Team Highlights

Buckle in Eugene OR I was shopping for new jeans this weekend at the Valley River Center in Eugene. I was getting frustrated with the quality of every pair I tried on, and was ready to just give up. Jean shopping is like swimsuit shopping - they never fit quite the way you think it will. My husband walked me to Buckle. I've never bought jeans from Buckle before and decided to give it a try. I quickly found a pair that I loved, and was assisted by Roger. He found two other pairs that fit my specific requirements; even sizing down in one because Roger knew how they fit. We were trying to do this with two overtired kids, so were in a bit of a hurry. Roger even offered us a larger dressing room. All three jeans fit perfect-and I bought them all! Roger had other choices picked out for me when I came out of the dressing room. I wish I had time, but grumpy kids... He took my information to have them available again on a future kid-free trip. It's been a very long time since I shopped somewhere with such personal and helpful customer service. Even if the prices may be a bit higher than prices elsewhere, I will be shopping at Buckle when I need new jeans in the future. Thanks to Roger and Buckle for an awesome jean buying experience!

Buckle in Cincinnati OH I am 55-years-old and recently lost 30 pounds. I was looking for more stylish jeans and a friend suggested the Buckle. Walking into the shop, I thought to myself, "I am way 'too old' to be shopping here." But the two sales ladies who assisted me were the sweetest, most helpful young ladies that I have met in a very long time. They probably brought in at least 20 different pairs of jeans for me to try on and I finally found a pair that I love! Thanks to their professionalism, willingness to help and especially their patience, I will now shop at your store whenever looking for new jeans. Thank you!

Buckle in Kansas City KS I want to compliment your associates for their exemplary level of service. I stopped by your store yesterday afternoon, where I was greeted by Melissa and a male counterpart whose name escapes me. Both of them were so kind and helpful. I have been shopping for shoes for the past month, and had never been to your store before. I walked by and saw shoes on a display up front and decided to check them out. There were no shoes in my size, so I was unable to make a purchase, but both of them were so helpful and kind and gracious (far beyond any of the other 10 stores I have looked at), that I have definitely decided to visit your store whenever I need an apparel purchase. Thank them both for making me feel like a VIP.

Buckle in Eden Prairie MN Just wanted to tell you about our great shopping experience at Buckle at Eden Prairie M. My daughter, grandson and I went shopping early evening on Saturday. The temperature was frigid; but certainly not too cold to go shopping! My grandson wanted some jeans. Not too many 16-year-olds want to go shopping with their mother and grandmother on Saturday night, no less; but off we went to the Buckle. We had a great time while at the store. The people waiting on us did an outstanding job! They were so friendly, helpful and just fun! The gal helping me was Lauren. What a neat gal! The young men helping my daughter and grandson also did a fine job. Don't know the names of those two guys; but all three employees just made it a fun time. We spent more money than we needed to, but sure had fun doing it! Thank you.

Buckle in Savannah GA Team 421 Savannah GA I had the best experience with exchanging a pair of Miss Me jeans. I had already sent an email to Miss Me about the jeans being defective and got absolutely no response from them. I was hesitant to go to the Buckle to return them; but decided to do it anyway. Donovan was so very helpful. He took one look at my jeans and immediately agreed to exchange them. He even helped me to pick out a second pair of jeans and a matching belt. I totally enjoyed my Buckle experience because of Donovan!

Buckle in Irvine CA Big shout out to Kaitlyn at the Irvine store! I had very little time and had never been to this location before. So after trying to navigate directions from my phone and going in circles, I called the store and got Kaitlyn. She stayed on the phone with me until I got to the store and she provided the most awesome customer service I've ever had! I was only in the store for about 10 minutes; but Kaitlyn listened to my preferences and nailed it with two choices of which I bought both! Hands down the best retail experience I've ever had.

