Team Highlights

Buckle in Arlington TX We visited your store at The Parks Mall in Arlington today. This was my first visit to any Buckle store and I was so impressed with your salespeople! Holly was the name of the girl who worked with us and she was incredibly helpful. Although I was really there shopping for my children, Holly actually brought things for me to try on. It's been YEARS since any salesperson has done that. As a former department store manager and buyer, I was really impressed. We'll definitely be back.

Buckle in Redding CA Yesterday I took my three granddaughters shopping and we happened to go to the Buckle in Redding. Colin helped us and he went above and beyond. I love the store! My granddaughters had a great time. We will be back. They are absolutely wonderful at that store. Thank you very much!

Buckle in Columbia SC Today my daughter and I were in your store and Laura took care of us. I want to let you know that Laura was phenomenal. My daughter has a hard time finding jeans and I sometimes watch her get discouraged and down on herself while trying them on. Many times she is in tears in the dressing room. Laura went around and gathered jeans and other outfits for her to try on. My daughter tried on a lot of clothing. The whole time Laura was very complimentary and never lost her patience. My daughter was able to walk out of the store with three new pairs of jeans and multiple tops. Most importantly, she never shed a tear and was grinning from ear to ear. Thank you, Buckle, for making jeans that allow for a girl who has curves to wear. Thank you, Laura, for boosting my daughter's confidence.

Buckle in Silverdale WA I am writing to extend a huge thank you to the staff at the Silverdale store. I was back to school shopping with my two children, ages 9 and 11, yesterday. After having a very negative customer service experience at another store at the Kitsap Mall, we reluctantly continued our back to school search. We ended up at your store, exhausted and frustrated. That quickly changed as soon as we entered your doors. We were immediately welcomed by Robin who asked about our needs. She understood and worked with my daughter who is at that awkward age between children's clothes and adult clothes. She found several outfits for my daughter that were very nice, fit well and were age-appropriate. Robin went above and beyond in her customer service. I have only received that level of service in high-end shops. I was very surprised and quite impressed. Your sales team turned a difficult day for my 11-year-old into a great day! Another sales team member helped my very picky 9-year-old. I don't remember her name; but I do remember her telling my daughter that she has four sisters. Although she couldn't find anything yesterday, the 9-year-old left the store feeling happy and satisfied with our day. That rarely happens. The second Buckle employee should also be commended for working cheerfully with my daughter and making us feel very welcome. Surprisingly, I also found something for myself. Although the color wasn't available in my size, it was ordered. Again, thank you for your wonderful service. The management at your store is doing things right. The employees are outstanding, the store was clean and well organized. We had never ventured into the Buckle store before and I am very glad that we did. We will be sure to do so again.

Buckle in Orland Park IL I received really great customer service from Kinga. She introduced herself and asked for my first name. Kinga referred to me by my name each time I needed assistance with merchandise in the store. She was very helpful and knowledgeable on your merchandise, especially Rock Revival items.

Buckle in Carbondale IL I went to your store in Carbondale. There was an employee there that was awesome. I am not good at styling clothing, but Paul is! Paul was great help. I will be back next week to buy the other pair of jeans.

Buckle in Tucson AZ I love to shop in this store. The level of customer service is amazing! Assistant manager Nikki always has my fitting room stocked with the perfect clothes for me to try on. She completely gets my style! Store manager Chance is excellent at his job as well! All the employees go above and beyond serving their customers, and I truly appreciate it.

Buckle in Bloomington MN A HUGE thank you to the folks at the MOA store. Chaz was great in helping us find clothes for my son's graduation pictures next week. My son is a 6'9" 285-pound lineman. Needless to say, shopping for clothes that fit is a challenge. Finding a large, stylish selection to match his personal tastes is difficult. The Buckle is a beacon of light - selection and great service! Chaz really helped us find a number of items and was extremely helpful. We had that guy hopping all over the store for sizes and selections. Another gentleman helped get us connected with Chaz as he was helping another customer at the registers. Sorry, I didn't catch his name, but he serves in the Army. He also was very helpful and friendly. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work. I wish we would have started shopping at the Buckle a lot sooner. You turned shopping with a teenage son into a great experience for this mom! WOO HOO!

Buckle in Pittsburg PA I can't even explain how AWESOME Myriah is! I've never had such great customer service. I used to walk in and then right out; now I'm in the store for hours! The girls, and especially Myriah, pick out many outfits for me to try. If something doesn't work, they always find an alternative. I also brought my sister into the store. I've never seen her face light up the way it did with the outfits they had her try on. It made her look and feel like a new person. Awesome team at the Ross Park Buckle!

