Team Highlights

Buckle in Brookfield WI I went to your Buckle location in Brookfield Square with my sister. It was the most awesome experience ever. Erin was amazing; she offered excellent customer service. She went above and beyond to ensure my sister was satisfied with her purchase. Erin even wrote down the brand style and size of the jeans she purchased and the sizes she would need if she went with a different style. Thank you, Erin, for making our trip such a pleasant experience.

Buckle in Aurora IL Callie at the Fox Valley Buckle is amazing! She is seriously one of the friendliest and most stylish people I know. She helped me find so many cute items. Callie was warm, funny and an all-around amazing host. Thank you so much!

Buckle in Leawood KS I was blown away by the service my husband and I received at this Buckle location. We just moved to the area, so it was our first visit to this specific store. Normally, he likes to browse at the Buckle and I shop with him. I don't usually find anything I like. This time, though, Heidi brought several layered looks to me and I found four pieces that I absolutely love! She selected exactly what I would like and made it a very enjoyable shopping experience. Alec was also very helpful with my husband. Actually, every single staff member was super friendly and ready to help. You can tell they love their jobs and enjoy working together. They may have just made me a regular shopper at the Buckle! Keep up the wonderful customer service!

Buckle in Orem UT A huge shout out to Brian and Kim at the University Mall Buckle store. They were absolutely amazing! I wanted all the men in my wedding to wear jeans. There was a great pair of boots I wanted my now husband to wear. They were great in helping us get everything we needed and have been awesome every time we have come in for something new or an exchange. We are Buckle customers for life. Thank you so much!

Buckle in Bloomington MN Lost the button on my favorite pair of jeans, so stopped into store to buy a new pair. The amazing Megan helped me find jeans, plus an adorable Guess bag with three outfits to match bag, including two pairs of shoes, a bracelet and necklace. Today I ran errands, wearing one of my new outfits, and received five compliments. Megan is a ROCK STAR! I will be doing all of my shopping at the Mall of America store with Megan's help, of course. I thought customer service was gone; but it is alive and well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Buckle in Newport News VA Ashley goes above and beyond in her job as manager of the Buckle store at Patrick Henry Mall. I am 50-years-old and, yes, Buckle is my favorite store! You are never too old to stop feeling pretty. I am probably one of the older people that shops at your store; but never have your employees made me feel out of place. I have been a nurse for thirty years and I know all about customer service. When I walk into the store, I am always greeted very cheerfully by all of the staff. The store is very clean and the storefront window apparel is matched so well with other Buckle pieces and jewelry. The outfits inside the store are amazingly put together. So many times there is an item of clothing that alone I wouldn't look at twice; but when I see how Ashley and her staff have put it with other pieces, I want the entire outfit! Ashley goes out of her way to let me know when certain items she thinks I will like come in. She emails me pictures of new pieces that have arrived in the store and special orders items that I have seen on the website but aren't available in her store. My boys had to teach me how to use Instagram just so I could follow Patrick Henry Buckle. I can tell she really loves her job and the company she works for. Words alone can't tell you how kind, knowledgeable and professional Ashley is. She is a great asset to your company!

Buckle in Modesto CA I have always experienced good customer service when I shop in this store. Today the clerk was exceptional and I felt I needed to make you aware of this great employee. His name is Dominic. I came in already irritated from the service I had received at another store in the mall. I was in a pinch, having forgotten my anniversary and I was in a hurry. I had my overly tired 2-year-old granddaughter and my autistic 13-year old-son with me. Trust me, any normal employee would have not been happy with the mess my little family was making. Dominic was so kind, courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and fast! I just told him the sizes I needed and the general look I needed and BAM, he helped me find the perfect outfit/gift for my husband. Great employee! Thank you very much. It really changed my entire day.

Buckle in Providence RI I want to pass along positive feedback about our shopping experience. Manny was so helpful; he had great recommendations on outfit pairings. He probably spent at least 45 minutes assisting us. We were there right up until close and never felt rushed at all.