Buckle in Okemos MI I would like to sing the praises of a wonderful employee in the Meridian Mall location. Maria helped my tween daughter for an hour and a half with the most amazing personal shopping experience I've ever had. My daughter is young, shy, doesn't like to shop and has an athletic build. Maria knew exactly what jeans would fit best and also selected tops that had my daughter beaming. My daughter was thrilled to have clothes that fit, and were appropriate for high school. Maria clued into Reilly's personality immediately and presented clothing she loved. Maria cheerfully exchanged sizes when asked. The store was busy; but Maria was very attentive. She knew the merchandise fully, conducted herself in the kindest, upbeat manner. Maria never made us feel like a burden even though she had other customers to attend to and a store to run. She made my shopping experience with my daughter a delight.

Buckle in Logan UT Your Logan Buckle is amazing. I worked for a competitive retailer in your market for 12 years. We would teach our stores what customer service should look like and how a customer should feel after every experience. I want you to know every single time I have shopped the Logan Buckle, I have received the most amazing service. I live an hour and a half away from the store. I am always shopping over the phone with Kate, Amy and Brittany. They know my style and size and send me pictures! I love the way they make me feel every single time I shop with them! Please give them a HUGE THANKS for always doing such an amazing job and going above and beyond what others consider great service. Thanks Logan Buckle! You're the best!

Buckle in Wauwatosa WI I want to comment on one of your extremely talented employees! Linda is the seamstress for the two buckle stores that I shop. Not only is she extremely talented, she is always in the store with a smile and very friendly! Because of the great customer service that employees like Linda provide, I return to the Buckle! I am a happy customer.

Buckle in Glendale AZ Rudy, is my dude! Had I won the Lottery, I would have employed him to be my personal stylist and paid him well! I was very skeptical of looking for jeans and did not expect to find a pair that would fit me! That was not the case. Rudy found me four pairs of 31/38 that fit me, and I was in heaven. Anyway, I put them on layaway, and I walked out with a pair. Wow, the compliments I received! Will only deal with Rudy, The Man!

Buckle in Daytona Beach FL As we entered the store we were greeted by Jenna. She was so very helpful, genuine and caring. We had only planned to walk through since we were basically just getting in out of bad weather. We ended up opening a credit card for the store, bought jeans for my husband and me along with shirts. Will definitely return to this store due to the friendliness of the people working there. Also chatted with the manager Eric and found him just as charming and helpful. You got a good thing going with this store!

Buckle in Wauwatosa WI Overwhelmed by big box retailers, the lack of help, the layout of merchandise, makes it impossible for me to shop. I just would rather not. I visited the Buckle for the first time; after not buying jeans for the past four years. My reluctance to do so in the past was due to higher prices. Now I realize what I paid for on my first visit. A young woman greeted me in a true genuine fashion, wanting to assist me. Tamlyn wasn't pushy or indifferent. She truly wanted to help. I have never, ever been able to find a pair of jeans that fit-to the point I would have them tailored. Tamlyn and I talked for 2-3 minutes and a few minutes later appeared with six pairs of jeans. Five pairs fit perfectly. The first time in my life I purchased four pair of pants in less than an hour. Tamlyn also picked out a few tops to complete my new look. As an employer, I know how hard it is to find these special people that can connect with customers. I felt I was with my own personal shopper. Please know you have an exemplary employee in Tamlyn.

Buckle in Albuquerque NM Everyone at this store is very friendly and attentive to their customers' needs. I knew I had lost weight, but I didn't know that I was a size 44 on pants until one of the girls fitted me with a pair of jeans. Once I knew I fit in them I bought that pair of jeans and have ordered more jeans. I'm going to be a customer for a very long time. Just wanted to say something because this level of customer service is almost nonexistent anymore. Keep up the great work, and I'll keep shopping at Buckle. Thank you.

Buckle in The Woodlands TX I had never been into a Buckle store. I took the chance because I heard they had jeans with a curvy fit. I started looking around and was greeted by Brinnan. She not only found me the perfect pair of jeans; but also noticed what color shirts I was leaning towards and found me several that I liked that I would have never found on my own. I don't think I have ever had such a positive shopping experience. I went in hoping for a pair of jeans and left with one of those plus three shirts and a pair of shoes! Brinnan is amazing; I would let her be my personal shopper!

