Team Highlights

Buckle in Davenport IA I just have to put in a shout out to Cherrie at the Davenport Buckle store! She is super to work with; she always picks out looks that I just love and she is always ready to help me reserve or special order items I'm interested in. I have returned some items and put clothes on layaway; she handles it all with grace and such a positive, helpful attitude! She makes shopping at Buckle something I totally look forward to! Thanks, Buckle, for awesome associates and managers who are really there to help customers find the most amazing looks!

Buckle in Columbia MD Just want to let you know how wonderful Lawrence was on my recent visit to the Columbia Buckle. I stopped in to possibly buy a shirt. As soon as I walked in, Lawrence engaged me, was super friendly, courteous, helpful and he listened. I picked up a shirt; but said I wasn't sure what color jeans to wear with it. Lawrence selected two pairs for me to try on and several other shirts he thought I'd like. And he put boots in the fitting room so I'd get the full effect of the jeans. Without me asking! I recently got divorced and have gained weight. The last thing I felt like doing was trying in clothes; but you forget that with someone like Lawrence helping you and providing an experience like he did. I!ve had so many compliments on the outfit I selected and can't wait to wear the other tops. Lawrence explained that your customers are your marketing. And just like he said, friends have asked where I bought one of the tops. I've sent them to you, the Buckle. With two kids, I don't shop for myself often. But I will certainly return to your store when I am able.

Buckle in Orland Park IL I used to shop at another store for my jeans until I was turned on to Buckle jeans. Shelby originally got me started on your denim. She has so much love for the clothes she sells. I always leave spending more than intended. It's cool that when she's not there, Darren and Stephanie know exactly what fits me and work the same magic she does. They have so much fun, which makes my shopping experience fun. These people are amazing and so are the jeans!

Buckle in Franklin TN I want to thank Dylan and Maddie at the Franklin Buckle store. My husband and I can't brag enough about these two sales associates. The attention Dylan gave to my husband was over the top! The clothing items Dylan selected were everything my husband was looking for. Plus, the sizes were perfect! As I was waiting while my husband tried on clothing, Maddie came over with three selections of jeans for me to try on, all in the perfect size! She didn't even have to ask what size I wore. I hadn*#39;t planned to shop for myself. Needless to say, I bought a pair of jeans. And my husband came home with most of the selections Dylan picked for him. We will be back to shop at the Franklin store very soon and hope to run into Dylan and Maddie while we are there. Thanks again, Buckle!

Buckle in Indianapolis IN Wonderful customer service by the Castleton Square Buckle store manager, Tyler, and assistant manager, Skylar. Two weeks ago, I purchased two pairs of jeans for my daughter at another Buckle location. They were pinned incorrectly before alterations. When we received the denim, they were about 3 inches too short. We live in Indianapolis, so took the jeans to the Castleton Mall store. They saw the issue right away and took them to see if their seamstress could do anything. Tyler called me before the seamstress looked at them and he knew there was no fix. He invited us to come into the store and they would exchange the jeans. I returned with my daughter and Skylar assisted us with finding replacement jeans. She was more than kind and gracious to both of us. Exemplary customer service shown by both Tyler and Skylar. Well done!

Buckle in St. Joseph MO When my husband and I walked into your store we were made to feel welcome immediately. We were there to purchase jeans for my husband and they found exactly what he wanted. But the awesome thing was that Danielle started visiting with me, explained how the Buckle had styles for every age and price points for every budget and helped me find the perfect outfits. She was awesome and we will definitely make the Buckle our first stop anytime we are looking for new outfits. All staff at the store were great; overall it was a great experience!

Buckle in Katy TX Five star customer service from Andie and Meagan. They were amazing in helping me to find new jeans. Polite, quick and extremely helpful. Customer service like this is why I continue to shop at Buckle.

Buckle in Las Vegas NV I visited this store the first week of November and fell in love with a pair of Freebird shoes. Sadly, the store did not have my size in stock and, since I'm from Canada, there are no Buckle stores near my home. James is the person that helped me and all I have to say is WOW! I have never had such great service. James ordered the shoes in my size and when the special order didn't come in, he tracked them down at the only store that had them in the country and got them express shipped to the manager's house by Saturday since I was flying home on the Monday. He didn't have to go out of his way so much to help me; but he did and I greatly appreciate it! After my purchase was made he even walked me out, hugged me and wished me a safe flight home. I'm not sure if anybody is going to read this, but I think it's important for somebody to know what great employees you have at that store who go out of their way to serve their customers. I also had the pleasure of meeting a few more employees while I was there and they were also great! I will definitely be visiting your chain of stores when I come to the United States again and hope I get as good quality service as I did with James and the rest of the team! Thank you.