Buckle in Henderson NV I found the perfect jeans at your store today. Your sales team was awesome!

Buckle in Newport News VA I have been a customer of your store in Newport News for the past few years. I would like to recognize the outstanding customer relations exhibited by both Ashley and Rachel at the Patrick Henry Mall Buckle. I fly in to visit my mother in Virginia several times each year. She lives near the Patrick Henry Mall. On each occasion, it is our protocol to visit the mall and do some shopping. It is always an uplifting experience to enter Buckle and be greeted promptly with a warm welcome. Especially appreciated is the personalized service from Ashley and Rachel when they are "running" for items which they suggest will compliment a shirt or jeans I am purchasing. I entered the store alone during my last visit and Rachel even remembered to ask about my mother! I am sure you know that this is precisely the type of relationship building that Buckle greatly benefits from. Kudos to you for employing Ashley and Rachel as top tier representatives of Buckle! I will continue to shop at Buckle due to the great merchandise, offered along with the enjoyable shopping experience!

Buckle in Lynnwood WA I was at the Buckle store in the Alderwood Mall today. I was just passing through, I didn't plan on purchasing anything. I don't even shop for jeans much because I hate trying them on and never even know what to try. Your sales associate, Cecelia, was so helpful. She suggested brands and sizes and then brought over several pairs for me to try. I ended up finding two pairs of jeans I love. I will definitely be back in the future.

Buckle in Hickory NC Shop the Buckle at Valley Hills Mall almost every weekend. Love shopping where everyone knows me by name and everyone is helpful and friendly.

Buckle in Novi MI I would like to comment that the staff at the Novi store is absolutely wonderful! My husband and I go into that store about two or three times a year and each time the entire staff is naturally friendly and helpful. Some stores it seems like the staff is nice because they have to. This is not the case at your Novi location. We always leave there in such a great mood. Unfortunately, these days it is very rare to find great customer service. We were in the store a few days ago and Taylor was awesome! It looks like you are hiring the right people. Keep up the great work!

Buckle in San Angelo TX We love shopping at this location. My daughter recently took a liking shopping here as well, she is only eight. Every time we go in, Ernie gives us exceptional service. Absolutely the best service we have ever had in this store!

Buckle in Roanoke VA Today, I decided to shop at my local Buckle store for a pair of jeans instead of ordering online. I had the pleasure of working with Samantha, who went out of her way to help me find the right pair of jeans. I went in with the intention of only buying one pair; but ended up with two pairs of jeans! I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for an exceptional shopping experience. Beth and her staff always make me feel like a truly valuable customer. Thank you, Beth and Samantha!

Buckle in Biloxi MS I want to compliment your manager at the Edgewater Buckle store. Kaitlyn was very helpful and provided a lot of good suggestions. She made recommendations on styles and sizes. I had a wonderful shopping experience. Please pass on my appreciation. Thank you!

Buckle in Muskegon MI Marla at the Lakes Mall Buckle is a gem! I work more than 80 hours a week and have little time to shop. I had never been into a Buckle store until recently. First time in the store, I met Marla and explained my love of clothes and lack of time to shop. Marla set up a time to shop after work, told me she would help me find my style. When I returned to the store, the dressing room was set up with outfits, including shoes and jewelry. I spent far more than I planned! My second experience: I messaged Marla, told her I needed shoes. Marla was on it! I was in and out of the store quickly. My third experience: I stopped in the store, needing a dress for an upcoming wedding. Marla clocked back in so she could help. I will continue to shop the Muskegon Buckle because of the service Marla provided. I would steal her away from the Buckle, if I could. Please share my appreciation with Marla and the Lake Mall Buckle store. Thank you!

Buckle in Mesquite TX Positive experience. I shopped there for first time today and I was treated very well. Excellent customer service, helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure going in to the store.