Buckle in Reno NV I am 62 years old, not the typical demographic for your store. I recently lost 40 pounds and was sorely in need of new jeans. I am also a woman who is 6'1" tall and have the WORST time finding pants that fit. While at the mall (a phrase I have not used in a decade) I decided to take my chances at a jeans look/see at the Buckle. I lucked out when I met Rachael. She was an actual SALES person instead of just a store clerk (what a refreshing change). After trying on several pairs of jeans, with my feedback and her expert knowledge, I found the cutest pair of jeans I have ever owned and they fit my new form like a dream! I looked at myself in the mirror and almost burst into tears. You have gained a new client! Thank you so much!

Buckle in Sioux City IA Paige at the Sioux City Buckle provided above and beyond customer service. My wife suffers from Alzheimer's. Her medication triggered weight gain, so she needed new jeans. When we walked in the store, Paige recognized us. She greeted us and gave my wife a hug. It's difficult to shop with a spouse with Alzheimer's, but Paige stepped in and provided excellent service. Paige brought multiple pairs of jeans for my wife to try on. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Paige. Thank you!

Buckle in Fort Gratiot MI I am a 65-year-old women who stopped in to see if I could find a pair of jeans. Ashton approached me and ended up pulling out at least 15 pairs of jeans for me to try on. Ashton was patient and finally found a pair that looked great on me. I bought the last pair in my size and ordered another pair. Ashton was a wonderful sales person and on a scale of 1 to 10, I give him a 12. Thumbs up to the Buckle in Port Huron.

Buckle in Lombard IL Kyra at the Lombard Buckle was so helpful. I called the store, looking for a navy blue tank. Kyra asked my size, then replied, "I've got it for you." She is sending the tank to me. Good customer service is hard to come by, but Kyra did an exceptional job. Pass on my thanks.

Buckle in Lakewood CO I want to recognize amazing leadership skills and service. I'm a GM of a 4.5M business and can honestly can say that Anna at The Colorado Mills location is the best at service and leadership skills. She has a professional, genuine demeanor with teaching and setting an example of what service looks like to the team. She was well aware of what her entire team and customer base was doing and in need of. I stayed a little longer to shop just to hear her behavioral/service suggestions to her team. I think it was a shift change and she brought the entire staff together for a 10 minute meeting on how to suggest add-ons. Really impressed and wanted her company to know. Awesome job! Best service I've ever received! Thanks.

Buckle in Gurnee IL I am writing to praise Gabe at the Gurnee Buckle store. I called the store in desperate search of a shoe I was looking for, but couldn't find on the website. Gabe took the time to text me pictures until she found the right ones! She then contacted me a week later with where she found them and that she could order them for me. Gabe went above and beyond with her customer service and made my birthday perfect!! She deserves a kudos! You guys have great employees. Thanks.

Buckle in Cedar Falls IA I was in your Cedar Falls store, being picky about jeans I wanted. They had to be a certain color, skinny enough to fit inside my boots. I didn't know how to go about giving her a compliment other than here on the Buckle's website. So I hope she knows she did an awesome job! We realized I wanted the jeans Lindsey was wearing! We went up to the counter and ordered the jeans, which always makes me nervous because I really like to try my jeans on before I buy them. They arrived today AND I LOVE THEM! They are PERFECT! Thank you, Lindsey!

Buckle in Clarksville IN I want to share my awesome customer service experience. I just moved to Germany to an army post with APO shipping. Before I moved here, I ordered a jacket and when it came in, it had a hole in it. I returned the jacket before I moved, unable to exchange because special orders were down in January for inventory. Brittany kindly gave me her number (we both have iPhones to avoid me getting international charges on calls and texts) to text her when special orders were up again. Brittany and Scott were able to complete my transaction over the phone since sending to APO is tricky. After being a customer there for four years and spending WAY too much money in that store, I will never shop at any other Buckle. Thank you so much, Brittany and Scott, for your awesome customer service as always! I will definitely be ordering some spring pieces soon.

Buckle in Lincoln NE Amber helped me on Monday. It was truly the BEST customer service I have received. As soon as I entered the store she assisted me and then asked to take my shopping bags so that I could shop freely. I didn't have any luck with the pants I selected and Amber went above and beyond to find me a pair that fit. I ended up doing a special order with Amber's help. Fantastic customer service! Amber was AMAZING!