Buckle in Franklin TN I've been a long-time customer and truly love the Buckle items purchased over the years. However, yesterday's experience at the Coolsprings Galleria was absolutely on-point in every respect. Dylan assisted me and his style selection was great. Almost $400 good! The entire store staff on duty was great. I'm thinking I've found my new store and stylist. Thank you.

Buckle in Ridgeland MS I was shopping yesterday with my sister, who is severely handicapped. She wanted a new shirt so we wondered into your store. Danielle at the Ridgedale Mall location went above and beyond to help both of us feel comfortable and give my sister multiple options. After this experience I will not only be returning to your store, but also recommend it to friends. Please recognize Danielle for her outstanding customer service!

Buckle in Fairview TX I just had an experience at your store located in The Villages at Fairview that I want to share. I came into the store and was greeted by Courtnie. She was, by far, the best salesperson I've ever encountered in my 43 years on the earth. I was self-conscious about shopping in the Buckle because of my age. She made me feel so comfortable and was super intuitive about my style, size and age-appropriate clothing. Needless to say, I was very impressed. Please acknowledge Courtnie.

Buckle in Mesquite TX I have been shopping at your location at Town East Mall in Mesquite for several years. I am NOT in that location very often; probably around Christmas and back-to-school-time mostly. While I do have two teenage sons, I am a touring musician and wear Rock Revival jeans as part of my stage attire, as well as other clothes from Buckle. This isn't about that. It's about our experience today.We were greeted immediately tonight by Nesh, who not only remembered my oldest son's name and that he was about to join the Army, but also that I had recently changed jobs. He found out about that job in January, I think. We talked while my wife and youngest son shopped. As I headed for the fitting rooms to check on the progress, I was noticed by Shawn who commented that it had been a while since I had been in. Shawn meticulously handled the shopping for my wife and son; even ordered a pair of jeans to be delivered to our home. As I waited, I was greeted by Chase who also recognized me and, while visiting with him, I made sure of the names of the two gentlemen who were helping us and also got his to add to this letter. I am 52-years-old. I have shopped across the nation and have been in retail, wholesale, etc. I find it absolutely amazing that these guys remember me and my family so well. They are taking the time to listen to their customers, treating them with respect and courtesy and making them (us, at least) feel like we matter. Not many places I go treat me with that level of customer service. The auto dealership where I bought my truck doesn't. They don't know me from Adam. The discount store has never heard of me. Our grocery store has no idea who I am. I've spent and still spend literally thousands of dollars with these companies. Yet I spend a few hundred dollars twice a year in a crowded mall like Town East and am treated like a king! Like I matter! My business matters! Kudos to the Buckle for the hiring and training of young people like these. I will continue to shop Buckle at every opportunity. I have no doubt the other employees at this location, and probably others across the country, have the same relationships with their customers. It really does matter. It matters to me. Buckle for life! Thanks.

Buckle in Chesterfield MO My daughter and I walked into your store in the Chesterfield Mall while we were on vacation. My daughter is struggling with losing baby weight from her pregnancy and none of her clothes fit right that she brought. She walked into Buckle wearing paint-stained shorts and an old t-shirt, looking for an outfit. Your two employees working that day were OUTSTANDING! A super nice young women and man were there to help her in anyway they could. After I got my son-in-law set up in the riding toy area with the grandkids, I came into your store to pay for whatever my daughter decided to buy. My treat. The young man went out of his way to help us find the last pair of Capri's in your store that was the size my daughter needed. These two represented the best customer service I have seen in a very long time! I hope you share this with them. We may not have spent $1,000 that day; but they treated us like we did. The Buckle always has very good customer service. But these two went above and beyond! Thank you for helping my daughter feel amazing about herself that day and the rest of our trip!

Buckle in Roanoke VA I want to provide feedback for my most recent visit to Valley View Buckle. I had a salesman named Garvis. He was absolutely AMAZING! I am a very picky shopper, and was in the store at least three hours. Garvis stayed with me the entire time, suggesting items that I never would have picked, but that truly made me look great! I had so much fun in there, I did not want to leave. You are very lucky to have a salesman as great as him! Thanks so much.

Buckle in Sarasota FL The gals at the Sarasota Buckle always take amazing care of me. They dressed me head to toe for a concert tonight. Jessie is always AMAZING and Karina helped me today. I can tell she's going to be a great addition to the store! Thanks again for awesome duds and a great staff.

Buckle in Lexington KY We have shopped in a lot of stores and a lot of Buckle stores over the years. We recently went back to school shopping in the Fayette Mall location and the crew that was there was the best and most helpful crew. There weren't a lot of people shopping that day, so everyone working in the store jumped in and helped my son and daughter find what they were looking for. They also offered suggestions and made sure things fit the right way. They did a great job. Thank you very much!