Buckle in Asheville NC Last year, I bought a pair of jeans from your Buckle store in the Asheville Mall and the sales associate was really helpful. Today I went back to the same store for shorts, and Lindsay was so helpful and friendly. I love the personal service they give you and they really do care about customers. I also love how each fit is written down and recorded for the next visit. I will not shop anywhere else for jeans or shorts. They might be more expensive; but they are such a great quality and I receive great service. Thank you for such a pleasant experience!

Buckle in South Jordan UT I have a thirteen-year-old boy who despises shopping, so taking him shopping is usually a bad experience for both of us because we seldom find anything he likes. We visited your store at The District in South Jordan where we were promptly greeted in a bright and friendly manner by both Morgan and the other clerk who was there. I have never shopped at Buckle before; but Morgan helped us find shorts and pants that fit him, first helping him know what sizes to start with. She found styles for him to try and he ended up liking two pair. She also special ordered a pair of jeans for him in the correct size. He was happy and positive about our shopping experience and I believe it will help make him want to return. He came home and changed into one of his new pairs of shorts. Your staff at this Buckle have made your store the first stop on our list. Thank you for creating a friendly and welcoming environment. It is a welcome change from what we've experienced in other stores. The staff at this store is doing it right, and I thought you should know.

Buckle in Natick MA Just want to take a few moments to share my incredible experience at your Natick location. I'm a guy and don't like shopping a lot. I called ahead and told the store what I was looking for. Michelle and Maddie did an amazing job. They greeted me like family when I walked into the store. The dressing room was lined up with some amazing pieces! If there was something I didn't like, they found new pieces. Michelle and Maddie offered me their honest opinions, while still helping other customers. It was 5-Star customer service! Please pass on my appreciation. Thank you!

Buckle in Grand Forks ND The Grand Forks Buckle Rocks! Living in South Dakota I do not get an opportunity to visit their store; but I love shopping over the phone with these ladies. They are awesome, always have great attitudes and always willing to help me when I call or send them a picture of a new arrival from the website. Even better when I receive pictures from them saying this just came in and you need it. Thanks Maddie, Bonnie, Sara and the rest of the team for making shopping easy for me!

Buckle in Coeur d'Alene ID Amber helped me on Monday. It was truly the BEST customer service I have received. As soon as I entered the store she assisted me and then asked to take my shopping bags so that I could shop freely. I didn't have any luck with the pants I selected and Amber went above and beyond to find me a pair that fit. I ended up doing a special order with Amber's help. Fantastic customer service! Amber was AMAZING!

Buckle in Clarksville TN GI want to tell your team thank you for their help. My fiancé and I came into the store in May and had almost everyone working that day help us prepare for our engagement shoot. It was fun and a great experience shopping. I imagine you and your team don't always get to see the results of your work and get to hear the sincere thank you that is deserved. So, I want to share photos with you. We are head-to-toe Buckle and are beyond words happy with how the photos turned out. Please extend our thanks to the team working that day! Thank you!uest called in and wanted to complement Connie at store 348. He had bought serval pairs of BKE Tyler jeans, none of which were fitting the same. Paul is 65-years-old, said he is not our typical customer. He was very impressed with the professionalism of Connie and how she continued to help Paul find jeans that fit rather than just passing him off to another employee. He said Connie knew clothing and her customer service beyond her years! Paul just wanted to make sure Connie was recognized for her limitless efforts to help him find jeans that fit him properly!