Buckle in Schaumburg IL Guest called in and wanted to complement Connie at store 348. He had bought serval pairs of BKE Tyler jeans, none of which were fitting the same. Paul is 65-years-old, said he is not our typical customer. He was very impressed with the professionalism of Connie and how she continued to help Paul find jeans that fit rather than just passing him off to another employee. He said Connie knew clothing and her customer service beyond her years! Paul just wanted to make sure Connie was recognized for her limitless efforts to help him find jeans that fit him properly!

Buckle in Des Peres MO Team 427 Des Peres MO I have been shopping at Buckle for few years now, especially the West County location. I have never written a review before and I thought it was about time I did. This team is truly amazing - Louisa, Stacia, Brittany, Matt and the rest of the team. They provide an exceptional and fun shopping experience. Not only am I treated as a valuable customer, but this team greets and treats me as friend. Honestly, I don't shop anywhere else unless the West County Buckle doesn't have a certain clothing item (which is very rare). I think this team needs to be recognized for always going above and beyond in helping the customers. The West County Buckle is beyond extraordinary!

Buckle in Greeley CO I absolutely love the customer service at the Buckle store in Greeley. I don't remember my salesperson's name; but she was super helpful and friendly. I will definitely be back at this store. Thank you!

Buckle in Eugene OR I would like to thank Bre for the time she spent shopping with me. I had so much fun! I had only been into a Buckle one time before this visit. When mentioned needing new jeans and some clothes for an upcoming vacation, a friend recommended I go into the Buckle and ask for her friend Bre. As anyone, I was nervous going in there because I am very particular on my style of jeans and my personal style in general. I strictly wanted dark jeans with no rips and some simple flowy tops, and Bre went above and beyond with me making this clear to her in the beginning! She met every need I had, and went as far as to even show me some lighter washes with a little bit of tearing in the front. And to my surprise, I absolutely LOVED them! Bre also layered a bunch of cute tops for me that I never would've thought about pairing together! Two days after my shopping visit, Bre reached out to see how my new jeans and outfits were working out! I've never experience such amazing customer service in any retailer before! I will definitely be returning, using Bre and the Eugene Buckle as one of my top shopping locations! Thank you again to Bre for her amazing service!

Buckle in Houston TX I only had a few minutes to shop and had no idea what size or style of jeans I wanted. I was greeted by Rosa and she did a wonderful job understanding what I wanted and needed. Not only was she personable, she was able to get me in and out quickly. Great job and I look forward to shopping with her again!

Buckle in Greenwood IN Lindsey at the Greenwood store is FANTASTIC! I've always had trouble finding jeans that fit and look good. I've visited this store many times, and it's always Lindsey that helps me with a smile, friendly attitude and the BEST advice. I give her an idea of what I want and she always picks out the perfect jeans for me. Last night, I went in to look for a top; but couldn't find what I wanted. Lindsey jumped in to help and convinced me to try on some new jeans in brands I'd never worn before. And I loved them! I didn't even realize until I got home that I actually needed new jeans in the styles she'd chosen for me. She always makes me feel good about myself, AND she never tries to sell me the most expensive pair. As a single parent, money is tight. Buying decent jeans is a luxury; but it doesn't mean I have to break the bank to do so. Lindsey is great!

Buckle in Roanoke VA One of the reasons I keep coming back to the Roanoke Buckle is the incredible customer service. Beth always helps with my purchases. She is not only the most helpful employee I have encountered; but also the most knowledgeable. She has such a keen ability to balance her management duties with the staff, without forgetting to interact with customers. She knows how to sell without being pushy and actually listens to what I want. On my last visit all I wanted was a pair of jeans and ended up with a $1,600 layaway - simply because she listened, asked questions and took the time to work with me. I love every purchase! Clothes shopping can sometimes be a daunting task for me; but Beth makes it easy and enjoyable. She is a real asset to Buckle!

Buckle in Overland Park KS Alex is awesome! I came into to the store yesterday and he greeted me right away. I'm a bigger guy and was having trouble finding my size. Alex jumped right in and found three different jeans for me to try on. I finally choose the pair I wanted but they were too long. He explained I could pick them up tomorrow; but when I explained I lived an hour away, he went back and talked to someone. My jeans were altered in 30 minutes. His customer service skills are off the chart. I will now only shop at that location and it's because of the way Alex treated me. He made me feel important and welcomed!