Buckle in Mesa AZ I recently shopped for my first time ever at the Buckle. I want to give very positive feedback regarding Eric, who was extremely helpful and attentive in finding my first pair of Buckle jeans. That man knows jeans like the back of his hand. In all my years of clothes shopping, he was the most helpful employee I have encountered. Had he not been there to greet me right away, I probably would have looked around, tried on a pair or two and left empty handed out of frustration that I couldn't find something that fit. Eric found me several styles of jeans that not only fit, but looked better than any other jeans I own. Thank you, Eric.

Buckle in Lubbock TX, Buckle in Midland TX, and Buckle In El Paso TX We live in Hobbs, New Mexico and don't have a Buckle store here. We have shopped in the Lubbock, Midland and El Paso Buckles. All the stores are great, the store teams are knowledgeable and put together great outfits. My daughter is very tall and wears cowboy boots. Our local western wear store told us Miss Me denim does not come in long lengths. It's not cool to wear short jeans with cowboy boots. We stopped in the El Paso Buckle and hit the jackpot. The Buckle carries lots of jeans in longer lengths. Larkyn at the El Paso store was exceptionally helpful and we now stay in contact with her through social media. Please pass on our compliments to these three Texas Buckle stores. Thank you so much!

Buckle in Edina MN I want to compliment the Southdale Buckle in Edina. I was in there for almost three hours today and Paige was extremely helpful and went above and beyond helping me shop. Cody was helpful also. The store was very clean and well organized, the staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and I had a very pleasant experience overall.

Buckle in Natick MA My 16-year-old daughter and I shopped in the Natick Mall Buckle today. Brittany was the most helpful salesperson. I have never had anyone be so attentive and help us find styles that my daughter likes. I appreciate the service; you don't get this kind of service anymore. I will definitely go back and shop there again!

Buckle in Edina MN We had an incredible experience at the Southdale Center location tonight. I came in with my teenage son who has been struggling to move from the middle school 'athletic pants' look to wanting a stylish high school look. We were approached by Ashton, the store manager, who heard us discussing the problem. Ashton related very well to my son and spoke with him about clothes and developing a style in a way my son really understood. He put together an incredible grouping of clothes and shoes my son was interested to try on. Ashton worked with us for an hour, all while running the store during a busy time. My son was thrilled with the attention and is excited about his new look. I can't begin to express how helpful Ashton was and how easy he made it. I was able to get everything needed in one stop instead of wandering around the entire mall all night. I'll be back with my other son and can say this has become our new favorite store. I haven't experienced this level of customer care in a long time. You are very fortunate to have Ashton in your employment. His style recommendations, attention to detail, personality and overall care of his customers is something that you don't see often and is very much appreciated. I'll recommend my friends and family come to your store specifically because of him! Thank you.

Buckle in Greenwood IN I was at the Greenwood Park Mall on Thursday, planning to buy a pair of jeans. Walked in a couple of other stores to see what they had - just window shopping really. I've never shopped at the Buckle before, but liked the layout so I started looking at the jeans. Mariah quickly helped me out, figured out my preferences and got me a dressing room. She did all the hard work - I just needed to try them on. I probably tried on more pairs of jeans that day than in the past few years! She also brought over shirts that would work with the jeans, unasked. Asked me what I liked/didn't like about each item and brought over something else quickly. Easily the best shopping experience I've ever had. Mariah had great energy - I got the genuine feeling she would be happy if everyone was clothed head-to-toe in Buckle apparel. She showed me the entire store and pointed out the different brands of tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, etc. Because of that, I left with jeans and a button-up shirt I wasn't even planning on getting that day, signed up for a Buckle card and will be back to shop again soon! I have a much better understanding of what Buckle carries and a card with my favorite fits, personal stylist info and company phone number. I just wanted to give positive feedback to the store and Mariah. I know it is all part of the job; but I feel she went above-and-beyond to help me out. Enough to figure out how to give feedback online! It made Buckle stand out when lots of stores in the mall feel 'sleepy'. This store is definitely doing something right!

Buckle in Lonetree CO I made a return of an online purchase at the Park Meadows store in Colorado. Nathan was incredibly helpful, offering to send me a different size to my home address. He fixed a problem with my account and, when I mentioned that I didn't have time to use my almost outdated rewards cards, he went out of his way to help me. I don't typically contact companies, but he deserves acknowledgement for his excellent customer service.

Buckle in San Angelo TX Thank you to Vanessa, Leslie and Elia for their help this past Sunday. I am not a shopper and these three ladies were very patient. I really appreciate their help. Thank you!

Buckle in Joliet IL I want to take the time to tell your how your Joliet store treated my daughter - she was treated like a movie star! Sara and her team were awesome. I'm in the service industry and dealing with customers can be hard. When I was in the Joliet Buckle, I forgot I was in a mall. I only wanted to spend my hard earned money with Sara and her crew. I'm a father and had no Idea how to shop. Sara took control and made us feel so welcome. The next time my daughter wants me to take her shopping, I will be calling ahead to see if Sara is working. She is a solid sales person and fun. I take the time to study customer service while I'm out. It's what I do for a living. Please tell Sara and her team 'good job.'