Buckle in St. Cloud MN I was given excellent customer service by Natalie at the Buckle location in the Crossroads Mall. She not only helped me pick out a gift for my daughter, she made sure I got it (it needed to be ordered) on time. Natalie went above and beyond my expectations. I will continue to shop at the Buckle due to the excellent customer service Natalie provided. Thank you!

Buckle in Garland TX I came looking for a tee for my little brother and also for a good sale and ended up leaving with almost a full shopping bag. I received exceptional service from not just one, but four store members at this location. I'm not a regular customer of the Buckle and when I come I don't know much about brands and styles. So between the product I was offered - hand selected - and the attentive service by the staff, I was completely blown away and ended up with a great purchase. The entire team engaged with me somehow and they all offered choices. I'm very bad at shopping. Kettie was the first person who greeted me when I came in and also was the cashier. She made feel welcome and cared for. Thank you, Buckle! High five!

Buckle in Charleston WV I woke up Monday and realized I had lost some money over our weekend in West Virginia. Thinking my wife was messing with me, I asked if she took some money out of my wallet. I don't normally carry cash because of this reason; but I folded these two hundreds up and wrapped them in a one to throw anyone off. Just in case something happened we'd have money to get us back home. The only place I could think I did something different was at the Buckle when I got my rewards card out. My wife called the Charleston Buckle and spoke to the guy we dealt with Saturday night, Matt. He said "Oh yeah, my Indiana people. We have your money!" Our money was returned to us in today's mail. I don't care about all the negativity in our nation today, there are still amazing people out there and you all employ one of them! Thank you so much, Matt! We will be back!

Buckle in San Antonio TX I had the best shopping experiences of my life at your store! The assistant manager, Alex, helped me compile a new Buckle-based wardrobe, including watch, belt, shoes, jeans and shirts. Her easy going personality and professional attitude made the hours fly by. I have received several compliments on my new wardrobe, which has improved my self-esteem. I look forward to shopping at your store in the future because of her.

Buckle in Richmond VA What fantastic people you have working for you at your Richmond location. I shopped at Buckle for the first time recently and your staff members Lindsey and Andrew were top-notch, professional and fun. They put together some great outfits for me. I spent WAY more than I would have if they had not been helping me, and I will definitely be back. Lindsey and Andrew totally deserve some props. You've got yourself a winning team there. Thank you!

Buckle in Chesterfield MO My daughter and I walked into your store in the Chesterfield Mall while we were on vacation. My daughter is struggling with losing baby weight from her pregnancy and none of her clothes fit right that she brought. She walked into Buckle wearing paint-stained shorts and an old t-shirt, looking for an outfit. Your two employees working that day were OUTSTANDING! A super nice young women and man were there to help her in anyway they could. After I got my son-in-law set up in the riding toy area with the grandkids, I came into your store to pay for whatever my daughter decided to buy. My treat. The young man went out of his way to help us find the last pair of Capri's in your store that was the size my daughter needed. These two represented the best customer service I have seen in a very long time! I hope you share this with them. We may not have spent $1,000 that day; but they treated us like we did. The Buckle always has very good customer service. But these two went above and beyond! Thank you for helping my daughter feel amazing about herself that day and the rest of our trip!

Buckle in Orlando FL I travel for work and shop Buckle stores in several states. The Buckle at Waterford Lakes is my favorite store. The entire team is amazing, especially Ryan and Brittany. The store calls me when new merchandise arrives, they call me about upcoming promotions and they help me when I shop. Everyone is warm and friendly, just like shopping with friends. My 6-year-old daughter comes with me to the store. She likes to try on clothes, too! The new Buckle app is amazing. Keep up the great job you do in your stores!