Buckle in Las Vegas NV I have never heard of your store before talking to one of my co-workers about needing to take my boyfriend shopping. The co-worker suggested taking my boyfriend to the Buckle in Las Vegas Fashion Mall. He told me all the clothes he has bought from there have received compliments. I happened to have a Vegas trip planned and so I dragged my boyfriend kicking and screaming until he was totally defeated and he gave in to whatever I asked. As soon as we walked in, James must have seen the confusion on my face and immediately offered his assistance. James was my hero! He knew exactly the look I was trying to convince my boyfriend that we needed. He must have brought over 12 pairs of jeans, 15 shirts and 3 pairs of shoes. I had not even mentioned the shoe issue I had because I felt like it was a win just to get my boyfriend out of cargo jeans that were two sizes too big and T-shirts. We left the store with 3 pairs of jeans, 3 button down shirts and all 3 pairs of sneakers. James was AMAZING! We will continue to shop at Buckle every season because of the fantastic experience we had there. James kept his cool even when my boyfriend started getting hungry. I cannot say enough great things about the customer service we had from James. Thank you!

Buckle in Medford OR Came in today to browse. Amanda was fantastic and found items I never would have thought to pick up for myself. Amanda read my cues and assessed my style to make compelling recommendations. I ultimately walked out with a top I love and the jeans of my dreams! Thanks for the best customer service experience - I'll certainly be back.

Buckle in Orland Park IL I had a complicated return/exchange and Darren was amazing. We have been Buckle shoppers for years and employees like Darren are one of the reasons we keep coming back. Good job on hiring your managers! Keep up the good work.

Buckle in Wauwatosa WI I ran into the Buckle in Mayfair Mall over my lunch hour to look for some specific shorts for my adult son. He already owns a pair and wore them often this summer. I knew what his shorts looked like and the size; but as I looked around, I was getting discouraged because it is end of the season and the selection was small. Just then, Audra asked me if she could help. She offered to look up my son's original purchase with his phone number or name. And when that did not turn up any results, she rolled up her sleeves and really dug in. My daughter-in-law was able to text me a picture of the tag and Audra was off and running! She helped me go through what was in stock to look for similar shorts. The exact ones I hoped to find were sold out; but I bought a couple similar items. Instead of walking out empty-handed, I walked out with one pair of shorts and two pairs on order. I know my son will love these for his birthday! Audra told me I could call ahead next time and she would pull sizes for me before I arrived. I felt like I was on the RHOW (Real Housewives of Wauwatosa)! Great service!

Buckle in Las Vegas NV What a fabulous experience! My friend recommended your store at the Fashion Show Mall, so I went with my three boys and husband. I have had a very hard time finding jeans to fit my 11, 13 and 15-year-old sons. I was greeted by James and he was truly AMAZING! He was ever so patient, bringing numerous styles for all the boys and my husband to try on. James then invited us to a special sale that was taking place on Sunday. Upon arrival, we were quickly greeted and helped. We felt as though we had our own personal shopper. The service provided by James and the employees was wonderful. Being new to the store and not being familiar with the styles and fit, I couldn't believe how patient and helpful James was. This was a great experience and the personal attention provided to my family truly makes the Buckle our new FAVORITE store. Thank you, Buckle, for the great staff at the Fashion Show Mall. I will be spreading the word!

Buckle in Tigard OR So today was my first time in the Buckle. I've heard of it before and have seen some of my friends wear the jeans, but never went in. I didn't know my size so we started at a 29. Those girls went above and beyond! Thank you so much to the team and their customer service. I was so shocked on how awesome they were. I'm normally the type that I can get my own stuff to make their job easier; but they beat me to it and just kept the jeans and t shirts coming! Destinee was the one who helped me start to finish!

Buckle in Deer Park IL Buckle at Deer Park Rocks! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I usually work with Pam and she is always helpful and spot on with my style, size, likes and preferences. Today I stopped by to introduce a friend to Buckle and worked with Chamira. My friend made several purchases as I did. I get many compliments about my clothes and always refer them to my friendly and helpful friends at the Deer Park Buckle. Your customer service is indeed appreciated. Thanks and kudos to the wonderful staff at your Deer Park Illinois store.

