To Do Better, We Need To Be Better, #BlackLivesMatter
While we know there are no words we can say to make things right, we also know that we cannot be silent on the issues our country is facing.

Buckle has always been about community. And in our communities, we stand for good, we stand for love and understanding, and we stand for kindness and respect. We stand for getting to know one another, asking questions, listening and learning, and finding common interests. These core values are how we serve our guests and our communities every day.

But this is so much bigger than Buckle. Our nation is crying out for change - systemic racism must be tackled head on. For we know one thing holds true; equality and justice cannot be circumstantial.

This requires collective action and we believe Buckle can do more. Our first step is forming a Diversity & Inclusion Council to lead the Company on issues of equality, provide growth and educational opportunities for all our teams and teammates, and develop a strategic Diversity & Inclusion Plan for Buckle. More information about this Council will be shared in the coming weeks.

While a Diversity & Inclusion Council is an important first step for our organization, we must all take action to work toward and advocate for real change. We must educate ourselves about the issues of race and racism. We need to have constructive and respectful conversations on the issues of race in our communities. And it is our duty to participate in local, state, and national elections to help select leaders who will support and implement the changes necessary to combat systemic racism.

As we continue moving forward together, we want it to be clear that we believe this matters, because you matter.
We Hear You. We See You. We Stand By You