Buckle in Tulsa OK I want to comment about an exceptional experience I had at the Woodland Hills Buckle in Tulsa. I have never really shopped here, but have always heard good things. I was out Christmas shopping and decided I would like to purchase a few pairs of jeans. To make a long story short, Michael and his team went totally above and beyond. I came in thinking I needed a size 29, he insisted that was wrong and stuck with me through trying on SO many pairs of jeans to determine I really needed a 26. I was SO happy with his help and the help of his staff and their recommendations. I will never buy jeans anywhere else. Michael was super complimentary on how easy I was to work with when he was really the one who made my experience unmatched. The store was crazy busy and he was all over the place; but stayed attentive the whole time and insisted on seeing each pair so he could further evaluate what might fit and look the best. I worked many years in retail and I thought exceptional customer service was pretty much a lost art. Michael has restored my faith. Thank you!

Buckle in Peoria IL Wonderful customer service with your stores. Love the fact that the sales associates help you find what you are looking for. After shopping at two other stores (not the Buckle) and receiving zero help from the associates, I was more than happy to return to the Buckle to shop. Great job, Northwoods Mall Buckle!

Buckle in Liberty Township OH Very impressed with Buckle. I had never been in a Buckle store before. A friend (Erica) invite me to her store over hour away from me. I decided to go for her to critique my style, or lack thereof! Erica was great helping me, she laid out so many different styles for me, so many different types of jeans, sweats, shirts, shoes, socks and boxers, everything from head to toe! She was very attentive to what I like. When I want new clothes, she will guide me in the right direction! Since my first visit to Buckle I have spent $1,000. Erica has been a great fashion stylist and friend throughout my Buckle experience and will remain my fashion stylist!

Buckle in Cedar Rapids IA I recently had about $600 worth of clothes I had just purchased for gifts stolen out of my car. The team at the Cedar Rapids went above and beyond to make sure I knew exactly what items were stolen for my police report, as well as alerting stores within 100 mile radius in case someone tried returning it or exchanging it all. In the chaos of dealing with my stolen items, I was at ease not having to think of everything that I had purchased in the Buckle bags, as the receipt was stolen, too. Multiple teammates at the Lindale Buckle have helped me with the process of reordering these items and making sure I get them at the same price, since we had opened up a card for a discount along with promos that were going on at the time of purchase. Just knowing that they are so willing to spend so much time helping me without one ounce of complaining or sense of being annoyed during the hours sorting this mess out, when they could be helping other customers and making additional commission, is one reason why I will always be loyal to my Buckle team here in Cedar Rapids. This team is truly great!

Buckle in Pittsburg PA My recent visit to the Robinson store was fantastic! I wasn't sure what I was looking for, being that I have put on a few pounds. Emily helped me feel and look great! She was very friendly and understood exactly my taste. I definitely think it's important to pass along positive experiences. Thanks again, Emily!

Buckle in Omaha NE Wanted to let you know how helpful Jordyn was tonight. In most stores, customer service isn't what is used to be; but she proved otherwise and impressed me. She's a keeper!

Buckle in Columbia MD My husband and I went to the Buckle at the Columbia Mall with our daughter, who is severely handicapped and in a wheelchair. We were greeted by a WONDERFUL employee named Gregory. He was so sweet to our daughter! I will never be able to express how much that meant to us. All too often people just stare at her, or even worse, act like she doesn't exist. Hopefully this gets back to him; he truly made our day!

Buckle in Jefferson City MO I had an amazing experience at the Buckle in Jefferson City! I'm legally blind and have a service dog. Yesterday I stopped in three stores in the mall and received no offers of help. Then I walked into the Buckle store. This was my first time in the Buckle. Chelsea came right up and offered to help. Chelsea was also very good with my service dog. I've put off shopping because of recent weight gain, so I was not sure of my size. Chelsea found my correct size quickly, then explained the colors and styles of the jeans, since I wasn't able to see the merchandise. My intent to purchase one pair of jeans resulted in my purchasing three pairs I love. Shopping with Chelsea was like shopping with a sister or friend. She was considerate, fun and quick. Chelsea explained the Buckle's personal fit appointments. I will take her up on the offer and also tell my visually-impaired friends about the Buckle. I came home and told my husband about my amazing, fun Buckle experience. He said he will purchase gift cards so I can return to the store. At the Buckle I didn't just find a brand of jeans that fit, I found a store that will help me put together outfits. Thank you, Chelsea!