Buckle in Alpharetta GA I wanted to let someone know that the team at North Point Mall is awesome. This was my first experience shopping at The Buckle. I came in looking for an outfit for a concert. There were two people helping me, David and another girl with dark hair. They listened to what I was looking for and made great selections for me to try on. They were both super helpful. I bought a shirt, shorts and shoes. I would not have walked out with all 3 pieces without their assistance. I've worked in retail for 15 years and they are the example of how the sale is made. I just wanted to give them some praise for making my experience a great one. Thanks so much.

Buckle in Lombard IL Until yesterday I had never heard of Buckle. I am visiting from New Hampshire and was killing time walking around the mall. I must say I have never had such an AMAZING shopping experience than I did last night. I walked in and immediately was greeted with a big smile and welcome from Patrick. He was working at this store; but it was not "his" store as he typically works at another location. (:217 Aurora IL) I normally do not ask for help, and get annoyed with the fake offers of help. Patrick instantly changed that. He was BEYOND helpful. I felt like I was shopping with a friend who was also the best personal shopper ever. He explained what Buckle was all about in regards to Jeans. He instantly knew my sizes without me telling him and EVERY thing I put on fit like a glove. EVERY store needs an employee like him. He was simply amazing.

Buckle in Coralville IA The employees working at this location are so incredibly nice, and always helpful. No matter how many people are in the store they constantly make sure everyone is helped and happy. There was a mess up with my special order and they shipped a new one right away without making me pay shipping again, while helping me find other things I wanted to purchase as well. This location has the nicest customer service I've experienced out of any other buckle store I've been to!

Buckle in Chandler AZ I want to send a commendation and words of thanks to your employee Michaela at store in the Chandler Mall. I took my granddaughter school shopping and was getting frustrated because she didn't know what she wanted. We had been unsuccessful at four stores before to coming into the Buckle. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Michaela and I explained our situation. Immediately she started putting outfits together for my granddaughter to try on. She kept finding and bringing outfits. Within 30 minutes we were successful in finding things my granddaughter liked. Our time at the mall was limited so this helped us so much. Without Michaela, we probably would have walked out unsuccessful. I really appreciate good customer service and Michaela nailed it. Thank you so much. You have a great employee!

Buckle in North Little Rock AR Just wanted to say how fabulous the staff at the NLR McCain Mall location is! We had the worst shopping experience at the mall until we stepped into your store. Ann Marie was super fabulous to my daughter and could not have been nicer. The power went out in the mall and we had so much fun shopping with iPhone flash lights. They made my daughter feel like a princess! The store held my packages until today because we could not ring anything up due to the power outage. We will definitely shop here again!

Buckle in Pineville NC Ashley was amazing. We walked in on a whim and she treated me my mother and me like we were the only people in the store. Ashley made recommendations, addressed concerns and was genuinely interested in our happiness. I worked in retail for 12 years and would have loved to have such a passionate and amazing employee. Ashley rocks!

Buckle in Hurst TX I want to provide some positive feedback from my recent shopping experience. I ran in your store on Saturday while out back to school shopping with my son. I wanted to try on some jeans I spotted in the Buckle store window. The salesman who helped me was extremely kind and helpful. I had not bought jeans in a while and he assisted me with a couple of guesses at sizes. He helped me select four pairs, two of which worked perfect. I purchased them and was on my way. While I didn't catch the associates name at the time, the sales receipt says it was Trey. I just wanted to express my appreciation and recognize him for a job well done! I rarely have time to shop. Being in my forties and not up the latest styles, it is not always easy to come into a store like the Buckle. But due to this welcoming experience, I will return. Thanks again, Trey, for the positive experience and the two great pairs of new jeans!

