attention, nothing like I've ever experienced before - ANYWHERE! My daughter is young and stylish, but I came in all frumpy. I've spent the last few years in school and the last year working like a mad woman in my new career as an RN. Having now experienced the Buckle's pristine customer service, I will be revisiting your store not just again, but probably quite often! Oh and to seal in the deal - free hemming! Are you kidding me?! This solves the short girl problem! Thank you for having an excellent team to staff your Naples Buckle store! I am in love!

Buckle in Hoover AL I went to the Buckle for the first time. It was a great experience! Shelby, Blake, Madison and Miyoka did a great job. You don't always hear the positives, so wanted the Buckle aware that the Birmingham staff was a joy to work with. Thank you.

Buckle in Sandy UT I took my sister shopping to find an outfit for her graduation. When we walked into the store, we were greeted by Kelby, who asked if we needed help looking for anything. We told her we were looking for a dress for graduation. Kelby immediately pointed one out that happened to be the perfect color and size. My sister tried the dress on and it looked beautiful! Kelby then brought us a few pairs of shoes that would match the dress. With her help, we found the perfect pair. Kelby was such a huge help. Thank you, Kelby! You saved the day.

Buckle in Richmond VA My boyfriend and I shopped the Buckle location at the Short Pump Mall today. This was one out of multiple visits and all have been very positive experiences. This is largely in part to one of your extraordinary salespeople, Andrew. During every visit, we only intended for my boyfriend to purchase a couple of clothing items. However, Andrew makes our shopping experience so fun and recommends clothing items and styles we wouldn't typically choose. My boyfriend ends up walking out of Buckle with a big bag full of clothes that he loves and we are grateful to Andrew for all his help. He is an amazing salesperson and so patient. Another salesperson we met today was Lindsey. When Lindsey to step in to make sure we were taken care of. She was very pleasant and helpful. Andrew and his team are absolutely outstanding in customer service. Many thanks!

Buckle in St. Clairsville OH I visited the store for the first time today looking for shorts and jeans and I was not disappointed! Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful. Keela and Kelsi are fantastic! There was also another girl working who was very friendly. They were able to help me find the perfect fits for my body type. I have never found a pair of jeans that fit as well as the ones I bought today at the Buckle! I will most definitely be returning in the future. Not only did I find an amazing pair of jeans, but I felt at home and comfortable letting these friendly women help me with my shopping!

Buckle in Merrillville IN Please share my appreciation for the ladies at your Southlake Mall Buckle. I recently called the store and asked Molly to please select some shorts and shirts for my daughter. I would pick them up before the store closed that evening. As a largely color-blind father, shopping for a 12-year-old daughter is beyond difficult. My daughter is very shy and doesn't enjoy shopping either. When I arrived at the store, there were numerous outfits picked out, already coordinated with matching tank tops. My shopping was short, and to say painless would be an understatement. It was so easy! When I arrive home, my daughter was grinning from ear to ear and taking photos of her great new outfits to message her friends with. Everything fit perfectly! A few items were returned today; but luckily, my son was with me. And once again, I was helped with selecting shorts and tops for my son. Molly, Savannah and the entire Buckle team has been a great help with my shopping. I hope the folks at the Buckle read this and pass along my appreciation. Please celebrate your associates' extraordinary customer service!

Buckle in Anchorage AK James helped me while I was at the store today. He was friendly, courteous, and super helpful with finding a variety of things I was looking for. Thank you, James.

Buckle in Des Peres MO I came to the West County Buckle for a new pair of jeans. I wore a pair of Asher jeans into the store, looking to buy another pair of Ashers in a different wash. Trevor greeted me with a smile and explained that Buckle, unfortunately, no longer carries Asher jeans. Then Trevor presented me other options with a similar fit. Trevor selected 10-15 pairs of jeans for me to try until we found a perfect pair. As both an engaged customer and former Buckle employee, I could not have been more satisfied with Trevor's service. If Trevor is reading this, thank you once again for your exemplary service.

Buckle in Roseville MN Today I went into Buckle located in the Rosedale Shopping Center. I was shopping for my upcoming vacation. I don't enjoy shopping; but I knew I had to do it so I was trying to just push through every store hopping I'd find something. I am so thankful I walked into the Buckle. Eve was one of the most helpful sales woman I have ever encountered at a retail store. She listened to everything I had to say and made me feel heard, she was helpful with suggestions and she even picked stuff out for me while I was in the dressing room. I felt like I had a personal shopper. Eve explained each item she selected, which made me look at each item differently than I would have. Once I found what I wanted she helped me with matching jewelry and even went over other accessories I may want for my trip. To finish my experience, she helped me sign up for the loyalty program. It's not often you go to a store that truly cares about the guest experience. I will, without a doubt, share my experience with my friends.