Buckle in Annapolis MD I want to comment on the wonderful customer service my son and I recently received at the Buckle at the Annapolis Mall. We were assisted by Tyler. It was our first time in the store and we were not familiar with the store!s products. Tyler went out of her way to show us things that met with my son's criteria - not too flashy and NO skinny jeans. She was extremely personable and helpful. We bought some things on site and ordered some jeans through the store as the extra length was not available. I wish I had known years ago that the Buckle carries 28-inch waist and extra length. As a mother with tall, skinny children, this makes the Buckle better than most other clothing stores. Thank you for a great product and service!

Buckle in Oklahoma City OK The salesperson named Stephanie was absolutely great. I bought a pair of jeans for my daughter and Stephanie took the time to make sure they fit properly. I was so happy with our purchase that we came back the next day and bought another pair. We went to the Buckle the second time specifically because of Stephanie and will be back because of her. Best salesperson ever!

Buckle in Orland Park IL I am writing because it is important for me to let this company know how wonderful of an assistant manager you have at the Orland Park location. Shannon greeted me the moment I walked in the store and assisted me the whole time I was there, while still catering to other guests walking in. Her energy and happy demeanor was contagious. I came in looking for a single pair of jeans for a new job I just started. I told her I was torn between two styles. Not only did she relentlessly help me find dozens of jeans to try on, but she did it with a smile on her face, which is not easy to find these days in retail. She was quick, knowledgeable and a second opinion I trusted when it came time to pick my items to purchase. She was so good she convinced me to get two pairs of jeans, one in each style I was looking for, while being mindful of my budget. Please hear me when I say how incredibly wonderful she was and because of her I will be a loyal shopper to this store. Hopefully she will be there for my next visit. Impressed doesn't even cover my experience with her. Blown away would better describe it. Just from my brief time shopping there tonight I could tell how happy and easy going her staff was. Please send good praise Shannon's way, it is well deserved. Positive reinforcement makes a difference in anyone's work. Thank you!

Buckle in Boise ID We had some of the BEST customer service ever today at the Boise Town Square Mall Buckle. We were at the end of our rope trying to find jeans for my very long-legged very skinny 12-year-old. We needed an unusual size that no one seems to carry - 26x30 slim fit. Plus, my son is also pretty darn picky! The staff at the Buckle store was amazing; working with us and finding different options to try. They were so helpful and friendly and kept working with us until we FINALLY found a fit and style that would work. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate their patience and help. I don't know the names of the associates; but the girl that was helping us has awesome purple hair. The two associates working in the store today deserve recognition for a job well done&33;

Buckle in Overland Park KS Today I brought my 12-year-old daughter to buy her first Buckle jeans. We had an amazing experience. Ryan took us into a dressing room and passed several jeans over the door to us. She even included a few shirts. In a matter of minutes, we had three pairs of jeans, a shirt and a plaid shirt to complete the outfit. Ryan even brought my husband over to us and sat him in the "Dad chair" while we shopped. Usually we have trouble finding jeans that fit my daughter's figure. Ryan was able to figure out what fit would be best and it was so nice to see my daughter so happy!

Buckle in Maple Grove MN and Buckle in Roseville MN Once again, we had an outstanding employee help us at the Maple Grove store. Erin was so pleasant and super helpful. Because of our first experience at the Roseville Buckle, which was fabulous, we went to the Maple Grove Buckle and experienced the same. Kudos to the Buckle for hiring such great people that make customers come back for that very reason.

Buckle in Lincoln NE My 13-year-old daughter and her friend had an absolute blast in the Gateway Buckle. We want to thank the store managers and an associate named Cole. Cole made everything so comfortable for the girls and was very helpful. The girls will definitely be coming back and asking for Cole to get them up-to-date on the latest styles. One of our best shopping experiences thus far. Thanks for a great experience!

Buckle in Virginia Beach VA Today I had the most amazing shopping experience I have had in many years. I stopped by the Virginia Beach store to possibly find a t-shirt or socks. You see, I am 6'7". For the past several years, I had been buying my clothing and shoes online because it was just too stressful trying to find pants with a 36 or 38 inseam. The sales team in the Virginia Beach Buckle presented me with so many options and styles. You would have thought this was a West Coast men's boutique. Thank you!

Buckle in Sanford FL Alex is wonderful help. All the other associates in the store are great, too. Thank you.