Buckle in Leawood KS I want to give a huge shout-out to Sarah, who helped me tonight at the Buckle store at Town Center in Leawood. I was Christmas shopping for my 24-year-old nephew and my 19-year-old son, who wears an XXL. Sarah picked out the perfect shirts for my nephew! She also went online to show me what Buckle had in an XXL for my son. I ended up buying several items because of Sarah's help. I will shop at that Buckle store again because of Sarah.

Buckle in Birmingham AL My wife and I spent this past Sunday and Monday doing our annual Christmas Shopping spree in Birmingham, and most of it was spent at the Galleria. We spent the night and went out to dinner. It's a special time of year for us and we just enjoy the short trip. During our visit, and later in the day on Monday, we stopped by Buckle to check on a couple of items for our granddaughter and niece. Our experience in Buckle was one of the most enjoyable stops of the trip. They were fairly busy for a Monday afternoon; but all the sales clerks inside the store were so friendly and helpful. The first one that came up to us was very cheerful and pleasant. As we walked around the store, others asked if they could help with a big smile and sometimes a Merry Christmas. As my wife continued to look around, I found a spot to sit down, since my main job had been toting bags to the car. While resting another clerk stopped by with a pleasant conversation about our day and trip and made me feel at home. Then a few minutes later another came up with a smile and said she had noticed me with the bags and asked if I needed something or would like a water or candy cane to freshen up. It was a very pleasant experience and I think the Buckle, the manager, and the staff are to be commended for their friendly, helpful personality. It was truly a bright spot during our trip and I would like to wish every employee of Buckles in the Galleria a very Merry Christmas. Keep up the good work and spread the spirit.

Buckle in Douglasville GA I saw a pair of boots on Pinterest and tracked them to be an exclusive Corral boot. I tried to order online and they were sold out. I called Arbor Place Mall and spoke with Aaron. He was so pleasant and helpful with excellent customer service. He placed the order for my boots. I received a follow up call from him making sure I received the boots and were satisfied with them. This type customer service is hard to find. This type customer service is rare!

Buckle in Houma LA I just want to take a moment to recognize some amazing associates you have working at the Houma store. I was welcomed right away by Cullen. I picked out a few things to try on and Cullen brought me a pair of jeans to try with my tops. While in the fitting room, your staff picked out a few more things for me. Now, I have been to stores where it seemed the associates just suggested items just to suggest them. Cullen and Dee NAILED it. They listened as we conversed and they made EXCELLENT recommendations. I happily made a $300 purchase consisting entirely of their recommendations. In a smaller community like Houma, many businesses realize that there is little to no competition, so complacency is the common trend. Your associates, however, are an absolute delight. Thank you!

Buckle in Fort Worth TX I've never written an email like this before, but I just wanted to let someone know that I had my first experience shopping at a Buckle store on Sunday. I've been back three times since then making exchanges and additional purchases. The three employees - Joe, Tyler and Cheyenne - who I dealt with each time, provided the most fabulous customer service that I have ever experienced. They were extremely knowledgeable about your products and worked tirelessly to help me find the perfect fits for the four people in my family. They were never pushy or aggressive, just seriously kind and happy about doing their job and making sure the customer was happy. I supervise 100 employees myself and I know that good, happy, and hardworking people are hard to find. I hope you will let them know how much their service meant. I will definitely return!

Buckle in Aurora IL I have been to many stores and this was BY FAR the absolute BEST customer service I have ever received. I have never even felt the need to write a review before; but I am extremely happy with the two ladies who helped me. They weren't pushy by any means, but they gave me as many options as they could and the first pair of jeans they gave me was perfect. What a phenomenal experience. Thank you! They made me feel like way more than just a customer.

Buckle in Casper WY My wife and I would like to compliment one of your employees, Taylor, for the excellent service she provided us while Christmas shopping. She was professional, cheerful and especially helpful to us choosing a gift for our teenage son. She listened and found us several perfect choices. This was our first time ever in a Buckle store, and compared to some lackluster service we received at a different establishment that morning, Miss Taylor shined! THANK YOU!