Buckle in St. Louis MO Shout out to the St. Louis Galleria staff. Thank you for being amazing and making me feel like a supermodel. They all took a personal interest in helping me. Made my day!

Buckle in Greenville SC We went in the store just to look, didn't intend to buy anything. Then Jaime came over to assist. She was very friendly and attentive. She kept helping until we found the perfect fits. Even my husband left with a couple of jeans and a few shirts! Just wanted to take the time to let you guys know what a great employee you have. Kudos to Jaime.

Buckle in Sanford FL We had a great experience with Alexsandra and Lexi in the Sanford Buckle. My wife and I went in looking for some Miss Me jeans for our great granddaughter. We weren't able to find anything in store in her size. We were really impressed with how willing Alexsandra and Lexi were to help us find something in her size and get them ordered. It was refreshing to have young people so willing to help out computer-illiterate people like my wife and me. Please pass on our thanks and compliments!

Buckle in Grand Junction CO I am a mother to two young children. I was walking the mall in Grand Junction with my children and a nephew. The Buckle window display caught my attention and I stepped into the store with the intention of purchasing the shirt in the display. However, once I walked in and was helped by two amazing girls. I realized - at their suggestion - that maybe I do need some jeans. I explained to the girl helping me about my body insecurities and she didn't even bat an eye. She helped me find some jeans, while another sales women pulled some she thought I might like. There was a young man working there, who, along with another sales girl helped my two-year-old stay in the store. In the end, I walked out with two pairs of new jeans and the shirt! It was quite possibly one of the best shopping experiences I have had in a long time! Your employees worked as a team, they were all very kind and helpful, and all of them were extremely knowledgeable about the products. I will be returning to your store. Thank you for the great experience and the new jeans!

Buckle in Littleton CO Today I was in your store just killing time and I worked with your employee Brittany. She helped me with a pair of jeans, which lead to a shirt, a hat and ordering a pair of boots. She was wonderfully personable and I left feeling like I was guest in her house. Brittany deserves a compliment.

Buckle in San Antonio TX Wow! Manager Krayton at your San Antonio Rivercenter store is the best. We live over 5 hours away from the store. We attend a conference in San Antonio every year and have shopped at this Buckle for the last three years. Krayton knows customer service! We left spending over $600 on this trip. My daughter picks out her clothes and sends a message to Krayton to order for her. We walked into his store and immediately clothes were picked out by him personally and he even remembered her shoe size from last year! I want your company to be aware of the asset you have in this young man! Thank you!

Buckle in Clearwater FL I would like to compliment Sam at the Westfield Countryside Mall in Clearwater. I wanted to order a pair of Hey Dude tennis shoes for my son online and his size was not available. I called the store and spoke with Sam to see if they had it in stock. The store did not have his size and it was not available online - she double checked for me. Sam then offered to try to track down a pair in his size for me. She took my number and was able to find a pair. I was very surprised by this effort to go the extra mile. Then when I went into the store she was very happy to help me complete the purchase. I thought you should know what an excellent experience she provided for me.

Buckle in Tulsa OK I have shopped at Buckle many times and my last visit was very enjoyable due to the amazing customer service provided by Mitchell. He greeted me at the door and asked me how he could help. I told him what I was looking for and he helped me find what I wanted. He also offered me some shirts that might have looked good with the jeans that I bought this visit. He understood that I was there to get something specific and was doing everything he could to help me find what I wanted. Also, when he offered me the shirts he said, "I understand that you are just here to buy jeans today, but, if you're interested, there are also some shirts here that might go really good with those jeans and I will be happy to show them to you if you'd like". I was not interested in any shirts this visit, but I appreciate the fact that Mitchell offered me a product that might look good with what I wanted. I understand employees need to make suggestions and sales to customers because that is how business goes. But I really like how Mitchell provided me the great service he did today. He was doing his job making customer service his number one priority, which I appreciated very much. Mitchell provided 10/10 customer service and I will definitely ask for him at my next trip to Buckle.

Buckle in Peru IL I had an extremely pleasant experience today at my local Buckle store in the Peru Mall. Alyssa was very helpful and the acting store manager (here from Rockford store) was very pleasant! Both seemed to truly enjoy their work, which enhanced the overall shopping experience for me. This is just a huge shout out to the both of them their awesomeness!

