Women's Shorts


Since there are several styles and lengths shorts come in, they can be easily transitioned from season to season when styled differently. Shorts – Bermuda, short shorts, midi shorts or weekender shorts – can be transitioned from summer to fall by being worn with a sweater or a flannel to add some warmth. Guests can purchase jean shorts, bermuda shorts, fashion shorts and basics that we keep updated to align with what’s trending. Mom shorts and high wasted shorts are short trends that are on the rise. With cozy fashion being on the rise, basics are perfect for days at home while still looking stylish.

If you’re looking for high wasted shorts, which you probably are since they’re becoming more popular every day, we have quite the selection for you! With a variety of washes and the option of destroyed or non-destroyed denim shorts, you can find your perfect pair. You can shop high wasted shorts from: BKE, Buckle Black, KanCan, Free People, Miss Me, Rock Revival and more.

Two recent trends in shorts have been biker shorts and paperbag waist shorts, which can both be found under our fashion shorts. Fashion shorts come in different styles and designs – lining up with what’s trending and still allowing you to have options and find the pair that best suits your style. Florals, stripes, camo, tie-dye and animal prints are all trending and part of our fashion shorts selection. Fashion shorts can be worn many ways, appealing to different styles and occasions. To show off the waist on paperbag shorts you can tuck in the top you’ve paired with them. Biker shorts are often paired with an oversized T-shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers for a casual look.