Buckle in Cedar Rapids IA This morning I stopped in to your Lindale Mall store to pick up some Stance socks for my son for Christmas. Emily was fabulous. She showed me the boxed sets and the individual pairs. While my sale wasn't huge (4 pairs of socks), she was still willing to give me her attention and guidance! I really appreciate her help! She could to make my buying experience painless! Emily even offered me a box to wrap the socks in! WOW! Some stores wouldn't even consider a box for a few pairs of socks; but she did!

Buckle in Fairview Heights IL Please pass on my compliments to Michael, Connor and Lawrence. They provide great service. I enjoy going to this store!

Buckle in Pittsburgh PA Today my mother and I came into your Mall at Robinson store and we bought some jewelry and two $50 gift cards. Emily cashed us out and we were on our way to finish shopping in the mall. My mother, unfortunately, sat down waiting for me and placed her bag on the ground and turned her head for a moment. Someone took her bag with her jewelry and her $50 gift card. We returned to the Buckle store and asked Emily if anyone returned the bag and, unfortunately, they did not. Emily was able to cancel the gift card and transfer it to another card within minutes! This was amazing! She was so helpful and so very nice! Money is always tight this time of year and Emily saved us from spending another $50 on a gift card. I just wanted to take a minute out if my night to let you know how awesome Emily was today! I hope whoever has our bag at least likes the bracelets.

Buckle in Portland OR I am so amazed by the customer service I received from Britney. I called about an order I placed and hadn't heard anything about it coming in. Britney had to give me some bad news; but then immediately started looking at what options we had to find the boots I ordered that are no longer available! She is amazing and so sweet. Thank you, Britney; seriously, thank you so much, you have made Christmas for me this year!

Buckle in Joliet IL I just recently started shopping in the Buckle and purchased jeans for my son in two of your stores. Customer service was awesome in both; but I wanted to recognize Brandon in your Joliet Buckle store. He was extremely helpful, asked my name and most importantly addressed me by name several times while shopping. He was patient while trying to find jeans for my son and went out of his way to look up prior orders to make sure I was getting a duplicate pair. I even saw him an hour later while leaving the mall, he got my attention and greeted me. What an outstanding employee! Customer service is lacking anymore; but the employees I have had the pleasure of working with at the Buckle have set the bar high!

Buckle in Daytona Beach FL I was recently at the Volusia Mall returning jeans I had purchased online. I&##9;m usually uncomfortable just walking by Buckle because I don't usually fit into the merchandise carried in stores. I was helped with my return by a super friendly personable gentleman who introduced himself as a store manager. He told me all about the layaway options to avoid return shipping fees and the hemming services available in store. I could not have felt more welcomed! His customer service was amazing. Because of him I remain a Buckle customer.

Buckle in Lancaster PA The Buckle team at this store is always great. But this week Giselle and the manager went above and beyond to get my jeans repaired and in one day!

Buckle in Southlake TX Amanda in your Southlake Buckle is fantastic. I called on a Monday afternoon looking for a Tyler size 32L that had sold out online. She found the jean plus a couple other similar options, then texted me pictures of the different washes. Amanda held them for me to pick up after work. She also helped me as I was tweaking my selection choice in the store. I walked away with three great pairs of jeans for my husband this Christmas. When we need jeans again, that store is where I'm going and I'll ask for Amanda.

Buckle in Deptford NJ Thank you for the boxes for the holidays, you are one of the rare stores that still offer boxes. It made life easier to have quality materials to wrap gifts. I also want to extend my appreciation for the staff who always goes out of their way to make shopping an amazing experience! I look forward to buying Buckle in 2017.

Buckle in El Cajon CA Recently we were at the Parkway Plaza and happened to window shop at the Buckle. Holli greeted us upon entering the store, introduced herself and set me up in a dressing room. My intention was to try on one shirt from the sale rack; but Holli brought me jeans (that would look great with the shirt), checked on the sizing and fit (best fit ever), suggested other items and brought them all to the dressing room for me. I left with new jeans and two tops. Holli gave me her card with my preference and sizing to reference in the future - she even offered her assistance via a phone call. I will make a point to return to the Buckle in El Cajon. Holli is a very valuable employee! Her ability to make you feel comfortable, special and unpressured was unbelievable and she promoted sales for your company. Thank you, Holli.