Buckle in Roanoke VA The team at your Roanoke Buckle is phenomenal. My landlord's daughter wanted to go shopping, but her parents do not enjoy shopping. I took this young lady to the mall and we stopped in a few stores without luck. Then we walked into the Buckle. Beth greeted us and introduced the Buckle product. Your Roanoke team can put outfits together that makes the merchandise pop. Everyone is polite, professional and cordial. I don't feel like a customer; I feel like family. The Buckle is the highlight of coming to the mall!

Buckle in Bloomington MN I visited the Buckle store at the Mall of America, looking for something new to wear for an important personal meeting the following day. Despite the fact that I arrived with less than 15 minutes to shop before the store was set to close, every one of the employees that helped me were extremely helpful and never made me feel rushed in any way. They provided excellent customer service beyond what I would have expected, even if I were there in the middle of the day. This was my first visit to your store and they waited on me like I was a well-known, long-standing customer. They were extremely helpful and polite. They had the merchandise, product lines, styles and sizing down to a science and were able to help me find exactly what I was looking for. By the time I was finished, it was 30 minutes past the time the store was scheduled to close. Yet none of them ever commented on the time or made me feel rushed in any way. Thanks to the outstanding customer service I received, especially from staff member Grant, I will absolutely continue to visit and shop at your store in the future. Thank you very much.

Buckle in Billings MT I received great service recently at your store in Billings. I was very pleased with the employees, there, as they were all eager and able to help me find an outfit that I loved for senior pictures. I'd never been to a Buckle store before this experience. It is now a store I will highly recommend to my friends.

Buckle in Roanoke VA Wow! Buckle! Please take a moment to recognize what I would consider two amazing employees! First, let me say that I have spent a lifetime in customer service and currently work for a fortune 500 company. My job is focused on keeping our team in stock at our 4000 stores and providing excellent customer service to the field. I demand it of our internal team and I am always looking for amazing service in my daily life. Yesterday was the best experience I have EVER had when shopping for jeans. I walked into your Roanoke store, was immediately greeted by two team members and within less than five minutes I had a pair of jeans that fit better than any in my life. This service continued by bringing me three different pairs of boots to try with my jeans, shirts to add, and a belt. I truly felt like I had a team of personal shoppers. Within 30 minutes, I left the store with three pair of jeans (never even looked at the price tags):, and a new belt. I would have stayed longer if I didn't need to be back at work for a meeting. Beth and Jordan are rock stars. Truly rock stars. If I could hire them away, I most definitely would. It was not only the easiest jean buying experience, it was FUN! Please take a moment to recognize this amazing team. This is what we are all looking for - excellent customer service. These guys "get it". In 30 minutes, you got a lifelong customer and, yes, the jeans are amazing. But it was all Jordan and Beth that made it happen. I truly can't say enough about the time I spent with them. It was clear to me that they love what they do. Consider yourself lucky to have them represent you so well.

Buckle in St. George UT I would like to thank Megan and her staff for always going out of their way to help me. I don't like going to stores to shop and Megan has allowed me to text or call with what I am looking for. If she doesn't have the item, she always looks for it and gets it in for me. I texted her with some questions for my daughter and told her I wanted to bring my daughter in for an outfit; but needed help picking out clothes for her. She said no problem. I brought my daughter in and Megan had the jeans ready for her and brought some shirts for her as well. There was another salesperson who helped us. I normally have anxiety when I go into stores and I was at ease in this store. I greatly appreciate how helpful they were and my daughter is also very appreciative. I will continue to bring my business to this store.

Buckle in Fort Gratiot MI I want to praise the team at the Buckle in Fort Gratiot. Everyone is so friendly. They make shopping so easy. Laurie always helps me find the perfect outfit and best accessories. Tyler goes out of his way to make everyone feel welcome. Destinee is a wonderful employee, always assisting me with the best fashion advice. I love shopping the Fort Gratiot Buckle and won't go to any other location. Excellent team! Store looks amazing! Always has what I want!

Buckle in Des Moines IA Carlton helped us at the Buckle at Jordan Creek. He was ready to help us with a smile on his face. I was looking for a pair of jeans I ordered and, while trying them on, he kept up a nice conversation with my husband. In our day and age a good ol' smile and conversation go a long way!

Buckle in Fairview TX A friend and I shopped Buckle for the first time tonight. We stopped in around 8 p.m. and Emma went out of her way to make us feel welcome. Emma brought my friend probably 10-15 pairs of jeans. We mentioned that it was getting close to closing and she made it clear that she would help us as long as needed. This is our new favorite store! Both Emma and the young man were extremely helpful and super friendly!

Buckle in Traverse City MI I just want to take a moment to say thank you for great customer service! As a small business owner, we pride ourselves on customer service, which is so rare these days. Each time we visit or call the Traverse City Buckle, we have experienced a great staff who goes above and beyond to help make our shopping experience great. Thank you again!