Buckle in Strongsville OH I became a customer today at your Buckle store in the Southpark Mall. I was completely impressed with your sales staff. These people in your store went above and beyond to help me today. While looking around I noticed it wasn't just the young lady who took care of me, your whole staff was working to look for things, help complete outfits and just did an absolutely amazing job! I had been in quite a few stores inside this mall today and never once did any of the competitors store staff offer us assistance. I will definitely be back in your store and look forward to shopping with your amazing staff! Thank you so much!

Buckle in Lynnwood WA I am, admittedly, not the target customer for Buckle. But recently saw a few items on Pinterest and decided to check out the store in person. I was impressed by the level of courtesy and professionalism given to me by every sales associate at the Lynnwood Buckle location. They were all friendly, helpful; not just to me but to each other. It truly was one of the nicest shopping experiences I've had in a long time. Thank you so much.

Buckle in Rockford IL Breyonna provided a fantastic denim shopping experience. She spent so much time helping me find the correct fit. When one pair didn't work, Breyonna found another pair. I went into the store with intention of purchasing one pair of jeans. Because of Beyonna's help, I left with three pairs. Please recognize her excellent customer service. Thank you!,/P.

Buckle in Grandville MI You have an awesome team in the Grandville store. I've shopped the store for six years, but don't come in very often because your clothes last. Stopped in this weekend to do some shopping. Emma is a gem. She helped with my shopping, told me to call if she could help in the future. I contacted Emma after getting home to inquire about a hoodie. Emma volunteered to come in on her day off to help me! Amazing! I stopped in the store today and was greeted by name from another employee. How do they remember their customers' names?! Again, another amazing experience today. Pass on my appreciation.

Buckle in Aurora IL I want to let you know about the amazing service I experienced in your Fox Valley location. I went in with my mom because she needed to exchange sizes. I was just standing in the front of the store because I don't ever shop at the Buckle. No reason, I just never have. Callie, one of your sales associates, struck up a conversation with me. It was a very organic conversation; but she ended up showing me clothes for my husband, kids and myself. Now, normally I don't spend $80 on 2 shirts for my 5-year-old, but because of the experience I had in your store, I had to come back and make my husband buy clothes for himself as well. In a society where people avoid each other, it was a refreshing experience to go into a store and actually have fun shopping. When we came back that night, the customer service was exactly the same. I was truly impressed with the experience I had. Kudos to the manager and staff!

Buckle in Kennewick WA What a great experience I had at your location. I bought a few sets of BKE jeans after Kali and Danielle's laid back and friendly service. Both greeted me right away when entering the store. Danielle assisted with re-ordering some Tyler jeans after a seam popped open a few weeks after purchase. She also helped with some much needed fashion advice (us guys need help sometimes). I now refer my friends to the Kennewick Buckle location. At 6'3" it's difficult to find denim that has correct fit and an attractive wash for under $100. Your store nailed it! Thank, again.

Buckle in Palmdale CA I have shopped with Kenny at the Palmdale Buckle several times. It's been great. All my favorite clothes are clothes he helped me select. I love the Buckle's customer service!

Buckle in Hutchinson KS I have a difficult time going out in public, and a more difficult time shopping. I ventured out today and was having difficulty until I walked into the Hutchinson Buckle store. Dawna was amazing. It's been five years since I've been shopping and Dawna was very helpful. Dawna wrote her name down and told me to contact her the next time I come to the Buckle. Even if I need to bring my therapist along, I will return to the Buckle to shop with Dawna. Please recognize her for a job well done.

Buckle in Richmond VA I've been to the Short Pump Buckle a few times. Every time I go in, I receive wonderful customer service. They are my personal consultants, take care of me, offer styles and sizes, and give wonderful suggestions. They are absolutely wonderful! Andrew and Chelsea have helped me more than once. They really get to know all their customers and are kind to everybody. Please pass on my appreciation.

Buckle in Midland TX Austin, was unbelievable. Did everything possible to find us what we were looking for. Very polite and friendly. We ended up spending around $800 because he was so helpful. Nice to see good customer service nowadays.