Buckle in Sacramento CA I would like to share a recent experience we had at the Arden Fair store. My daughter received a gift card in 2014 and an e-card gift in 2015. She holds on to these and saves up to buy Miss Me jeans. We were in the store on Saturday and she found a pair of jeans she loved. Ready to make the purchase the first card (credit card like gift card&$41; goes through just fine. Then we attempt to use the e-card and it is not loading. Our sales associate Jackie did all she could do before asking for assistance from the manager, Reem. My daughter was starting to see her Miss Me's slip away because the e-card was not working. Reem got on the phone and was transferred to three different areas to resolve the issue. The e-card was resent via e-mail, but we could still not access if from our phone. Reem suggested the e-card be sent to her phone. It was, it opened, and we were able to use it. YAY!! Through the entire process, which was close to 30 minutes, Reem was calm, patient and reassuring. I have managed customer service associates for many years. Reem is absolutely someone I would want on my team. I have trained my associates to go above and beyond and exceed a customers expectations. When a customer gets off the phone or leaves the store, you want them to make a mental note about the positive experience. Reem is AWESOME! Quite honestly, the entire team at the Arden Fair is friendly and helpful. Thank you!

Buckle in Ocala FL I just want to give a BIG shout out to your store in Paddock Mall. The team there is amazing and I always receive great customer each and every visit. I recently stopped in to pick up my layaway. An error on the register happened and manager Lindsay went above and beyond to fix it. She called customer service to void out the transaction AND to make sure my card will not be charged twice. I really appreciated it. She and all the other team members are the reason I continue to shop at Buckle Ocala! Every time I walk in they know my style and what I like. They help me pull together great outfits and let me know about your newest merchandise! Great team work at this store. Thank you for making every experience at this store AWESOME!

Buckle in Des Peres MO I wanted to let you know about the great shopping experience I had at the Buckle in West County. Amy was kind, smiling and found just what I needed for my daughter's birthday gift. Keep up the good work!

Buckle in Concord NC My husband and I walked into your Concord Mills location in North Carolina. I was having a stressful and unsuccessful shopping experience until I walked into Buckle and was greeted by Travis. My husband and I had been shopping through the mall in search of a certain style of outfit. Our last stop and resort was the Buckle. Travis asked if we needed assistance and I simply gave him an idea of the type of look we were hoping to achieve. He then started walking through the store and within a matter of minutes, he had multiple, jeans, shirts and shoes for my husband to try on. Travis knew exactly what we wanted and provided the ease of a pleasant shopping experience. He was personable and very attentive. He even suggested multiple ways to wear the attire. He noticed the hesitation of our budget and immediately suggested the Buckle credit card. He assisted my husband with applying for the card and we were able to walk out of the store with our purchases on credit. Because of his expertise, his sense of humor and his attention to detail, we had an enjoyable shopping experience. We will be frequent shoppers. Thank you.

Buckle in Greenwood IN I brought my difficult daughter in for school clothes today and was so pleased with the service we received. The manager and co-manager were gracious and went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. Thank you for the great experience! We will be back!

Buckle in Sioux City IA I can't say enough how awesome Niki and Adam are at the Sioux City location! I took my three children into the store yesterday and Adam just started right in with helping them find everything. He really takes the stress out of shopping. My kids all love him and insist he has to be working when we go shopping. Adam has helped my son step into a more teenager look and for that I appreciate Adam even more. We truly think he's the greatest!

Buckle in Frisco TX I would to recognize an employee and how impressed I am with the customer service I received. I have never shopped at Buckle before, but decided to take a shot at ordering some swimsuits online due to the large selection the website has. I received them in the mail yesterday and, unfortunately, two of the four items did not fit and the sizes I need are no longer offered for online order. I wasn't too concerned and figured I could just return them to the store and exchange them for something else. I decided to call, first, to see if swimsuits are still available to be purchased in the store since it's pretty late in the season. Nicole was beyond helpful! She first checked the back for swimsuits that have already been boxed and put away and told me some of the sets that they had in my size. I then explained that I would really like to exchange the ones I ordered for the correct sizes. Without hesitation, she was on the computer and even calling specials to check. I don't think I have ever been to a store or spoke to someone on the phone that was so prompt and courteous. I will definitely be shopping here more simply because of how friendly Nicole was. Thank you!

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