Buckle in Greendale WI I am writing to praise an employee I encountered at the Buckle store within the Southridge Mall in Wisconsin. As I entered the store, Jessica politely approached me asking if I needed any help. I told her what I was looking for and she quickly provided me options and styles. One item that I liked was not available in my size and she went to look if there were any in reserve. She offered to order the product for me, as they didn't have any in stock. Jessica was the most helpful clothing store employee I've encountered. She provided me with a great shopping experience.

Buckle in Novi MI This was my first time shopping in Buckle. What drew me into the store was the sign in the window saying you had personalized jeans fittings. I have a very difficult time finding jeans that I feel comfortable in and that fit me right due to my body type. So I decided to go in and see what that was about. I was quickly greeted by Bella. She was absolutely wonderful! I explained the difficulty that I have finding jeans and she knew exactly what styles I should try on. I spent nearly three hours in your store trying on jeans, which then also turned into shirts, shoes and jewelry. During the three hours, Bella was incredibly attentive. She gave lots of great feedback about which styles looked best on me, and what items might coordinate together. I struggle with fashion and finding things that I feel good in. I typically shop alone, so it was so wonderful having someone to provide feedback and give me their opinions. Bella was a superstar! I had a wonderful experience in your store, thanks to her. I will definitely be a return customer. Please pass along my thanks to Bella and her store manager.

Buckle in Hurst TX I am a mother who struggles with weight and never buys nice clothes for myself. I decided to give the Buckle a go for jeans and was VERY nervous. Yesterday, Cody helped me find the perfect jeans. He was so nice and never made me feel uncomfortable about my weight. He even found jeans that fit me the first round - I can't even do that! Even though they are pricey, I will be going back because the service and quality of the jeans is well worth it. Thanks!

Buckle in Woodbury MN Lynn at the Woodbury Buckle went above and beyond to assist me. She helped process my return and I then remained in the store to shop. Lynn had a great attitude the entire time. Please pass on my thanks.

Buckle in North Little Rock AR Let me start off by saying I love, love, love the Buckle. I look at the website almost daily. But I love the interaction at the store more and the staff at the North Little Rock Buckle. I mainly work with Becca and she is a true ray of sunshine. She's so informative and so wonderful with putting outfits together for me. She really listens and gets a true understanding of what I like and want. She's phenomenal! Payton is the sweetest thing ever and Abby is awesome! Manager Steve really has a wonderful team at his location! As a former retail manager, I know you usually hear the negative, so I wanted to send some positive feedback because I love the McCain Buckle team and the merchandise selection. Thank you.

Buckle in Portland OR We were in town for a wedding and decided to do some shopping. We were greeted almost immediately and had such great help. Rachel was awesome at listening to what I wanted and Curtis was amazing at jumping in with my husband. Everyone there helped out and was happy to get anything we needed. We really had a fun time and ended up with some really nice things. Thank you, Clackamas, for an awesome time! The gal in charge was awesome as well. When we are back in town, we will definitely return to the store.

Buckle in Indianapolis IN The Buckle is my favorite place to shop....PERIOD! Once again, I had the most awesome shopping experience. My husband took me shopping and our first stop was the Buckle. I had the pleasure of having Danielle wait on me. I very much appreciate everything she did. Danielle found the exact jeans I was looking for and then two fabulous tops. Thanks!

Buckle in Greenville NC Last week, my sister and I took my granddaughter to the Buckle to buy her a birthday present for her fifteenth birthday. Anthony introduced himself and provided an excellent shopping experience. Anthony is a gifted fashion consultant. He put my sister and me in a viewing spot outside the dressing room and began presenting my granddaughter with coordinated outfits to try on. He made her feel special, while establishing rapport and asking her questions about her preferences. As we were leaving, Anthony provided his business card in invited us to call for future help and advice. He said he was available to help us at any time. My grandson is almost 17, tall, thin and never comfortable with fashion. I called Anthony to schedule a shopping appointment, hoping my grandson would having enjoy someone "enhance his cool factor." It is almost impossible for one's grandmother to do that, regardless of her taste or expertise. Anthony greeted us warmly, shook my grandson's hand and asked him questions while handing him one combination after another of perfectly fitting choices. I was again outside the dressing room, waiting for the show. My grandson was thrilled. We purchased several shirts, a vest, some layering pieces and a sweater. Anthony also had my grandson try on shoes, pants and coats, just so he could see how his wardrobe might progress as winter approaches.Anthony was gifted with putting together clothing combinations. He seemed to know every garment in the store. He was enthusiastic and represented the Buckle very well. Thank you.

Buckle in Monroeville PA The clerks at the Monroeville store are always so pleasant and helpful. It is always a pleasure to shop there. You should be very proud of your employees.