Buckle in Columbus GA I flew into Columbus for my boyfriend's basic training and AIT graduation and the airlines ended up losing my bag. I got to the mall as fast as I could and arrived at 8:45, knowing the mall closed at 9. I ran in in a panic and told Tyler and Dustin that I needed and outfit and to be brutally honest with me. Those boys are seriously the best! They were both running to get me an outfit and made sure that I loved what I would possibly be wearing the next day. They made sure that I was taken care of and even went as far as running to Victoria's Secret to tell them to stay open so I could purchase under garments. Tyler and Dustin both seriously rocked tonight and I am so grateful!

Buckle in Waterloo IA What an amazing experience my friend and I had in your Waterloo store Friday night. I am going on vacation and needed some new boot cut jeans. I am a hard fit and recently discovered Daytrip jeans, love them and wanted more! Well, there wasn't much variety and what I did want my size wasn't available. I was bummed out, but that is when Misty came into the picture. She gave me room to shop; but still helped me and was always checking up on me. The poor girl probably put away 50 pairs of jeans I rejected. Misty listened to what I wanted and made great suggestions, she was relentless in trying to find me jeans I loved. She was patient, fun and never once did she give up on me. She didn't want to make a sale, she wanted her customer happy. I left with two pairs of jeans and my friend is now hooked on Buckle jeans. Please make sure Misty gets praise for an amazing job and The Buckle is very lucky to have her. I will be driving up to the Waterloo store from now on so Misty can help me.

Buckle in Ocala FL I wanted to take a minute to let corporate know your Paddock Mall store is THE BEST. My daughter has had social anxiety for the past few years, coupled with hearing loss, and shopping has been uncomfortable for her at times. Bayleigh has come to our rescue for several years now; taking extra time, setting us up with clothing selections she feels my daughter may like and calling us when new clothing has arrived. Bayleigh balances courtesy with a fun shopping experience. Today, when we went into the store, Bayleigh was on break. But she has obviously influenced the same training on a new (new to us) salesgirl and my daughter found a LOT of clothing she felt she looked gorgeous in. And again, after hit and miss with 40 some pairs of jeans (it seemed) to narrow it down to the seven she selected. This girl had patience, she chatted with my daughter about school and my daughter was able to have a very enjoyable shopping trip. Thank you so much. For someone suffering from self-esteem issues, your clothing brands you and the sales people make the whole experience the best.

Buckle in Little Rock AR I wanted to comment on an employee at your Park Plaza store in Little Rock. Emily helped my daughter and me with shorts shopping. She was extremely helpful; but more than, that she was very personable and made my daughter feel at ease about shopping. My daughter isn't exactly confident about picking out clothes; but Emily made everything seem like she was picking out clothes in a friend's closet. Thanks for a great shopping experience!

Buckle in Myrtle Beach SC I would like to thank Heather and the other staff members at the Buckle. Thank you for the most helpful experience I have ever had in a clothing store. They go above and beyond traditional customer service. They selected a plethora of choices for my 15-year-old daughter to try on and I was blown away with the helpfulness of the staff. Thank you again!

Buckle in Midland TX I just want to brag about the Midland Buckle store. I have been shopping there for years even worked there back in the day. They truly know what customer service is and everyone there is very connected with customers. I can honestly say the Buckle is the one place in Midland, Texas that is passionate about pleasing the guest. Mike and his crew are just awesome! Thank you.

Buckle in San Antonio TX Chad at the North Star Mall in San Antonio was excellent. He helped my wife and me with everything we needed. He had attention to detail and was highly motivated in making our shopping experience pleasurable. We are definitely happy with the service and look forward to a future shopping experience there again.

Buckle in Baton Rouge LA I want to share my awesome experience with Michael at the Mall of Louisiana Buckle. I had procrastinated shopping for an office graduation outfit. I just completed my electrical apprenticeship and needed to look good. After putting on a few pounds over the last year, I was self-conscious about my curves. Michael went above and beyond to make me feel good about my purchase. That meant a lot! When I got home, my picky husband complimented the outfit Michael helped select. And I received more flattering comments when I wore my new Buckle outfit. Thank you so much, Michael.

Buckle in Mays Landing NJ I shop at the Mays Landing Buckle about four times a year. Each time I am in the store I have excellent service. The team knows me, they know my style, are great at suggesting items and getting me set up in a nicely organized dressing room. I appreciate everything they do. I cannot ask for a better experience. The entire team is absolutely terrific!