Buckle in Dublin OH I called in advance to see if certain styles were available. Jasmine from Tuttle Crossing Mall asked when I would be in and actually had a fitting room ready for me with so many incredible options. She also made additional recommendations along the way. She helped me find a shirt and belt to go with my jeans. Jasmine was extremely friendly and customer service oriented. This was one of the best customer service interactions I've ever had.

Buckle in Nashville TN I have been a Buckle customer for years and people ask me why I shop there; they say it's too expensive. I always tell them the same thing, the customer service is worth the extra money. My experience today at the Green Hills Buckle was no different. The way that Kiana and Jen treated me today was exceptional. It was my day off so I decided to go check out your inventory. Not only did they meet all of my needs, but I felt like they really dove in and showed me the different men's brands you carry. I felt like they really cared about making sure I knew all the options and styles that they had available. This type of service is why I always come back to Buckle. It's not just about carrying the name brand quality clothes. It's about being treated like my business is appreciated. Thank you to Kiana and Jen for making my day off work a little better! Great job!

Buckle in Westlake OH I was helped last night by two absolutely wonderful girls who are well deserving of recognition. The girl who helped my primarily was Lexi, and I so wish I could remember the other girl's name, but it absolutely escapes me right now. But both girls were so helpful and not at all pushy, giving me suggestions and weren't afraid to offer their HONEST opinion, which I asked for multiple times. Their patience with me, courtesy, professionalism, dedication and loyalty, and just overall honesty and outstanding friendly attitudes made such a difference in my shopping experience. I don't especially enjoy shopping, so with these two girls it made an ordinarily mundane shopping experience such a fun and memorable one. I opened a new Buckle account and was able to save an extra 10% as well, yay me! Let them know again how very, very much I appreciated their awesome help. You are lucky to have them on your team!

Buckle in Columbus OH My daughter and I were at the Columbus, Ohio Polaris store today. My daughter is not comfortable trying on clothes in store and often gets upset due to clothing not fitting. She wears a 14 and often feels overlooked. That changed today. We walked into Buckle and, as we were browsing, we were approached by Amanda. Amanda started making casual conversation and immediately picked up on my daughter being uncomfortable. She was amazing. Amanda went above and beyond making my daughter comfortable and making her feel at ease trying on jeans. What an outstanding employee. It was a pleasure shopping with her.

Buckle in The Woodlands TX Just want you give a quick kudos to your store in The Woodlands Mall. Yesterday, I stopped into the Buckle looking for jeans. I don't enjoy shopping and, since having my children, I'm not really sure of my size. Not to mention, I felt like I was too old for the Buckle. The minute I stepped into the store and explained my situation to Jordan, she went to work. I never had to look at a single rack of jeans. Jordan brought me tons of jeans to try on until we found the perfect fit. She brought me different sizes and never made me feel bad for trying on so many jeans. I went home with new jeans that fit and I love. Made my day! Please give my thanks to Jordan for her consideration. The Buckle is now my go-to store. Thank you!

Buckle in St. Peters MO I stopped in the Mid-Rivers Buckle today to look for shoes. Two of your employees were wonderful. I made a $200 purchase because of their help. This was my first Buckle store experience. Thank you for putting great merchandise and outstanding customer service together in one store!

Buckle in St. Richmond VA Please recognize Andrew and Chelsea at the Short Pump Buckle. They both provide outstanding help and serve as my personal shoppers. I always leave the store after spending more than I anticipated. And I'm happy to spend more because of their service. Buckle is now the only place where I purchase my jeans and tops.

Buckle in Broomfield CO Thank you to Kate and the other people that helped me on Friday afternoon. I have lost a good amount of weight in the last 15 months and have been having a very hard time shopping for jeans. My sister suggested that I try Buckle. I was very intimidated to go in. The clothes definitely seemed trendier and cooler than anything I'd ever wear. Kate was awesome. I had no idea what size I was. Kate was able to immediately find jeans that fit me, then she was able to help me find a few pairs more specific to my wants - wash, cut, etc. I ended up leaving with two amazing pairs of jeans that fit really well. I definitely could not have navigated any of this without Kate's help and want to say thank you.