Buckle in Roanoke VA We had an excellent time in the Roanoke Buckle store. Jordan helped us out. He definitely makes us want to keep coming back to the store. We don't want to do any online shopping because we want to go in the store to shop with Jordan. Thank you so much.

Buckle in Davenport IA I LOVE this store! I started shopping here about a year ago and every shopping experience has been an absolute delight! The sales associates are super helpful, have wonderfully positive attitudes and are as passionate about clothing and fashion as I am. I really appreciate that, being in a different age demographic than most of the store customers. They really work hard to assist me in putting together looks that are edgy, fashion-forward and totally appropriate for me to rock! Had an awesome relationship with the previous store manager. When Tonya took over the store, she made a point to introduce herself and assure me that the relationship would continue! So I would like to give a "two thumbs up - shout out" to Tonya, Cherry and Corey! I really, really appreciate the extra mile Buckle employees go for their customers, so thank you so much. I am a Buckle addict!

Buckle in Beatrice NE Always a great experience at the Buckle in Beatrice. They go above and beyond to help their customers. Love the customer service!

Buckle in Franklin TN My daughter, two grandchildren and I were in your Cool Springs store on Friday. I must brag on the girls that were working there that night. They went above and beyond to help us and made the shopping experience very enjoyable. And yes, this caused me to spend more money than if they had not been so nice. Please give these girls a huge pat on the back for a job well done.

Buckle in Boise ID What an absolutely wonderful staff you have in your Boise location. The girls working there are the reason I have spent thousands of dollars with your company over the last few years. The customer service is phenomenal! They all recognize me when I walk in the door, flash me a huge smile and go out of their way to help me and treat me like a friend. I always feel amazing when I walk out the door after shopping at Buckle. Seriously, sometimes I just stop by to take a peek around and end up leaving with a huge bag of new treasures just because it's so much fun to shop there! The manager and every single employee at that location deserve recognition. Keep it up! You are obviously doing something very right! Thank you again. I am a customer for life.

Buckle in Austin TX My husband purchased a pair of awesome boots at a store in Fort Worth for our 21st anniversary. Unfortunately, they were a half size too small. While visiting Austin for the weekend, I decided to visit the Buckle close to my hotel to exchange the boots. The store personnel were beyond wonderful. Unfortunately this store did not have the specific Corral boot I was looking for; but Carson looked online and offered to order for me, since I don't live anywhere close to a store. The other girl working (beautiful blond young woman) showed me several different styles while Carson searched on the computer, to discover this was a limited edition and might not be available. He took my name and number and promised to call and let me know if he could somehow order. I got a lovely message from him a few hours later telling me he couldn't get the boot, but he'd be glad to help me in anyway and to please visit next time I'm in Austin. They were so kind and professional, and I was impressed with his follow through. The young woman was also so sweet and helpful. I love the Buckle, and employees like this make me a loyal customer. Keep up the good work Carson and beautiful girl! I so wish I had gotten her name!

Buckle in Glendale AZ I want the Buckle to know about the tremendous customer service I received while my wife and I were shopping in Arrowhead Mall. We were helped by store manager, Jeff. I was starting a new job and my new company's attire is classy jeans and Oxford shirts. We went into the Buckle store to pick up a pair of new jeans for the next day. I was pretty adamant that I only wanted to buy ONE pair of jeans (because I already have a few pairs) and I wanted jeans that were very similar or the same type jeans that I had already bought a few years ago at the same Buckle location. I liked those jeans from the past so much that I brought them into the store with me. And that is when Jeff approached me. Because I was carrying jeans in, I thought that the young man was going to think that I wanted a refund or something and might be a bit aloof; but nothing could have been farther from the truth. When I explained my situation and how I wanted a pair of jeans very similar in fit to the ones I brought in, Jeff found me three different pairs of denim that all fit the same way, so i bought all three pairs! Jeff then showed me a pair of shoes that he thought were perfectly with the denim and so I bought those as well. I had NO intention on spending over $500 at Buckle that afternoon; but after meeting Jeff, I did. I've only wore Buckle jeans since I started my new position. I have received great compliments on my pants and I'm definitely going back in the next few weeks to buy the gray jeans and the tan shoes that Jeff showed me. You have a WINNER with Jeff and I'm glad he was working the day my wife and I stopped in.

Buckle in Franklin TN I want you to know that Rebecca at the Coolsprings Buckle in Franklin was wonderful. She was very helpful and she went above and beyond to help me today. I am a bigger guy so most of my stuff has to be ordered. She made me feel so comfortable. She was very knowledgeable about the products that that I inquired about. Rebecca made me a Buckle customer for life.