Buckle in Gurnee IL We just got home after shopping at the Buckle store in Gurnee Mills. My husband and I had such a positive experience that I was inspired to write provide feedback and huge kudos to Callie, the store manager. My husband and I first visited a Buckle store in Noblesville IN with friends who shop there often. Our first experience was also excellent as our sales person took a lot of time with each of us to offer different styles until we found something that we really liked. That was more than a year ago. My husband recently lost weight so needed a new size of jeans. He likes his Buckle jeans so much that he wanted to go back and buy another pair in the new size. We live in Gurnee, but had not been to the local Buckle store. We called the store to find out where in the mall the store was located. I t was with this phone call that our positive experience began. Callie answered, directed us to the location in the mall, but then proceeded to ask what style and size of jean were looking for so that she can begin to pull some options for us to be ready when we arrived. Really? What mall retail store does that? We were impressed even before we arrived. he high level of customer service and caring continued from there. When we arrived at the store, Callie had dressing rooms waiting with multiple pairs of jeans ready for us to try on. As we were trying on the jeans, she offered her honest opinion -- which I absolutely appreciate. She was thoughtful and gave ideas for other options that could also work. All the while neither my husband nor I felt that we were being "sold." It's important to point out that we went shopping to buy one new pair of jeans for my husband. After an hour, we walked out of the store with six new pairs of jeans -- three for each of us -- and three new tops. We also walked out as committed Buckle customers. Callie shared that she's the new manager at the store and has only been at this location for three months. Please give Callie the high recognition that she deserves. Thank you, Callie, for giving us such a positive and fun jeans buying experience!

Buckle in Bradley WV Today was the first time I had ever shopped Buckle at the Crossroads Mall. We are on a limited income and I thought the prices would be too high for my budget. When we went today I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to afford quality clothing. The sales associates went beyond their job description in helping my son choose his style for his first year of high school. They were awesome! Thank you for hiring such knowledgeable employees. We will be back soon to our new favorite store!

Buckle in Bossier City LA I just want to give a big rap to Samantha who manages the Buckle store in Pierre Bossier Mall. My wife and I live in Sydney, Australia and we visit Louisiana every year to see family. We always stop in at the Buckle. Sam has been helping us every year. I'm a musician and buy shirts for gigs. My wife also shops. Sam has that store humming. Staff are always busy and cheerful. If they're not helping customers they are folding clothes, making sure the merchandise is well presented, cleaning or whatever. We've been going there for I think eight years now and it's always the same. I don't know if Sam was manager when we started, but she's a great manager of that little store and has built a great team. They seem to really respect her and she them. You should be very proud of her.

Buckle in Omaha NE Recently shopped at this store and had a pleasant experience. We were greeted by Chelsea. She was not pushy or forward; but let us know she was there when we needed her. She was gracious, warm and very knowledgeable. I am a woman who wears mom-jeans and have children Chelsea's age; but the way she treated me made me feel like I was a repeat customer who she truly enjoyed seeing in the store. Wish more stores hired associates like this. It left a warm feeling that is sadly lacking in our most stores in malls today. So a big thank you to Chelsea, and another thank you to your company for putting that extra effort in hiring such capable, friendly staff.

Buckle in Jensen Beach FL Manager Brittany was awesome - great service and an awesome attitude. She has made my wife and me customers for life. Can't say enough good things about her. GREAT JOB!

Buckle in Baton Rouge LA I wanted to take a minute and share my appreciation for your staff. I just started buying clothes at your store and really like them. I like the style and the quality. I buy your BKE Vintage Athletic Fit shirts and they are incredible. Pass on my thanks and much appreciation to Tori, Michael and Grant at your Mall of Louisiana Mall Buckle in Baton Rouge. While visiting my Dad in the hospital there, I would go and shop at your store. They were helpful, kind and very professional. I will tell you that it is very rare in the retail space that people are like your team. So thanks for all you guys do and I will be a customer for a long time. Please make sure Tori, Michael and Grant know how cool of an experience they provided for me when I needed a 'normal' moment! Thanks again.

Buckle in Las Vegas NV The manager at this store has amazing customer service. I walked into this store to buy my son some clothes; ended up walking out with a pair of pants for myself. I ever thought I could fit into a pair; but she insisted I try on a pair. I never told her my size and she brought me a pair and it fit perfectly. I was blown away. Thank you very much for getting me out of my comfort zone!

Buckle in Scottsbluff NE > Jessica helped me find some jeans today. I recently put on some weight and was feeling pretty down. The first couple pairs of jeans didn't fit and I honestly felt like crying. Jessica didn't give up though. She found me two perfect pairs and was so helpful. Jessica made my day and is a wonderful asset to the Buckle!

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