Buckle in Vancouver WA Andrea was AMAZING! From the minute I walked into the store, she made me feel welcome. Andrea asked me what I was looking for, then went above and beyond to help me pick items throughout the whole store. She made me feel like I was the only person in the store. Andrea also picked out items that she liked personally, which now turn I liked them, too. I will be shopping the Buckle again for sure! It is nice knowing there are still people out there who love to help others. Plus, the customer service was just awesome! Thank you, Andrea!

Buckle in Denver CO Lucas and a female employee were very helpful, courteous and professional when I visited this location earlier this week. I was desperate for a new wardrobe and both employees were committed to helping me get this done. As I tried on styles I liked, their recommendations for other shoes, accessories and clothes convinced me of styles I never would have selected by myself. Lucas was very patient with me as I can be challenging and indecisive. However, he continued to be enthusiastic about my visit and didn't hesitate to accommodate my pesky requests. This is a store I will visit often in addition to brag about to my friends and family. Thank you!

Buckle in Madison WI Had the best time shopping at the Buckle in East Towne Mall. Maverick and Maral were the best! Thanks to both of them, we had the time of our lives and now look great in our new Buckle clothing.

Buckle in Clearwater FL I would like to praise one of your employees. I am a father of a beautiful 10-year-old daughter who is a "surf diva." Finding clothes for her that are "Daddy approved" is not easy. We just left another clothing store in the mall and she was very disappointed because the only item they had to offer was a cotton poncho cover-up. We wandered the mall and, out of curiosity, walked into your Buckle store. I saw shirts that were right up my daughter's alley, but she was already frustrated with shopping. I was approached by one of your employees, who made us Buckle shoppers forever. Katelynn asked if she could help me find something. I informed Katelynn about what brought us in today. Katelynn walked over to my daughter, introducing herself and asked her if she was ready to do some shopping. The smile that put on my daughters face was priceless. Katelynn sent my daughter in the dressing room with a stack of shorts and shirts while continuing the search for more clothing in her style. She really made my daughter's day, called her by her name and came right away when my daughter called her by her name. A new shopping buddy was found and this father was really excited to find a spot to buy his daughter clothes. We met up with my wife, aunt and other family and they all loved the clothes Katelynn found for my daughter. Katelynn not only helped a struggling father shop for his 10-year&$45;old daughter, but made my daughter a very happy and confident shopper. My daughter was praised by my family for having great taste. They were later told about our experience in Buckle and how great your employee Katelynn was. Please forward this to the Clearwater Buckle store's management team because Katelynn truly deserves recognition for what she did for my daughter and me.

Buckle in Loveland CO I wanted to share my Buckle experience. I went to the Buckle location in Loveland. I had my 7-week-old son with me so I was trying to be super quick with the shopping. Brailey assisted me. She was beyond helpful. She picked out several styles that matched what I was looking for and that she thought I would love. It was extremely helpful having her pick out the jeans so that I didn't have to go through the entire store myself. That saved tons of time. I tried on the jeans and immediately fell in love with two pairs. Brailey then found another similar style that I also fell in love with. Thanks to Brailey, I was able to have a quick shopping experience and left with three pairs of jeans that I love. Thank you.

Buckle in Carbondale IL I have to give credit where credit is due. Daiton at the Carbondale Buckle is amazing! Every time I come in he is there to greet and help me out with what I am looking for that day. I am not one who loves shopping for clothes and I actually have fun when I'm in the store. I have never had customer service that great anywhere else. Everyone else in the store is super nice, too!

Buckle in Greenwood IN Lindsey provided the best shopping experience. The store was short-staffed and busy. Lindsey did a wonderful job taking care of me and the other customers. She brought new items to the dressing room and explained the new Guest Loyalty program. Despite the busy store, I never felt rushed. Please pass on my appreciation. Thank you.

Buckle in Grandville MI Please recognize Leslie at the Rivertown Crossings Buckle location. She put my wife at ease, showing her the latest fashions and listening to my wife's feedback. Leslie was very professional and very knowledgeable about the product. She provided a wonderful shopping experience for both my wife and me. Excellent job!

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