Buckle in Noblesville IN I brought my teenage son to the Buckle today. I've had so much trouble finding jeans for him; he's thin and tall, difficult to size. I always have to order his jeans. We walked into the Noblesville store today to try some different fit styles. I was originally overwhelmed by all the options I was going to have to sort through. Thank heavens for Edmond! I explained the situation, and he proceeded to take us to the computer to first find which styles were available in his size. Then he ran all over the store finding examples of the styles to try on. After approximately 45 minutes, we had narrowed it down. We found one pair in store and ordered two more pairs! Edmond is an incredible resource and wonderful representative for your organization. He knows the product and is the definition of customer service.

Buckle in Indianapolis IN and Buckle in Noblesville IN I feel if you are treated wonderfully, someone needs to know. I placed an order online and loved what I ordered. However, when I washed the top, it shrunk to the size of a belly top. Not a good look. I decided to call the Buckle store I normally shop at. I called Tyler at Castleton Square and told him what happened. He said just bring it in and he will get me another one. BAM! That was easy. Then he asked if there was a store closer than his. Noblesville is closer. So he called that store to ask them to hold the blouse for me and explained what happened. Tyler then called me back to tell me who to ask for when I get to Noblesville. I cannot thank him enough for going out of his way to help me. I really appreciate him. He is this kind and helpful all of the time! Okay, then we have to go to Noblesville to exchange. We meet up with store manager, Kalie. My goodness, what a doll. She had my blouse all ready for me. I tried it on and it worked. My husband spotted a shirt and she did not have the color he wanted in the store so she ordered it and shipped to our house. She explained to us the Buckle app and how to use it. She was wonderful. Thanks so much for yet another great shopping day. You guys are FABULOUS!

Buckle in Pittsburg PA I recently shopped the Ross Park Mall Buckle and received phenomenal service from Nathan. Nathan assisted me with placing two special orders. I was pleased with the service and will continue shopping with the Buckle.

Buckle in Garland TX I would like to compliment your management and sales staff at this location. Your employees graciously continued to service us with multiple ideas in jewelry, shoes, clothes, etc. when we only wanted jeans. I realized the entire time they were "upselling" us, but this is a lost art in most stores these days. Your staff was professional, fun and took care of restyling my husband. They were so good, our one pair of jeans cost us $400 because we purchased additional items. The Garland Buckle has a new customer who will continue to shop there. Next time we're calling ahead. They spoiled us!

Buckle in Toledo OH I haven't shopped for clothes for myself in a long time. It doesn't usually end being a very positive experience for me. I have trouble with figuring out the right sizes on jeans and give up rather quickly. While at the mall yesterday, I decided to stop on to your store and give it a quick try. It's probably been close to 16 years since I have shopped at a Buckle sore. I was promptly greeted by an associate who was ready to help me. I explained my needs and problems and she quickly got to work helping me find exactly what I needed. She was great about retrieving different brands, sizes, and styles until we found what was just right. She was quick about it and really listened to what was working vs. not working each time. When I needed an opinion, she was free to provide one. Her name is Taylor and she is amazing! She took what is usually an extremely stressful task and made it positive. So positive that I purchased two pairs of jeans and several tops. I will definitely be back soon, (it's my new fav) and will tell all of my friends how much I now love the Buckle again. Thank you, Buckle, for having great staff and product. And a big THANK YOU to Taylor for being just what I needed!

Buckle in Mentor OH I was in your Mentor store at Great Lakes Mall recently. Jen was great help. I was looking to buy some jeans, and she asked what I was looking for. I told her the type I needed and she found me three pairs that fit great! Honestly, if she wouldn't have helped me I doubt I would have purchased anything. I now have three pairs of the best fitting and nicest jeans I've ever owned. Thanks, Jen!

Buckle in Grand Forks ND The Grand Forks team is awesome! I love all of the outfits they put together for me. Maddie sends me text messages of new merchandise and always has the items layered and with jewelry. Makes my shopping stress free and easy. I love the Grand Forks team!

Buckle in Coeur d'Alene ID I had not only outstanding customer service, but a perfect shopping experience when I walked into the Coeur d'Alene Buckle store yesterday. Savannah greeted me and listened to my needs. She knew her inventory and where to go, immediately picking things out in my size and getting me in a dressing room quite efficiently. She stayed attentive the entire time, wanting to see the different outfits on me. She didn't hover nor push; but was right there for advice. I probably would not have bought a thing if it wasn't for her. She knows what looks good on customers' different body types. I am not an easy body to fit. Nor am I a young, attractive, lean girl, who most stores typically cater to. But Savannah she didn't make me feel that way at all. She was wonderful. Savannah then invited me to sign up for the Buckle charge card. I was in the process of that when I met Taylor. Taylor very attentive to his customer as well. I think the Coeur d'Alene store will reach a new demographic because of the sales team you have in place. Thank you, Savannah and Taylor, for a great end to my afternoon!

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