Buckle in WIlmington NC I visited you Mayfair store in Wilmington before Christmas. I was desperately trying to find a pair of jeans for my mom, who is super picky and also is very tiny and had been looking for hours. Your store was closing and I arrived just as they were locking the doors. Zac and Kayla DID NOT HESITATE to let me in and both of them assisted me in finding a pair of jeans. This saved my Christmas! I have worked in retail and I know it is a struggle to maintain a positive attitude during the Holidays. Both Zac and Kayla were more kind and helpful during a stressful holiday season than I could have imagined. Whatever you are doing with your store and your hiring is working. My mom LOVED her jeans, she was super surprised that they fit and were her style. I will start shopping at your store because of your employees. I have told others of my experience. Thank you so much!

Buckle in Pittsburgh PA Nate at the Ross Park Buckle was excellent. My boyfriend and I first walked into the Buckle store before Thanksgiving. We walked out with a $1,200 purchase and a new Buckle credit card. After Christmas, I returned to the store. Nate remembered me and went the extra mile to look up my boyfriend's size and place an order. I work in retail customer service and know you don't always hear the positives. Please pass on my thanks to Nate at the Ross Park Buckle. Thank you!

Buckle in Broomfield CO I'm messaging you guys to say thank you. Over the last three years I've lost and kept off 140 pounds. I started my journey when I was 17. I had numerous goals; but one of the biggest and most rewarding to me was fitting into a pair of jeans from your store. I've always been a fan of the look the Buckle provides. Being my size then at the age of 17 was so hard. Style was unbelievably limited. Today, almost three years later, I got the courage to just do it. Walk in, ask for help, and see what they could do for me. I cannot lie, I was super nervous and intimidated just for fear that my size still didn't exist in the store. I walked into the Flatiron location in Broomfield Colorado and was greeted by Brittany. She asked me what I was there for, congratulated me on my weight loss and assured me that I would walk out with a new pair of jeans. My heart hadn't been so happy in a while. Leilani was the second denim expert and she was awesome. Both of these awesome ladies helped me and reassured me that my body was rocking the jeans they found for me in their store. I can't say thank you enough for helping me achieve this goal and awesome feeling. You guys have awesome sales associates and great size range. I can't wait to continue shopping with y'all! I am a very happy first time new Buckle shopper.

Buckle in Joliet IL My experience at your location was excellent. Your staff provides great customer service. Melissa and Sarah helped me out today and provided unlimited customer service. Thank you for all your help today!

Buckle in Beavercreek OH I received fantastic service tonight at the Buckle in Beavercreek. Kortney was so kind to stay 25 minutes past closing in order to help me find just the right size and style jeans, as well as a gorgeous top to go with it. She kept a smile and positive energy through my whole experience. I informed her that I needed help finding the perfect outfit for a concert I will be attending tomorrow night, so I was definitely pressed for time and in need of something last minute. Kortney put together the perfect outfit for me! I am now so excited to wear it, and feeling confident in a way that I didn't before I walked into the store. Kortney is very professional, friendly and most definitely knowledgeable in the products and clothing within the store. Thank you again, Kortney!

Buckle in Broomfield CO My aunt shopped the Flat Irons Buckle a couple weeks back and fell in love with one of your shirts. She choose not to purchase because she thought it was too expensive. She called to tell me about the shirt and Kelsey who helped her. She raved about how nice Kelsey was in helping her and just had the best experience at your store. I wanted to surprise my aunt with the shirt so I called the store last night and Bailey answered. She was so pleasant on the phone and immediately wanted to help. She called Kelsey (who was not working at the tim)) and together they searched to find the right shirt and were able to assist me in ordering and sending to my aunt. Superb customer service! Those two girls are a great representation to your company! Thank you, Bailey and Kelsey, for going the extra mile. You two are super stars!

Buckle in Kennesaw GA I want to compliment your Kennesaw staff. Over this past year I lost around 145 pounds. I wanted to get healthier after getting married. The side effect is needing to get all new clothes. I decided if I was going to get new clothes anyway, I would try new things and try to have more style. That has never been a strength of mine. The sales associates have all been so friendly, getting to know my preferences and suggest things just outside what I would normally try so that I discover something new. I've spent more than I would normally spend; but it's been well worth it feeling comfortable with what I wear. Keep up the good work with your employees!

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